Safemoon coin token, what is it and how to buy?

Safemoon is a token of the Binance Smart Chain network, which has had a great rise since its launch on the market, Safemoon is a token to take into account since it has many holders and in this article we will explain what it is, your project and how to buy Safemoon and not be left behind when it rises.

Safemoon is an ambitious project, in which the following will be done:

Wallet: Yes Safemoon will have its own Wallet.

Safemoon Exchange: This token is not only a token, since they are planning to set up their own Exchange.

Hardware: A cold wallet that is intended to be much more secure than the competition.

Safemoon coin token: RoadMap:

Q1 2021 Protocol initialized We have successfully incorporated and confirmed a DogeCoin trading pair with Bibipom. We also successfully started the integration process with WhiteBit and started legal procedures with Bitmart. size of our team has doubled and our marketing campaign has started.

Q2 2021 Kickoff Whitebit’s tokenomics integration will be completed alongside the completion of the SafeMoon app, wallet, and games. Bitmart’s integration with tokenomics will also be completed in this quarter. We will begin to design the architecture of the NFT Exchange, as well as the video game integrations. We will integrate SafeMoon with African markets, in addition to establishing a charity campaign and a charity vote. We will explore other exchanges (i.e. Binance) and start designing the SafeMoon Exchange. We will expand the team by 35% and establish an office in the UK / Ireland. We will design a crypto educational app and also onboard new partners.

Third Quarter 2021 Holding On We will finish our crypto educational app and start our own charity project. We will start a community roster donation surge for various exchanges (i.e. Coinbase, Binance, Kraken). We will finish our NFT exchange and launch our first video game with SafeMoon integrated. We will expand the team by 25% and hold a community meeting (pending covid restrictions). We will also integrate with other large exchanges (i.e. Binance, Mandala).

Fourth Quarter 2021 To the Moon! We will end SafeMoon Exchange and our charity project. We will complete integrations with our first African market and begin next integrations with additional African markets. We will create a SafeMoon Office based in Africa and begin recruiting in those markets to create jobs. We will accept donations for our next charity project and we will also start voting on the next project. We will also be establishing a SafeMoon Scholarship this quarter.

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Safemoon official website information:

Static Rewards, LP Acquisition, Manual Recording A common misconception with the high APY average is the subjectivity of the temporary loss of betting an LP (liquidity provider) on an agricultural reward generator. With the DeFi explosion, we’ve seen too many new cryptocurrency seekers get sucked into a high APY LP farming trap, feeling desperate as previous buyers kick them out with higher stakes rewards. We’ve all been there, seeing those glowing 6-digit figures can be quite tempting to jump on. However, almost always the token suffers from the inevitable valuation bubble, which is followed by the bursting and impending price collapse. This is why we have seen the mass adoption of static rewards, also known as reflection, a separate concept that seeks to eliminate the problems caused by agricultural rewards. Manual Burns Sometimes burns matter; sometimes they don’t. A continuous burn on any protocol can be enjoyable in the first few days, however this means that the burn cannot be finite or controlled in any way. Having burns controlled by the team and promoted based on achievement helps keep the community rewarded and informed. Manual burning conditions and quantities can be posted and tracked. SafeMoon aims to implement a burn strategy that is beneficial and rewarding for those committed for the long term. Additionally, the total number of SAFEMOON burned is displayed in our readout located on the website, allowing for greater transparency in identifying the current circulating supply at any given time. Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP) Automatic LP is SAFEMOON’s secret sauce. Here we have a function that acts as a double beneficial implementation for headlines. First, the contract absorbs tokens from sellers and buyers alike, and adds them to the LP creating a solid price floor. Second, the sanction acts as an arbitrage-resistant mechanism that secures SAFEMOON volume as a reward for holders. In theory, the added LP creates a stability from the supplied LP by adding the tax to the overall liquidity of the token, thus increasing the overall LP of the tokens and supporting the minimum price of the token. This is different from the burn function of other reflection tokens which is only beneficial in the short term from the offer reduction granted. As SAFEMOON’s LP token rises, price stability reflects this feature with the benefit of a solid price floor and protection for holders. goal here is to avoid the biggest drops when the whales decide to sell their tokens later in the game, preventing the price from fluctuating as much as if there was no automatic LP feature. This is all an effort to alleviate some of the problems we’ve seen with DeFi’s current reflection tokens. We are confident that this caral and protocol will prevail over outdated reflection tokens for these reasons. Safemoon Protocol SafeMoon employs 3 simple functions: Reflection + LP Acquisition + Recording In each operation, the transaction is taxed with a 10% fee, which is divided into 2 ways. 5% fee = redistributed to all existing holders. 5% fee is split 50/50, half of which is sold per contract in BNB, while the other half of the SAFEMOON tokens are automatically paired with the aforementioned BNB and added as a liquidity pair in Pancake Swap ..

How to buy Safemoon token coin on an exchange?

Here is a tutorial on how to buy safemoon from Hotbit, since it is one of the most important exchanges that has this token listed.

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It can also be bought by Pancake swap, but we will show you how to do it from this Exchange,


first thing we have to do is enter Binance and buy USDT, so (CLICK HERE TO ENTER BINANCE ) if you are not registered, do it. n click to buy cryptocurrencies, we select the currency with which we want to buy the USDT and the amount and we give it to buy.

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second step is simple, we have to go to Hotbit to copy our address and be able to pass our USDT to this exchange, if you are not registered, DO IT HERE .

Once in Hotbit what we have to do is go to deposit.

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Next we have to select the currency we want to deposit to buy SAFEMOON, in this case USDT and we have to select the TRC20 network so that the commissions do not eat us up, the cost is 1USDT, we copy the address as we see in the image and we go to Binance.


Well, once the address is copied, we go to Binance again and we have to go to our wallet and hit the Spot wallet, once inside, we go down to the page and we can see that all the cryptocurrencies come out, we go to UDST and we give “withdraw” or “Whitdraw” depending on the language in which we have binance, as we see in the following image.

Well once given to withdraw, we paste the Hotbit address and select the TRC20 network and we give it to continue. As seen in the following image.

Once the withdrawal is made, you have to wait a few minutes until they appear on Hotbit.

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Already with our USDT in Hotbit, we have to go to TRADE or EXCHANGE and search for SAFEMOON to buy it, once it comes out we select it.

Well once with SAFEMOON selected, we go to the bottom and we put the amount of USDT that we want to spend to buy the SAFEMOON and we give it to buy.

And then you would already have your SAFEMOON in Hotbit.


Well to see the live price of SAFEMOON we can see it directly from Hotbit.


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