Secret Network (SCRT) Token What is it, how to buy and price?

What is the red secret (SCRT)? What is secret (SCRT) | What is the SCRT coin?

Introducing Secret Network

Our mainnet blockchain is now known as Red Secret, thanks to a recent unanimous on-chain proposal. Find out more about the Secret Network and how you can join the ecosystem! Enigma team and more than 20 independent validators (known as _secret nodes) _ have been backing the mainnet blockchain since its launch in February. This mainnet is a proof-of-stake based blockchain based on Cosmos SDK / Tendermint and protected by a new native coin, Secret (SCRT).

Recently, a proposal was made using on-chain governance to establish a clear brand for the network that would reflect both the name of the chain’s native currency and the decentralized governance of the network and broad community support.

This proposal was approved unanimously on May 17, 2020.

So what does this mean for both mainnet blockchain and Enigma, the development company? For the main network, just change the name! vision of the network remains the same as ever: a blockchain-based protocol that enables secure calculations on encrypted data, providing data privacy to public blockchains. This protocol will be known in the future as Red secret: it protects data (and secrets) for users of decentralized applications (Secret applications).

Meanwhile, Enigma, the software company, is still Enigma! Our focus continues to be building and supporting innovative privacy-focused networks and technologies. We are a key contributor to the Secret Network and continue to develop functionality for the network. Check out our April Dev Update for some recent advancements, including our 2 of 3 milestone achievement on the way to enabling secret contracts on the Secret Network! You can also visit our forum to read weekly community updates and other development previews (such as this encryption protocol update).

Enigma team supports this rebrand for the network and is proud to continue to work alongside the Secret Network community, as well as the validators currently supporting the Secret Network.

Since this rebranding proposal was approved, Enigma and the community have taken the opportunity to further explore the Secret Network brand. Read on to see what’s changing, what’s next, and how you can get involved!

Red secret

mainnet blockchain maintained by the Enigma team and other ecosystem participants is now known as the Red Secret. ecosystem and community are identified as the Secret Network ecosystem and community. This brand naturally extends the existing concepts of “secret contracts” and “secret nodes” that have already been established in the ecosystem for a long time.

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Secret Network now has its own community maintained website:

A quick look at the new website .

Additionally, the following sifates have been set:

Secret Network Official Blog —_ created with _ Ghost

Secret Network Official Chat – realtime _core community _

Secret Network Official Forum – Existing forum has been migrated!

Red secret documentation – hosted on GitHub, for developers and validators

Secret Network official

Secret Network Ads

More community-maintained channels and resources will be established over the next several weeks and months as the Secret Network community grows. re will be many opportunities to contribute! re are also some upcoming announcements that will help shed some light on the way forward… For now, join the communities above to stay up-to-date on all the Secret Network progress, both from the Enigma development team and all other contributors. of the community. .

Secret (SCRT)

Secret Network’s native currency, Secret (SCRT) is indicated by this symbol, , enclosed within a circle.

Secret evokes a fluid network and the duality of secrets: privacy and transparency .

ends of are open, allowing data to flow in and out freely.

interior of the is private, an enclave that encloses the activity of the network itself.

general shape of the S is reminiscent of a yin-yang, again reflecting the many dualities of a privacy-preserving public network, a highly complex technology that exists to protect deeply human values .

SCRT has been used for engagement and governance since the network’s inception in February, with multiple proposals successfully approved. Below are two active community-maintained block explorers, with more in development!

For those interested in secret wallets, there is already wallet support for SCRT in Ledger S (and X) , as well as the Math Wallet. Stay tuned as additional support develops, and if you are interested in helping develop wallet support for the ecosystem, please post on the Secret Network forum .

Incentivized testnet and secret games

As Secret Network development work continues at its fastest pace, we get closer and closer to introducing _secret contract _ functionality to the network. After this point, the validators in the Secret Network will be known as Secret Nodes, where the data being processed will be kept encrypted and secret even from the node itself.

As mentioned above, we intend to perform a network of test incentive for Secret Network where validators can help test this new functionality and be rewarded for their efforts. This first iteration of secret contracts uses Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) to keep data private and secure. This means that for the test network, validators will need to run an SGX-enabled computer or use an SGX-enabled cloud operator. For a detailed list of SGX-enabled hardware and cloud options, visit this link .

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Many more details about the incentivized testnet will be shared shortly , but for now we are happy to share with you this short interest form (previously circulated as well). re are a couple of questions about your experience with node or validator operation for other projects. Fill out this form and someone will contact you directly.

→ ←

_But that is not all! _Even if you are not interested in operating nodes on the Secret Network, there will also be opportunities for developers, artists, writers, and other community members as part of a larger initiative we call the Secret Games. Stay tuned to the Secret Network channels for more information. Games may have already started …

What should i do now?

We would love to have you working alongside us as we expand the Secret Network and its community! Privacy has never been more essential to the blockchain space or to our world at large. Together we can build new types of innovative applications and unlock substantial value while protecting users and their data.

** Validators: ** fill out the testnet interest form ! But also remember that the Secret Network mainnet has been up since February 2020. You can start running your own node today (no need for SGX). Check out the documentation here , or come talk to community support on Rocket.Chat or on the forum .

** Developers: ** Come see the Secret Network documentation and send us your comments. Check out our latest developer tutorial . Ask all your questions about the Secret Network project and protocol in the developer forum. Share your thoughts on the best apps that prioritize privacy. Stay tuned for news about grants and funding that may be available to help bring your ideas to life!

Community: Join all the channels listed above (especially Rocket.Chat and the forum ) and go for the Secret Games! _Artists and game designers in particular: _ definitely join Rocket. Chat today and connect with us to learn how you can get involved in the early stages of Secret Games! _Writers: _the same! re will be many opportunities to work with us to produce educational materials on the Secret Network, privacy, and more. Join us early and be rewarded

More updates on Secret Games, technical progress, and other important news from the community will be coming soon. Keep following all the new Secret Network channels to make sure you don’t miss out on anything exciting …

How to buy Secret Network (SCRT) Token?

You can buy SCRT on all major cryptocurrency exchanges. exchange with the highest volume and lowest slippage is Binance . You can buy REEF using BTC, ETH, USDT, or BNB.

In our case for the tutorial we are going to buy it with USDT

STEP 1 To buy Secret Network (SCRT) Token

Logically the first thing will be to enter Binance, if you are not registered do it here.

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Once inside Binance, we have to buy BUSD, we can do it with a credit or debit card in the “Buy Crypto” section.

STEP 2 To buy Secret Network (SCRT) Token on Binance

Once with our BUSD in Binance, we have to buy SCRT token and for that we are going to go to “TRADE” to then choose “CLASSIC”.

Now once inside we go to the right side of the page and look for the SRCT Token and select the PAR “SRCT / BUSD” and click on it.

STEP 3 To buy Secret Network (SCRT) Token on Binance

Once inside the Classic Market and selecting the SRCT / BUSD Pair, we put the amount of USDT that we want to exchange for SRCT and we give it to buy.

And voila, we have our Secret Network (SCRT) Token on Binance.

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