Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) Token What is it and how to buy?

What is Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) | What is the TVK token?

Introducing Terra Virtua Fuel. token that will be an integral part of the ecosystem is called Kolect or TVK.

We spent a lot of time thinking very carefully about what we would contribute to really add value to Terra Virtua users. We wanted to take the best of the world of Blockchain, NFT, DeFi and combine it with what we love in games and rewards, to create a super engaging and compelling experience.

We have BIG plans for Kolect, however our modus operandi has always been to deliver less than we promise and to exceed it. So we are only talking about the first few features that we will implement. reduced transaction fees are obvious as TVK will work as a payment method. However, our first exciting key mechanic will be:

1. Terra Virtua Prestige

A loyalty scheme based on TVK tenure. Here is a summary of how it will work. By having a certain amount of TVK, you become a member of Terra Virtua Prestige, which unlocks a number of benefits. more TVK you have, the better the privileges! Such examples are:

Discounts on select new releases

Early access to select new releases

Vote which collectibles you would like to see

Invitations to exclusive preview events

Special Unique Features for FanCave and TerraDome

Access to unique collectibles that are not available to everyone else.

Invitations to exclusive virtual events with creators, artists, etc.

Special events to win unique collectibles

Monthly drops of exciting NFT and TVK FREE

2. Terra Virtua rewards

more you use the platform, the more rewards you will get. That doesn’t just mean leaving you tokens based on trade volume. We think that takes a lot of fun out of things and lets you play with the system. We want you to get involved on a deeper level!

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With our next gamification layers, you will be able to complete missions, work with IP to complete competitions, earn leaderboards, earn badges, create the best collectibles, bid higher, and much more for regular rewards from TVK and NFT. re will be opportunities to participate in community curated galleries and spaces governance with some really cool reward mechanics too!

3. Create and connect

Create your own digital collectibles with our Terra Forma tools . If you are a brand, an influencer or just have interesting content, we will provide you with a set of tools that will allow you to create incredible 2D, animated or even 3D NFTs. You can then implement them in all of our spaces, including the Marketplace, Gallery, Fancave, and AR. (You can even create your own TVK-linked fan token.) If you are an artist, 3D caraler, you can connect with these brand owners and creators, just bet your TVK and join the creator market and create amazing collaborations!

What can I do with my Kolect (TVK)?

Kolect is the fuel of Terra Virtua, opening up a world of privileges, experiences and opportunities. We take the best of what’s out there and package it into an amazing fan-centric social ecosystem. Over time, we will implement features that include:

Prestige Club

Bet TVK to join our exclusive Terra Virtua Prestige clubs to win NFT airdrops, collectible rewards, previews, TVK bonuses, and additional platform features.


more you do on the platform, the more rewards you will get. Complete competitions, missions, trade, rule and select and receive rewards from NFT and TVK!


Create your own digital collectibles and fan tokens with our Terra Forma tools. Accelerate your brand or monetize your creations and skills on our platform.

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Use TVK to grow exclusive, marketable NFTs that are not available anywhere else.

How to buy Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) Token?

You can buy TVK on all major cryptocurrency exchanges. exchange with the highest volume and lowest slippage is Binance. You can buy TVK using BTC, ETH, USDT, or BNB.

In our case for the tutorial we are going to buy it with USDT

STEP 1 To buy TVK Token on Binance

Logically the first thing will be to enter Binance, if you are not registered do it here.

Once inside Binance, we have to buy USDT, we can do it with a credit or debit card in the “Buy Crypto” section.

STEP 2 To buy Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) Token on Binance

Once with our USDT in Binance, we have to buy REEF token and for that we are going to go to “TRADE” to then choose “CLASSIC”.

Now once inside we go to the right side of the page and look for the TVK Token and select the PAR “TVK / USDT” and click on it.

STEP 3 To buy Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) Token on Binance

Once inside the Classic Market and selected the TVK / USDT pair, we put the amount of USDT that we want to exchange for TVK and we give it to buy.

And voila, we have our TVK Token on Binance.

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