Reggae-Doge has just been released! We are jamming our way to the …

Reggae-Doge Just released! We are jamming our way to the moon! Reggae Doge is the chillest new Defi token and will soon be the # 1 community token on the Crypto Market! Arrive early and be blessed with the riches of Jah! Our goal is to bring the riches of Zion to all of Jah’s blessed Reggae-Doge Hodlers. Website: [] ( Get it on Pancakeswap! a: : Contract: 0x586357bEFd063602193D144e513764cc174D7b97 ✅ Locked liquidity tokenomics are as follows: Rastafarian Interest Rewards: all Jahán Rewards holders increase their Jah balance rewards DoI. earn interest on their sifates, allowing our holders to generate passive income as our community and our adoption grows. Decentralized for the People of Jah – Our revolutionary smart contract was designed to be scalable, self-sufficient, community-governed, and to function smoothly and friction-free in a fully self-contained DeFi ecosystem. Tested to ensure scalability and absolute security against overflows. Bless-Up Autoliquidity Generation: Each transaction contributes to the generation of liquidity to secure the liquidity pools that will increase when we are included in CEX, ensuring price stability, sustainability and growth of Reggae Doge. Several trading pairs and institutional liquidity providers will be incorporated. Nyabinghi NFT Marketplace – We are working to launch our own NFT Marketplace in collaboration with top reggae and dancehall artists, major influencers, comedians, and Cannabis Kingz to launch exclusive products from NFT and partners. Reggae Doge with the blessings of Jah aims to lead the way to unite the world and foster unity and bring the riches of Zion to all blessed HODLERS of Jah!

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