gt im gv gw gx ci dn »data-selectable-paragraph =» »> Our simple onboarding process begins with an email registration. Visit on your mobile device browser, or download the applications from the App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions to register:

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New Upland players will watch a video tutorial that guides them through all of Upland’s features. tutorial can also be played in the Settings section.

Block explorer

Your first mission, if you choose to accept it –️ – ️–, will be to select a Block Explorer. Block Explorers are Upland’s loyal sidekicks, holding the key to unlocking all the fun and mischief the game has to offer.

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A Block Explorer acts as a game piece on the map and takes you on a tour of the city, randomly, allowing you to purchase any available property you come across for only a limited time. Once selected, your Block Explorer will be placed in a random starting location in San Francisco.


Once you’ve selected your Block Explorer, new players will receive 3000 UPX as a starting bonus… cha-ching indeed!

Upland’s in-game currency, UPX, offers players the freedom to buy, sell, and trade sifates using a trustless peer-to-peer method of exchange. Currently, UPX cannot be traded outside of the game and is implemented as a utility token, derived from the EOSIO token system contract.

I have a pocket, I have a pocket full of UPX …

UPX can be purchased in fixed quantities from the Upland store, found in the upper right corner of the app. Players will also collect UPX earnings on their sifates every three hours and can increase these earnings by completing Collections.

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