SCAM !! ALERT !! (FLUX) Token.


On this occasion, unfortunately we come to talk about (FLUX) Token, another SCAM equal to or similar to Minereum and, but in this case, we have not known it because these tokens have reached us, if not because A visitor to this website has warned us and here we are sharing it so that they do not fall into this SCAM.

First of all, I quote the following comment that you have left in another post from a SCAM on this website:

Unfortunately I have fallen into one of these SCAMs. In my metamask account I have the MNEB, VERA and FLUX tokens. I entered the FLUX page ( to sell the tokens and after trying several times I gave up. I even tried selling them in pancake swap to no avail. After a while I enter metamask and I realize that all my SAFEMOON, BabyDOGE and MIST tokens had disappeared. He wanted to kill me !!!! I did not understand what had happened, then I realized that I had fallen for a scam. I proceeded to disconnect the metamask page and bought some tokens again. After a while they disappear again. point is that I had connected to several SWAPs to try to sell the tokens. I do not know which of all may have been responsible. last thing I did was clear the metamask (Hide) SCAM tokens and disconnect from all sites. I just hope they can’t get more tokens out. truth is that I do not know what to do to know if my metamask account is secure or how to make it so. If anyone can give me a suggestion I would really appreciate it. This is the wallet where all my tokens went


As you can see, we understand that the user has entered the part of the GetAirdrop page of and that has caused that when connecting the Wallet they have stolen their tokens, although we do not understand how they can continue to steal the tokens, so no test connecting your wallets and remove these tokens from your metamask wallet or whatever you use.

We also leave you here a Tweet in which you also confirm that it is a SCAM:

Another fake #bsc scam guys.

Another token airdropped with a website: $ FLUX.

Do not go to GoFlux. io or approve anything, I don’t know what this one does, but they can steal things.

Steer clear & be wary of websites in token names.

– Crypto â‚¿ethany (@CryptoBethany) July 31, 2021

So what has been said, be very careful with these tokens that appear in your Wallets, since you can lose all your tokens and therefore a lot of money.

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