Earlier we wrote an article about the recovery seed and how best to store it. In this article we review the titanium CRYPTOTAG, a backup method for the seed.


While on we mainly did reviews of the various available hardware wallets: the Trezor One, the Trezor Model T, the Ledger Nano S and the Digital BitBox, the backup method of the extremely important seed has still been underexposed. All bitcoin wallets have one thing in common: when you create the wallet you get a recovery seed that you should keep well. The recovery seed serves as a backup in case the wallet is lost. Storing this seed can sometimes be a challenge, because storing a large amount of bitcoins on a piece of paper in your sock drawer may not be the safest solution. See here the CRYPTOTAG, a robust solution for the backup seed.

The CRYPTOTAG allows you to store the first four letters of the backup words. This was done deliberately, because the operation of BIP39 only requires the first four letters of each word to restore the wallet – 96 letters in total.





The CRYPTOTAG comes in a sturdy and heavy box. After opening, foam-engraved text redirects to the CRYPTOTAG website, where a tutorial can be found. In this tutorial you will be taken step by step in the process of putting the seed on the titanium plates.

Underneath the foam are all the necessities to do this. A hammer, letters, a letter holder, the “anvil” in which the titanium plates can be fixed, earplugs, matches and of course the titanium plates themselves.


The titanium CRYPTOTAG is made by the Dutch company of the same name. Due to the titanium, the backup can withstand temperatures up to 1665 ?? C, a temperature that an average fire does not come close to. The material is stainless, so that corrosion and erosion cannot influence it. CRYPTOTAG makes it possible to store (or store) four times 12 or two times 24 words. In addition to the basic package, consisting of all the necessities for performing the backup, additional titanium plates can also be ordered.



Because the backup consists of two separate plates, the same backup can be stored in multiple locations. It is also possible to store and distribute parts of a seed. This way you prevent theft of the backup at one location from gaining access to the bitcoins; the other half of the seed is also needed.

In practice

Since you can hit the titanium with the solid hammer, it is recommended to use the supplied earplugs. Then a CRYPTOTAG plate can be placed in the anvil. Due to the thick rubber bottom, blows are well absorbed and the anvil does not slide away.

When the plate is fixed, the letter holder can be placed in the grooves. This allows the bars with the letters – called bits – to be held in the right place. By having the text “CRYPTOTAG”, present on the side of the bits, point towards you, you can be sure that the letter will be hammered into the titanium correctly.

The letter is already visible with a small tap. However, to set the letter clearly and deeply in the titanium, it is advisable to give one firm blow. When the first letter has been struck, the next one can be done in the same way, until the whole seed is attached to the plate. Always check to be sure whether the seed has been copied correctly so that it does not turn out afterwards that the bitcoins will no longer be recoverable. Are you sure that the seed has been copied correctly? Then you can set fire to the paper backup! CRYPTOTAG has also thought of this, with the supplied matches.



The CRYPTOTAG offers a complete package to store your seed robustly. From hammer to ear drops, everything has been thought of. The materials are very solid, so there is no need to worry about possible vulnerability during the beating of the seed or the storage of the plates afterwards. In addition, attention has also been paid to the design.

At 169 euros, it is relatively more expensive than a simple A4 sheet, but it is therefore resistant to extreme environmental conditions. For a small amount of bitcoins, this is not the most cost-effective solution. However, if you have a small fortune on a piece of paper, then the CRYPTOTAG is a good solution to prevent the backup from being damaged or ending up in the old paper.


  • All-in-one package
  • Water, rust, fire and impact resistant
  • Quality products and materials
  • More secure than a paper backup


  • Relatively expensive compared to home-garden-and-kitchen backup methods


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