SpaceRat Coin (SRAT) Token. What is it and how to buy?

SpaceRat coin (SRAT) is a token of the Polygon network (MATIC) which is quite associated with Polydoge, as well as Polycat and in this article we are going to explain everything there is to know about SpaceRat (SRAT), how to buy it, know its price and much more.

As you know, the Polygon network (MATIC) is very cheap, it has hardly any Fees and it is very interesting all these tokens that are coming out on your network, since we avoid paying high commissions for buying tokens that if it is true that they can grow, many they stay stagnant and therefore at least not lose in commissions.

Here is a very interesting article on how to have Matic in metamask with hardly any commissions.

Let us begin.

What is SpaceRat Coin (SRAT)

WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLDOSPACE RAT POLYGON is the first revolutionary yield cultivation protocol of its kind built on the Matic Network. mechanism is simple: earn $ MATIC just by keeping $ SRAT in your wallet. SRAT is a fork of the legendary Moonrat (MRAT) that made over 1000x in the BSC ecosystem. With the help of our community and our marketing plans, we are confident that we have what it takes to take SRAT into space.

Transparency and community driven 50% will be raised through pre-sale. Dev added an 80% proceeds from the presale to LP on Quickswap at launch.

Automatic Liquidity Pool 4% of each transaction contributes to automatically generate more liquidity in Quickswap, benefiting all $ SRAT holders!

Earn $ MATIC by pooling $ SRAT. 4% of each transaction is sent and redistributed to MATIC and the $ SRAT pool. Each holder can claim it daily.

Anti-pump and whale discharge mechanism transaction of more than 0.05% of the total supply will be rejected to avoid whales / bots.

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Tokenomics SRAT SpaceRat.

Total supply: $ 1 quadrillion SRAT

50% will be collected through pre-sale.

40% will be locked in the liquidity pool.

5% will burn.

5% will be used for marketing and development.

RoadMap SpaceRat (SRAT) Tokens:

S2 2021

Smart contract design


White paper

Website launch



Audit contract

Third quarter of 2021

Price tracking on the website

Listed on CoinGecko, CMC, Blockfolio, …

Dex Building

IDO platform construction

NFT SpaceRat

Launch of partnerships

More marketing

Listed on Cex

Fourth Quarter 2021 Coming Soon Soon

SpaceRat coin (SRAT) Token FAQ:

How many MATIC can I claim? You can claim the MATIC amount based on the ratio of $ SRAT you have / total MATIC fund. For example, if you have 1% of $ SRAT, you can withdraw 1% from the reward pool MATIC.

What is the MATIC pool? 5% of each transaction is taken and redistributed to all SpaceRat holders in $ MATIC. This quantity of MATIC is called the MATIC group.

What if I don’t claim the MATIC reward on my cycle? If you don’t claim on your cycle and other holders claim, the MATIC group will be lowered. n your $ SRAT / MATIC pool ratio is lowered as well. This is why you should claim as soon as your cycle is ready.

How to buy SpaceRat (SRAT)?

1- first step to buy SpaceRat (SRAT) Token will be to have Matic in our Metamask portfolio and here is a tutorial on how to buy Matic and pass it to metamask with hardly any commissions.

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2- Good with our Matics in our Metamask portfolio, what we have to do is go to the following SWAP:

3- Once inside the Swap , we import the token, as I show you in the following image:

4- Now we will get the exchange, we put the amount of MATIC that we want to spend and we will get the amount of SRAT that we are going to buy, we buy and that’s it, we already have our Srat in our Metamask portfolio.

I hope you liked the tutorial and article on how to buy SpaceRat (SRAT) Token, if so, I hope you share it with your friends and on social networks, any questions you can leave us a comment.


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