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Last week Bitcoin Amsterdam took place, one of the largest Bitcoin events ever in the Netherlands. For two days, the event area of Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek was filled with thousands of interested people, spread over different rooms and listening to dozens of speakers from all over the world. How was it? Read our report below.

Expectations were high. Bitcoin Amsterdam would be the European successor to Bitcoin 2021 and Bitcoin 2022, the world’s largest Bitcoin event held in Miami for the past two years.

After two successful editions, the organizers of joined forces with the Dutch team of Amsterdam Decentralized to set up a European edition in Amsterdam. Bitcoin Amsterdam had to become the Bitcoin event in Europe


The event started on Wednesday morning and the atmosphere was immediately good. Upon arrival, we were greeted by waving Bitcoin flags and after receiving a wristband and a free Lightning payment card, we curiously entered the grounds.

Bitcoin Amsterdam was held on the grounds of the Westergasfabriek, with a main stage in the iconic gasholder building and various smaller stages spread across the surrounding buildings.

The other buildings also housed a few cafes and a hall with stands for dozens of Bitcoin companies. In the middle, between the buildings, an open space was set up as a cozy food court with various stalls.

We didn’t have much time to look around yet, because at 9:30 the kick-off of the event took place on the mainstage in the gasometer building, with a video and a spectacular light show over the inner walls of the building. That immediately set the tone for the rest of the event. A huge version of the famous Bitcoin astronaut hung above the stage – because memes are of course also part of a Bitcoin festival.

A festival, that is what Bitcoin Amsterdam most resembled. These were several thousand enthusiasts and industry insiders, who gathered for a good time and because of their interest in Bitcoin. The audience consisted mainly of young men, but it was still good to see that female visitors and the older generations are no longer exceptions these days. The atmosphere was energetic and upbeat – bubbly people, with an outlet for their passion.


With a packed agenda of speakers, there was plenty to do and experience. Speakers and panels followed each other in rapid succession throughout the day. Choices had to be made: would you rather hear Adam Back talk about sidechains on the main stage, attend a panel on Bitcoin maximalism on the Sats stage, or attend a Lightning workshop on the Proof of Workshop stage?

The topics were very diverse. There were panels on Bitcoin and inflation, Bitcoin adoption, geopolitics and developing countries. There was also talk about Bitcoin in the banking sector, regulation, financial innovation and the future of the euro.

But topics such as privacy, technological developments and the energy crisis were also discussed. In the Proof of Workshop room, attention was paid to more practical topics: a demo of a new hardware wallet, an explanation of how to set up or connect your own node, and speakers who explained various technical topics. Only about speculation and the price you hardly heard anyone.

Among the highlights was the presentation of Stella Assange, wife of Julian Assange, who spoke about the ongoing struggle she and her husband are involved in. And of course it was interesting to hear what Adam Back, the creator of the first practical implementation of Proof of Work, had to say about sidechains.

Also noteworthy was the presence of Prince Philip of Serbia at a panel on inflation and the announcement of the FREE Madeira project, aimed at supporting further Bitcoin adoption by the Portuguese island.

A panel on the FATF went into more detail about the consequences for privacy and Jelmer ten Wolde of Greentech showed how he reuses the residual heat from mining equipment, including for heating greenhouses. Nigel Farage, a controversial and high-profile speaker choice, turned out to be in favor of Bitcoin, speaking on the main stage about decentralization and Brexit.

The panel on Bitcoin’s media problem turned out to be one of the most spectacular, as it also included some outspoken critics. At the other panels, a dissenting voice was sometimes hard to find. A pity, because sometimes that evoked the feeling of ‘preaching for your own parish’. But that didn’t spoil the fun, because it’s still nice to see and hear leaders from the international community speak in real life.

The Dutch community was also fully present. The cafes featured live recordings from Satoshi Radio and Connect The World, and it was not uncommon to casually see other podcasters in action or familiar faces enjoying chips in the food court.

Food court

There was a pleasant festival atmosphere in the food court. It was busy, but not too busy, and the sun was shining especially on the first day. The stalls sold fries, pastas, Asian dishes, vegetable burgers and there was also a stall with duck burgers.

Of course you could pay with bitcoin everywhere. IBEX had connected all sellers to the Lightning Network and that worked flawlessly and quickly in practice.

Inquiries at some of the stalls told us that merchants felt that about 40% of payments were made through Lightning. According to the CEO of IBEX, a total of nearly 4,000 Lightning payments were made during the event

Exhibition hall

There were dozens of Bitcoin companies with stands in the Exhibition Hall, where visitors could meet, ask questions or just have a chat. Bitonic, the oldest Bitcoin company in the Netherlands and initiator of, was of course also present.

At the Bitonic stand, visitors could get a free NFC payment card with ??5 worth of bitcoin. This could be claimed with a wallet or used during the event to purchase a drink. The card can also be linked to an account on the Bitonic exchange, so that you can make payments with the card from your balance on BL3P.

On the second day, visitors to the stand could compete against international chess grandmaster Max Warmerdam. Max was Dutch chess champion in 2021 and is sponsored by Bitonic.

Whoever managed to beat Max with a game of chess during Bitcoin Amsterdam could win a prize of ???????500 in bitcoin. Later that was increased to 0.1 BTC and eventually even to 1 BTC.

It turned out to be a crowd puller, with occasional traffic jams in the aisle in front of the stand, but it turned out to be in vain: Max was still undefeated at the end of the day.

On one side of the hall hung all kinds of Bitcoin art, which was offered for sale. Nice to walk by or if you are looking for something unique.

Sound Money Fest

After two days, the main event ended and the Sound Money Fest music festival followed on the third day. The gasometer was transformed into a dance hall for it and various DJs performed with well-known Bitcoin-related music.

However, the music festival turned out to be a lot less popular and attracted considerably fewer visitors than the previous two days. In retrospect, the DJs might have turned out a little better if they could simply play in one of the cafes during the earlier days.

Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022

Looking back, it was a great stay at Bitcoin Amsterdam. The atmosphere was good, the location was beautiful, the decoration and organization were tightly arranged and the speakers were of a high quality. By European standards it can safely be said that it was a successful event. A Bitcoin event of this size in the Netherlands – we can be proud of that.

For the organisers, who only had 100 days in total to prepare, it was no small feat. That promises something for next year – then we will of course be there again!

Did you miss Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022? You can still watch much of the event via the live streams below.

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