Share price reaches all-time high in euros

The price of bitcoin has reached its highest point ever against the euro. The previous top was in December 2013, today the price reached 937 euros. The price of bitcoin has been rising steadily since September this year, after a low of around 150 euros.

The highest price Bitcoin has ever reached in dollars is $1175. Today, bitcoin reached a price of $ 972, so the all-time high in dollars is about $ 200 higher. The difference between the highest bitcoin price in euros and in dollars can be explained by the depreciation of the euro against the dollar: in 2013 the euro was worth 1.30 dollars, today a euro is only worth 1.05 dollars. As a result, the price of bitcoin in euros is almost equal to the price in dollars.

In addition, its high price has pushed bitcoin to a market cap of more than $15 billion for the first time in history, after hitting $14 billion less than a week ago. A historic moment and an impressive milestone.

For the first time since 2013, the price of bitcoin is as high as it is now, exciting times. We will keep you informed of developments and further course developments.

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