Remitano Exchange Bonus Program for Pakistani Users

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Are you a cryptocurrency enthusiast? Looking for an easy way to buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies? n this fantastic opportunity is for you to earn FREE coins while buying cryptocurrencies in Remitano! Remitano, the world’s leading P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform, is launching a bonus program for new users in Pakistan.

From July 19, 2021 until August 18, Remitano will introduce a special welcome bonus package only for new users in Pakistan. Read on to find out how you can benefit from this fantastic bonus program.

Why you should use Remitano for your crypto transactions

Remitano is a P2P platform designed for fast and uncomplicated transactions. Below are some of the reasons why we are the best in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Availability Remitano P2P Exchange is available 24/7 in Pakistan, ensuring that users have access to all crypto products including P2P trading, crypto exchange and Remitano Invest at any time and easily.

Low transaction costs and fast processing times Remitano charges a very low commission for trading on our platform. Remitano transaction fee allows both the buyer and the seller to make the most of their operations.

Simple user interface Remitano platform is designed to make trading easier for users. website and mobile app interface are easy to use and intuitive, making trading easy for both novice and professional traders.

Security Remitano has several features to ensure secure transactions and to help prevent scams. Some of the features include;

KYC Before you can transact on the Remitano exchange, you need to create an account and verify it. Each merchant must complete the “know your customer” verification.

Commitment function Remitano has an escrow function that temporarily holds the cryptocurrency while it is being traded between two parties. This is to ensure that both parties fulfill their end of the trade.

Customer service Remitano customer service is available every day of the week. y are considered one of the best supports in the cryptocurrency industry because they provide quick answers to user problems and questions.

bonus program with RENEC

As stated above, from July 19 to August 18, users who create an account with Remitano verify the account and buy bitcoins or trade any cryptocurrency worth USD 200 or more within this period will receive a one-time bonus of 5 RENEC. However, this exciting bonus is for Pakistani users only.

All about RENEC

RENEC is short for Remitano Network Coin. It is the token of the Remitano network, a blockchain designed to facilitate fast transactions at a low rate, a fast and decentralized exchange with an efficient escrow. coin was announced on the last day of June 2021.

As Remitano highly values ​​its investors and traders while reducing risk, Remitano will not hold any ICOs for RENEC. Instead, RENEC will be distributed free of charge to new and old Remitano users through mining regardless of their location.

How to own RENEC

For now, Remitano only allows mining through the Remitano mobile app. So, to own RENEC, the first step is to download the application in the App Store or Google Play.

RENEC mining is not automated, so once you have the application, you have to log into your account every day to mine RENEC. When you log in, click Extract RENEC on the home page which takes you to the page where you extract RENEC.

New users can get 5 free RENECs without compromising their daily mining rewards. All you have to do is create a free account and buy bitcoins or trade any crypto asset worth 200 USD.

4 easy steps to extract RENEC

  1. Download the Remitano APP
  2. Register and log into the app
  3. Once you are logged in, find the menu button with three dashes and click on it (see image below).

Please note that you can only mine the RENEC token once a day after registering and verifying your phone number. Also, a user is only entitled to one account to mine the token. value of the RENEC token that you will get from your daily mining depends on your verification level. Complete all verification levels to increase your mining power.

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In the menu list that appears, click on “RENEC Mining”. This should take you to the mining page.

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  1. Click on the “Mine RENEC” button to start mining.

Why you should own RENEC

As explained above, RENEC is a token that runs on your blockchain. It is a token that is used to confirm transactions on the Remitano network just like the ether that is used to confirm transactions on the Ethereum network. Remitano will continue to build products in the RENEC network that will give RENEC a lot of utility and use. Also, the fact that Remitano is very popular, over time, is likely to increase the value of RENEC, so you should try to get the token now that it is free.

About Remitano

Remitano is a product of Babylons Solutions Limited based in Seychelles. Remitano’s goal is to deliver a robust and quality trading experience to all users as a rapidly changing market. With the necessary security standards in place, buyers and sellers can join, store, exchange and withdraw assets, thus avoiding problems common to other cryptocurrency exchanges. Launched in 2016, Remitano is a global cryptocurrency exchange serving international markets, such as Malaysia, China, Nigeria, Vietnam, Australia, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

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