Squid Game’s Exclusive Crypto $ SQUID Has Been Scammed Out Of Millions

popular South Korean series Squid Game has launched a $ SQUID crypto token.

huge popularity of the Squid $ SQUID game peaked within a week.

Anonymous scammers have defrauded investors by the millions.

gaming industry is maturing in the market and attracts many players during the pandemic season. In addition, many innovative technologies have been associated with games to gain more interest from players. To highlight, people were so addicted to these games and to publish series on social networks mainly, Netflix.

This Squid game is also a popular South Korean survival drama series released on Netflix consisting of nine episodes in total. In a short period of time since its launch, this particular series has gained great interest among the people. In particular, it received international attention with more than 142 million members during its first four weeks of launch.

refore, with such popularity and millions of viewers, the Squid game has become Netflix’s most-watched series to date, surpassing that of 2020. With this huge fan base, a group of people have launched a token. cryptographic with the theme of the game, $ SQUID. It is presented without affiliations with the creators of the series, thus giving great success in the market.

A cryptocurrency scam

As soon as the $ SQUID token was launched in the cryptocurrency market, many users were surprised to see the crypto token with the theme of the game. As the Squid game show became more popular and the city was recently talked about, a large number of users became $ SQUID investors.

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Furthermore, after listing the token, it briefly peaked at $ 2,800, exploding its growth in the market. current state of the SQUID market is $ 0.016012, which has skyrocketed as high as 375.79% in the last 24 hours. From launch to date, the $ SQUID crypto token maintains a green chart on its market status.

As an unexpected twist, a group of anonymous scammers behind this cryptocurrency scam scams the money of millions of investors. scammers scammed users by promoting the token as a Squid Game project. Furthermore, it is a cryptocurrency platform to play to the ear where people can buy tokens to use in online games.

Not only that, investors have been informed that the currency can later be exchanged for other digital assets or fiat currencies. refore, with large investments in the new currency, the value simply increased by 100% in a week.

However, the scammed amount is not precisely found, but is approximately more than $ 2.5 million in investor savings. Although intelligently prosecuted, the scammers reject business activities and withdraw all assets.

So with the huge popularity of the Squid game, the $ SQUID token caused a stir and attracted big investors. Unfortunately, it is the recent talk of the city about other cryptocurrencies on the market.

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