Social media has a huge impact on the crypto community, says Blockster co-founder

BeinCrypto spoke with Lidia Yadlos, CMO and co-founder of Blockster. He spoke about this new social media platform dedicated to the cryptocurrency community and blockchain fans.

Social media has changed the rules of the game when it comes to transforming the Internet from something useful to a complete necessity.

However, general scrutiny and concerns about data damage the image of many social media sites as a global connector.

This is what Yadlos and his team are trying to figure out, especially for the crypto community. Its social media platform has a focus on cryptocurrencies, aiming to serve as an official space for the blockchain industry.

“Essentially, the platform functions as an all-in-one networking tool for everyone in the blockchain industry. It was launched in July 2021. Since then, we have been gradually integrating users who have joined the waiting list, ”explains Yadlos.

After testing with a select audience, the platform has been caraled so it is the one that best serves this community.

” platform is now specifically designed to serve people who work in the blockchain industry.”

A necessity, more than a luxury

For Yadlos, Blockster’s strict focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies isn’t just a ‘nice to have’. Rather it is a necessity for this emerging space.

“ idea of ​​creating Blockster was really born out of necessity, more than for any other reason. cryptocurrency industry is still an emerging industry, and as such already has enough trouble gaining exposure. se days, of course, the best way to get any kind of exposure is through advertising. best places to advertise are social media platforms ”.

“Unfortunately, that’s when things get tricky, as most of the larger social networks, like Facebook, and even the platforms run by Google, don’t allow crypto companies to advertise. Many probably still remember when YouTube removed thousands of cryptocurrency videos, later saying it was done due to a mistake, “he says.

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Social media crackdown on crypto content is a major problem. In July, TikTok said it would no longer allow crypto promotional content. reason is that they are trying to protect users from potential scams.

Conventional platforms understand this influence

se bans are not simply ignorance on the part of social networking sites. According to Yadlos, these great sites know what kind of impact it has on the cryptocurrency community.

“It is estimated that 70% of adults in the United States are receiving news from social networks. With that in mind, we can say without a doubt that social media plays a key role in raising awareness on any topic, including digital currencies, ”he says.

“We saw it on TikTok earlier this year, when prices hit all-time highs after being announced on social media. so-called »Dogecoin challenge« on TikTok is one of the main examples. Make no mistake: social media platforms have had a huge impact on the crypto community and we know that very well.

Social media sites like and Reddit are also important hubs for the crypto communities. This is where many people interact, educate, and promote different products and currencies.

However, problems with scams and crypto misinformation are a problem. This is especially true for inexperienced people who participate in get-rich-quick schemes that get them high.

Blockster already has a plan to address these types of issues.

“When it comes to building a social network, you shape the platform by allowing certain types of content to emerge in user news. So for false information to come up, they need to get a certain level of participation, and that’s what we’re going to address, ”Yadlos says.

“Basically, Blockster was designed to be powered by user-generated content. However, we go to great lengths to ensure that only the highest quality articles and the most important news make it to the front page. “

” platform will not allow any random opinion to be shown as fact, which is why we have reached out to respected writers and commentators throughout the crypto space to get the ball rolling and set a certain tone that we want for the platform.”

“When it comes to restraint, we hope it will largely take care of itself, at least to some extent.”

Social media sites have been asked to protect users by cararating content. However, they have also come under fire for overdoing this restraint.

For Blockster, this type of control will be balanced by encouraging higher quality content. You are more likely to be successful because of the niche area you serve.

“Blockster is a unique platform, but some suggestions were needed from other websites on the Internet that they don’t have to censor content, simply because they have spent time and effort creating an environment that doesn’t require it.” Yadlos says.

“Our goal is to reflect this approach, as we sincerely believe that it is the best option available to us. In other words, we will not need to censor content by discouraging content that needs censorship, which in turn is done by creating a professional environment.

Also, it wouldn’t be a cryptocurrency-related platform without a token. Part of Blockster’s plan is to mediate advertising and engagement through its own token, BXR.

“BXR is the door to Blockster. It is through BXR that these companies will reach high-quality audiences. To advertise on Blockster, you need to use and spend BXR tokens, which will be used in our upcoming features and products, like Blockster Ads, for this particular case, “says Yadlos.

refore, companies can only advertise using the BXR token. Other cryptocurrencies are not accepted for this transaction.

“On the other end of the spectrum, the typical Blockster user will have the ability to stake their tokens on our Blockfarm and earn a portion of the advertising revenue. We will distribute 20% of the advertising revenue of the site to the interested parties.

“Personally, I am excited about the potential of BXR to foster a wide range of interactions among Blockster’s broad and diverse user base. Unlike many tokens that look like simple aesthetic additions to a technology project, BXR is critical to the practical application of the entire Blockster enterprise, “he says.


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