Standard Chartered and Linklogis launch Olea to promote sustainable trade finance

Standard Chartered has launched a joint initiative with Linklogis, a Chinese blockchain-enabled financial technology solution. y are building a commercial finance creation and distribution platform known as Olea.

two companies worked on the development of the new digital commerce financing platform. Furthermore, the platform takes advantage of blockchain technology. fully digitized platform aims to provide institutional investors with an alternative asset class. y will bring in companies that require supply chain financing. Olea aims to be operational by the end of 2021 as soon as it gets regulatory approval.

platform will be based in Singapore. Amelia Ng (SC Ventures, Standard Chartered’s business, fintech and innovation unit) will lead the platform as CEO. Deputy Managing Director will be Letitia Chau (Linklogis Vice President and Chief Risk Officer).

Superior investment options

Olea offers investors access to investment options to obtain returns that go hand in hand with their risk profiles. It provides open, faster and easier access to working capital for supply chain participants, regardless of entity.

According to Ng, Olea is unique and will transform business finance. Investors should expect the best of Standard Chartered’s international business collaboration, unmatched knowledge of Asia, and experience in risk management. This also includes the Middle East and Africa with Linklogis innovations in supply chain technology. Olea plans to reinvent the current trade finance design. y want to match the financing needs of providers with alternative liquidity. Investors looking for an attractive asset class tied to the real economy will benefit.

Chau said that Standard Chartered is one of Linklogis’ institutional shareholders and an essential strategic partner. Standard Chartered and Linklogis have worked together on many successful projects. His new company offers a robust and agile platform, using blockchain and AI technology to drive exceptional efficiency and transparency for providers seeking affordable and superior financing options.

Standard Chartered and Linklogis

Standard Chartered and Linklogis began working together in the first quarter of 2019. two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore better opportunities. Standard Chartered wanted to update its supply chain financing proposal and strengthen customer relationships in China.

In the same year, they completed their first deep-level supply chain joint financing transaction. Since then, the two have successfully executed other award-winning transactions to date. Last year, Standard Chartered made a strategic investment in Linklogis. move marked his first investment in a supply chain platform in China.

Alex Manson, who runs SC Ventures, noted that trade and trade finance are essential for sustainable economic growth, especially as businesses emerge from the pandemic and lockdowns. In addition, Olea brings the strength of the two parent companies.

platform is the next generation of supply chain financing that ensures transparency and risk assessment of business activities. Manson added that it would meet institutional demand for alternative investments. New Testament.

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