SushiSwap Review: SUSHI Staking & SushiSwap Fees

In this article we are going to talk about SushiSwap, a well-known swap that is widely used and at we are going to give you all the information.

SushiSwap is an evolved version of Uniswap with SUSHI token that works as a protocol token and benefits holders and liquidity providers in various ways.

Besides SushiSwap, there are several other Uniswap competitors like Balancer and 1inch . Each MMA has a different underlying mechanism.

For example, the 1inch liquidity protocol tries to bring more value to liquidity providers with its different approach to exchange rates.

Well, how is SushiSwap different from Uniswap? How do the SushiSwap and SUSHI tokens work? How to bet SUSHI?

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What is the difference between Uniswap and SushiSwap? Uniswap vs SushiSwap

When you provide liquidity to SushiSwap groups, you receive SLP tokens and earn trading fees as a liquidity provider. You can also earn SUSHI token rewards by wagering your SLP tokens.

This is somewhat similar to Uniswap’s liquidity extraction and fee distribution program . But, when you remove your liquidity from SushiSwap pools, you can still receive a portion of the trading fees by betting your SUSHI tokens on xSUSHI.

refore, you do not have to be a liquidity provider to directly benefit from the protocol. You can simply buy SUSHI tokens and stake them on the platform to earn trading fees.

While the entire 0.3% trading fee goes to liquidity providers on Uniswap, on Sushiswap, liquidity providers receive a 0.25% fee and SUSHI holders who stake their SUSHI tokens and get xSUSHI in return receive 0.05%. remaining.

If you have SUSHI tokens, you can mint xSUSHI tokens by betting SUSHI tokens on SushiSwap and start earning exchange fees.

SushiSwap Fees

When you trade tokens on SushiSwap, you will pay a 0.3% trading fee. On top of that, you also have to pay transaction fees while approving tokens, which needs to be done only once for each token.

Before placing a trade on SushiSwap, you need to check the price impact. Sometimes it can be high, especially when you want to take a big trade or there is not enough liquidity.

In that case, especially if you want to do a big trade, you can try trading DEX aggregators like 1 inch and Matcha .

How to buy SushiSwap (SUSHI)?

SUSHI token is traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges. You can buy SUSHI on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap , 1inch , Matcha , Balancer, and SushiSwap.

re are also several major centralized exchanges, such as Binance and Poloniex, that you can use to buy SUSHI token.

In terms of liquidity, Binance is the best exchange to trade SUSHI. If you don’t have a Binance account yet, click this link or visit our step- by- step guide to open your Binance account with a 20% discount on the fee.

How to use SushiSwap?

If you have used Uniswap to exchange tokens or provide liquidity to trading pairs before, then you will not have a hard time using SushiSwap because it is very similar to Uniswap.

You can do several things on SushiSwap: trade tokens, add liquidity to groups, stake your SLP tokens to earn SUSHI, and stake SUSHI on xSUSHI to earn fees.

To start using SushiSwap, first visit SushiSwap and connect your wallet to the platform by clicking the “Connect Wallet” button. You can use MetaMask or mobile wallets like Trust Wallet through WalletConnect to access SushiSwap.

How to trade on SushiSwap?

After connecting your wallet to SushiSwap, you can start exchanging tokens in the “Swap” section. To trade, first choose the token you want to trade and the token you want to receive in return.

After entering the amount of the token that you want to exchange, the amount of the token that you are exchanging will be calculated automatically.

You can set a slip tolerance and transaction deadline in settings. If you have not approved the token you want to trade before, you must first approve it in order to trade.

Click the “Approve X” button and confirm the transaction in your MetaMask wallet. After that, you can make the exchange by clicking the “Change” button and confirming the transaction in your wallet.

Adding liquidity to SushiSwap pools

You can provide liquidity to SushiSwap liquidity pools in the same way as you do on Uniswap . If you have not provided liquidity to Uniswap pools before, you can refer to this guide to learn how to add liquidity to liquidity pools.

To add liquidity to a pair on SushiSwap, you need to deposit an equal value of each token. For example, let’s say you have $ 250 in SUSHI that you want to add to the SUSHI-ETH pair, then you will also need $ 250 in ETH.

You can add liquidity to pairs on SushiSwap by clicking on the “+ Liquidity” tab. Before doing that, you should check the liquidity and volume of pairs on the “pairs” page, as well as the daily SUSHI rewards for each group on the “farms” page.

How to bet SushiSwap LP (SLP) tokens?

After adding liquidity to a SushiSwap pool, you will receive SushiSwap LP (SLP) tokens that you can bet on the “farms” page and earn rewards in SUSHI tokens.

You can check out SushiSwap Farms and SUSHI Daily Rewards for $ 1000 on the Farms page. To stake your SLP tokens, first click the ‘Approve Bet’ button to allow SushiSwap to spend your SLP token and then you can simply stake them.

Currently, 66.6% of SUSHI rewards are subject to 6 months of vesting. So if you win 100 SUSHI tokens, you can harvest 33.4 SUSHI immediately and the rest – 66.6 SUSHI tokens – 6 months later.

How to bet SUSHI? SUSHI Staking

You can bet your earned SUSHI tokens by providing liquidity to SushiSwap groups and by betting LP tokens or buying them on exchanges to receive a portion of the exchange fees.

Unlike Uniswap, SushiSwap does not distribute the entire 0.3% exchange fee to liquidity providers, instead there is a 0.05% left for SUSHI holders who stake their SUSHI tokens on xSUSHI while the rest goes to liquidity providers. .

So, if you have SUSHI in your wallet, you can bet them on SushiSwap and mint xSUSHI tokens that will accumulate exchange fees. You can convert your xSUSHI tokens back to SUSHI on the same page to receive the accumulated exchange fees.

Currently you can not bet your tokens SUSHI in , you must use the site web SushiSwap lite . You can bet your SUSHI on xSUSHI and convert your xSUSHI back to SUSHI on the “Bet” page.

To stake your SUSHI tokens, you must first approve the token to allow the contract to spend your tokens, then you can stake SUSHI for xSUSHI.


APY rate for SUSHI participation is currently around 10%. You can check the exact APY rate on this page . ROI for SUSHI bets will also be available on the SushiSwap website.

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