Shiba inu (Shib), how to buy, price and predictions.

Shiba inu is a token, which began as a memecoin of Dogecoin meme, the point is that it has reached such a point that its price has skyrocketed and it has been listed on Binance and also on Coinbase, therefore it is a token very to take into account.

What is Shiba inu token (Shib)?

On their website we can find the woofpaper and it tells us the following:

Our trip was a simple question. What would happen to Penifa’s cryptocurrency project, 100% run by its community? Although the term DeFiliterally includes the word decentralized, this is in reference to economic situation is opposed to its internal hierarchy. Our founder, Ryoshi, said that ourbeginnings, “Weareanexperimentindecentralizedspontaneous community building (…)” While none of us could have imagined at the time, this was a concept that would start a revolution. Projects built on the foundation of the community that involve the extreme wilderness of our future. As we move out of rigid financial structures and traditional mindsets, we become free to discover new ways of solving problems and relating to one another. In a world governed by the commodification of time, community-managed projects are more than just a change of space, they are far from practicing radical acceptance of others. When success depends on the shared strength of individuals who collectively, we are forced to shift our perspectives to align with those around us. ShibaInu Ecosystem is our way of recognizing the importance of breaking down this long-standing paradigm. A community is made up of hundreds, if not thousands, of interconnected Moments. As we studied our project drawings, we realized that true strength does not come from one of the options, it comes from when we work together in harmony. With that bright thought, we began to develop the ShibaInu ecosystem. I laughed. We are standing at a fundamental moment in innovation. Until now, centralization has been a prerequisite for all official structures. Political, educational and financial systems are, and have always been, elaborate in that they do not distribute equitably and ethically the power of those who function within them. re have been times in our history where this type of structure plays an important role, but managed with the world’s information available at the click of a button, it is time to think. 2021 opened our eyes to show little control of the average person in the face of these general, generational structures when GameStopa and AMCstockvalue exploded seemingly overnight. y seem to disperse consumer control and investor expertise. It was inspiring, but it didn’t last long. Just when the movement seemed to be on the brink of success, it was crushed by the bureaucracy of our centralized society. However, not before this concept of a new power among the people took root. Months before international news was made, Ryoshi was already establishing his 100% community-based cryptocurrency expertise. cryptocurrency itself comes from the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčredefining value and how it can be acquired, which goes against traditional processes of its very nature. Most, if not all, cryptocurrencies operate within enforceable rules. when we look back at cases like the SEC wine in the Kin ecosystem (a centralized authority), or when we consider how the BinanceSmartChain chain appears to use the “benefits” of centralized authority over its decentralized partnerships.

How to buy Shiba inu token (SHIB)?

We can buy the shiba inu token in many exchanges as we have mentioned, but the one that I recommend is Binance and then I will explain how to buy it, since it is very simple, because it can be bought directly with a debit or credit card .

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first thing if you are not registered DO IT HERE

Next you have to go to buy crypto and select the currency with which we are going to buy and make the exchange. As I said there, you can directly buy shiba inu token with a debit or credit card.

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To know the price of Shiba inu token, shib, we can see it in Binance.


re are many predictions, such as that it will reach the dollar, but that by market capitalization is almost impossible, although everything can be.

What if they are estimated are other lower prices and here below I leave them:

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If you want to know what shibaswap is and when it comes out, click on the following link: When sibhaswap comes out


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