Smooth Love Potion (SLP) Coin. How to buy and how to get?

Today we are going to talk to you about Smooth Love Potion (SLP) Coin, an AXIE infinity token that is going up a lot and is having a lot of success, you already know that Axie infinity is a very fashionable game, since you can earn a lot of money with it and one of the reward tokens is Smooth Love Potion (SLP), so you know if you want to play and win you can do it by registering here: Axie infinity

Axie infinity is an online game, which you can play from your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC and that as I said before gives you Smooth Love Potion (SLP) rewards and that is worth money, since today it has a value of 0 , 14 USDT and the rewards for daily missions are 100 SLP and 50 SLP per day connection, so you can earn a lot of money per day just for playing a game and having fun.

SLP token information:

Today’s Smooth Love Potion price is $ 0.142739, which represents a 10% increase in the last 24 hours. market cap of Smooth Love Potion is $ 57.68 million. 24 hour SLP volume is $ 19.37 million.

It has a market capitalization range of 327 with a circulating supply of 404,090,637 and a maximum supply of 404,090,637.

Smooth Love Potion is traded on 13 exchanges, with the top exchanges being Binance ($ 19.42M), Bkex ($ 3.81M), and Uniswap V3 ($ 3.14M). Smooth Love Potion had an all-time high of $ 0.363771 2 months ago. Over the past day, Smooth Love Potion has had a transparent volume of 73% and has been trading 29 active markets, its highest volume trading pairs being USDT ($ 22.86M), BUSD ($ 3.43M) and SLP ($ 3.08M).

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Game information Axie infinty. Where do the profits come from?

Here is a video that I found, where they explain the truth quite well:

TUTORIAL How to buy SLP on an Exchange (Binance)?

Well the first thing we have to do is register here, if we are not already and the next thing to log in and go buy Crypto since we will have to buy USDT to exchange it for SLP, we will do it with a debit or credit card, as we show in the following image:

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Well, once with our USDT in Binance, what we have to do is go to Trade or market, depending on the language in Binance and click on Classic Market.

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In this way we will enter the Binance market, now we have to look in the search bar on the right for “SLP” and select the SLP / USDT pair.

Once selected, we go to the bottom of the graph and put the amount of USDT that we want to spend and exchange for SLP and that’s it.

We give him to buy SLP and we would already have them in our Binance account.

I hope you liked the article in tutorial cara and that it has been useful to you.


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