Riot Racers lead third NFT knockdown on August 11

Upcoming racing game Riot Racers is set to launch its third NFT release on August 11, adding new cars, game assets, and a marketplace to its ecosystem. Players who want to immerse themselves in the game will be able to buy cars with different rarities, as well as track plots, repair shops and gas stations.

Riot Racers development team is aiming to release their third NFT release next week. sale will take place on the Polygon blockchain and therefore you will need to connect ETH to Polygon. From the previous drops, the cheapest cars available right now. it costs 0.14 ETH on OpenSea. So the next NFT sale will offer an interesting opportunity.

During this decline they will sell a total of 700 cars, with prices ranging from 0.0083 ETH for Rookie cars and 0.041 ETH for a Rally car and 0.083 ETH for a Driver car. However, gamers with deeper pockets can look for a Tracker, Aero, Pro, or Legendary car, which costs between 0.17 ETH and 0.99 ETH.

Additionally, the team will sell 200 rookie plots for 0.2 ETH each, while the 18 auto shops will cost 0.7 ETH each. 3 gas stations, which the team considers a hot item, will cost 4.4 ETH each. All of these NFTs will be sold through the Riot Racers native marketplace, which will launch ahead of the sale.

Before the sale on August 11, Riot Racers released a first version of their app. Players access using Metamask and can view their cars in the garage and change their car names. Additionally, gas station owners can find their NFTs in the Assets section of the dapp.

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What is Riot Racers?

Riot Racers is a racing game to win in which players can win by playing or owning parts of the ecosystem. Players have cars that they can upgrade using their experience points (XP). y get XP by competing in races. Before joining a race, they must choose a car and strategy based on the conditions of the race. Players must also visit a gas station to get fuel, which serves as the entrance.

game generates the race in the background, so it offers passive play. outcome of a race is mainly determined by the player’s race strategy and also by a weighted random algorithm. refore, cars with higher XP and better upgrades are automatically more likely to win. However, sometimes the defenseless can be victorious. That is what makes this type of racing game so exciting. top 3 in each competitive race earn rewards, paid in RIOT tokens.

Another way to win in Riot Racers is to own a part of the game, for example, a garage, a gas station or a part of the track. game offers 20 gas stations in total and only 7 runways consisting of 100 parts each. Through billboards, also an NFT, another chance to win is presented. Here players can advertise their own product or perhaps rent it to third parties.

So there are many opportunities to earn RIOT tokens. next opportunity to jump into Riot Racers comes next week with NFT’s third crash. At the moment you can check your cars in the app, while the market will also launch next week.

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What’s next for Riot Racers?

Can you run now? No not yet. Riot Racers has just released a first version of its application. Next week, the market will launch alongside NFT’s third drop. After that, they will launch the RIOT token trading on Uniswap.

next big milestone for Riot Racers will take place in September, when the team will host the 4th and 5th NFT downloads and finally release the alpha version of the game. Riot Racers will see a public release later this year.


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