Studyum enables innovation through new partnership with Unvest

Studyum, the exciting emerging educational technology platform, has formed a new partnership with Unvest. A single protocol company that provides projects with multi-chain tools for token distribution, granting, and fundraising.

With such an important candidate as Studyum, Desvestir is constantly building a significant customer database, as well as creating a gateway to the Cardano ecosystem. On the other hand, with the help of Unvest, Studyum is able to provide its investors with greater mobility and an increasing number of options.

study has been quite prolific with its results over the past few weeks. After establishing a strong presence at the World Blockchain Summit and the Future Innovation Summit, the startup has attracted the attention of many big names in the blockchain industry.

platform suggested the arrival of other important associations in the following days, all of great importance for the future development of the project.

After updating their IDO stage with multi-chain accessibility, the Studyum Foundation decided to add multi-chain functionality as well. In recent months, the team has carefully created a fair space for its followers, also deciding to postpone the IDO date to ensure maximum scalability of the project.

“We know that our community believes in us and expects great things from our project, so we are delighted when we manage to treat them with something extraordinary that they did not expect. Studyum has always wanted to build a space where people can develop their full potential. That is why we want to allow our followers to distribute their assets however they want and when they want, without any risk. And we can do it with the help of Unvest, ”said Igor Dyachenko, CEO and co-founder of Studyum.

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Unvest protocol is faithful to Studyum’s policy, offering investors the freedom to distribute their assets even during the consolidation period. By serving and protecting the interests of investors and projects, the protocol enables the trading of locked assets such as Liquid Vesting Token (LVT) or Non-fungible Token (NFT) without affecting a project’s token price.

By providing a broader range of movements, Studyum remains true to its mission of recognizing and addressing the needs of the individual within the system.

Unvest Protocol was created by experts from world-renowned technology organizations that ensure maximum security and early trade during the maturation period. By producing entirely new capabilities for locked assignments, the Unvest team was able to unlock the potential of fundraising projects. By offering customization of liquid vesting solutions, Unvest makes it easy to exchange unlimited assignments by empowering projects like Studyum during the fundraising phase.

Studyum’s long-awaited IDO internship will take place on November 18, after the Ethereum ecosystem has fully integrated the sustainable gaming testing protocol. You can get more information about Studyum and his project on his white paper.

About Studyum

Studyum is a three-dimensional knowledge matrix for students and educators. Revolutionary technology built on a decentralized blockchain infrastructure, the platform offers a secure environment that is perfect for quality learning, teaching and training at a level never seen before.

Drawing on the latest technological advancements and confirmed scientific theories, Studyum provides space for people to improve in an engaging and rewarding way. Find more about website.

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About Unvest

Unvest is the multi-chain open DeFi protocol for trading locked tokens. It offers free, fully customizable rights and distribution for project owners and is already active on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Unvest was created by engineers, designers, and product managers from the world’s leading tech organizations, as well as seasoned developers who have worked on the frontier of DeFi and crypto for years. Find more about website.

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