Segregated Witness integrated in Bitcoin Core 0.13.1

After an intensive testing period on Bitcoin testnet, Segregated Witness has been integrated into the latest version of Bitcoin Core for mainnet. Miners are now able to indicate that they will switch to this implementation. Segregated Witness will be activated at 95% support by the miners.

Segregated Witness was first presented as a scalability solution by Pieter Wuille (Bitcoin Core / Blockstream) at the Scaling Bitcoin conference in Hong Kong. It is one of the biggest changes to Bitcoin ever. It changes code in all layers of Bitcoin: the peer-to-peer protocol, transactions, wallets and the consensus mechanism.

Segregated Witness separates the digital signature from the rest of the transaction data in a transaction, allowing for smaller transactions, leaving more room for transactions in each block and significantly shrinking the overall size of the Bitcoin blockchain. In addition, Segregated Witness is also a solution for the transaction malleability problem and thus contributes to the realization of the Lightning Network.

Bitcoin mailing list announcement by Pieter Wuille

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