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Today we are going to publish a guide that we have been asked a lot and it is the R-Planet guide, another NFT game that is among the best nft games to earn money. In this guide we are going to explain the basics to start making money playing with R-Planet.

What is R-Planet?

R-Planet is probably the best Play2Earn game available! R-Planet is essentially a game that is yet to come out, but people are already making thousands of dollars. Aether is the coin that can be mined on R-Planet, you can mine Aether by betting certain NFTs on their website. game cycle currently consists of: betting and winning Aether, and then using that Aether to create items that will reward the first 600 players who created it as an NFT version of the item. se NFTs can be wagered to win more Aether. After the first 600 NFTs are minted, people who create these new items will get FT instead, which are not gambleable.

re are also other aspects of the game, such as lands and mining tools. Lands produces different types of items that will have future uses for them (such as energy robots, building structures, and many more). Tools are used to produce Aether, and different tools have different amounts of Aether that they can produce per hour.

Terms to be familiar with

Aether – R-Planet’s currency, a token that can be bought or sold through an exchange like Alcor.

Rig: an NFT that can extract ethers

FT – fungible tokens. In R-Planet terms, these unsurts cannot be staked, however they can still be used to create other unsurts in the generator.

How to play R-Planet?

You can start playing right away by going to rplanet.io. In this section, I’ll break down all of R-Planet’s gameplay mechanics, from item creation, land ownership, and NFT stakeout.

1. Creation of unsurts / materials

Each item has a set of combinations on how you can create them. combination of different unsurts and materials in the generator can result in a new material or nothing, which will destroy all the unsurts that you used in the generator.

Using the generator will cost you some WAX, and on top of that, getting these materials / items will probably cost you a few hundred dollars. At the time of writing this article, the cheapest item you can make is a pistol that will cost you 4,480,000 Aether, that is, 4659 WAX or $ 840. Making these new items will give you a chance to get 5 different NFT rarities they offer different types of bet values. For example, if you were to make a weapon, you might have a chance of getting from 560 Ae / hour to 56,000 Ae / hour.

2. Owning land

Lands will generate items for you passively, most of these items have yet to be announced in the future. However, you can exchange these items for Aether through the Alcor Exchange. Land prices are currently around 8,499 WAX or $ 1,308 on the secondary market.

3. Bet NFT

NFT stakeout can be found at rplanet.io/staking. You can bet other NFT projects other than the official R-Planet NFTs, projects like Alien Worlds, Dark Country, KOLOBOK, Uplift and many other popular WAX projects are staked on R-Planet and will give you Aethers. Although the amount of Aethers you can get for betting NFTs other than R-Planets may fluctuate and may weaken in the future.

As time goes on, there are more NFT projects that are whitelisted to be bettable. PumpDumpWars is the most recent project to be whitelisted and there will be more projects in the future. Although the R-Planet development team is very secretive about which project will be included in their playlist, you can stay tuned by joining the official R-Planet Discord channel, where they will announce all the latest news about the project. .

Gambling is the way most players generate their income, the current highest source of income extracts around 2,068,478.7500 Aether per hour, which means you are making $ 269 per hour completely passively. It is true that most people do not have the same amount of money as these whales, however, the package sales that R-Planet has play a very important role in multiplying your portfolio by approximately 30 times.

You can bet NFT by going to the bet tab, choose the project you want to bet on and click the “Bet” button.

Purchase of NFT and FT

re are many markets where you can buy NFT and FT from R-Planet, but the ones I use the most are Atomic Hub and Simple Market. Atomic Hub only lists NFT, but it has a larger and easier-to-use user base, while Simple Market has both NFT and FT listed, but I find the user interface more difficult to navigate and not as clean as the one. from Atomic Hub. Another great advantage of Simple Market is that they also have listings for NFT items that have not been unzipped, which means you have a chance to get a high rarity NFT from these packages. Make sure what you are getting is worth its price, generally a good way to measure this is to see how much ether / hour you generate and multiply that by 2.5, and that’s what it should generally cost. For instance:

It is important to distinguish which are NFT and which are FT. NFT unsurts have edges that make them look like a card, while FT unsurts do not. Here are examples of both:

It is also important to make sure that you are buying the actual NFTs distributed by R-Planet. re have been many cases where people bought the wrong NFTs that were supposed to look like the originals. original NFTs will have a verified checklist next to the author or collection name:

this is how it would look in the Atomic Hub , and this is how it would look in the Simple Market .

Lands / Rig Pack Sales

Probably the most important thing to watch out for. If you read my latest post » R-Planet Rigs For Everyone! No More Blacklist «, you would know that there was a platform sale. se sales will be announced on all R-Planets social media accounts, where they will sell a limited number of these packages containing land or platform based on the sale. se packs would only cost you around $ 30 for the mini pack and $ 120 for the mega pack. Both packs sell for 30 times the secondary market retail price, the mini packs currently cost $ 900 each and the mega packs $ 3400 each. se prices have skyrocketed for good reasons, the mini packs guarantee rigs that will mine at least 1000 Ae / hour in total and the mega packets will give at least 4000 Ae / hour.

Attending these package sales is very important and takes place in seconds. re has been a rumor that the land sale will occur in the month of June and I will be covering it here on my blog as soon as there is news about it.

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Links to success

re are many external tools that are very crucial and useful in your R-Planet journey, from being able to calculate your earnings, itemized spreadsheets, item builder, and more. Here I will list what I have found useful and how to use it.

R-Planet Discord Channel

Obviously, the R-Planet Discord channel is a place to be. From giveaways, future content, changes, reviews, announcements, everything will be discussed on R-Planet’s official Discord channel. People also discuss undiscovered items on the server, where they share potential joins or failed joins to inform the community before trying to create their own items and potentially wasting hundreds of dollars.

You can join his channel of discord by clicking here .

Element Builder and more – rplanet.tools

following tool will help you create items with the click of a button and let you know how much ether you need to create them. It also lets you know how much NFT has been made and how many are left to create. On the same website, it also provides other important information such as the leaderboard, calculator, and many more.

Giveaways and raffles are also held on the same site, where you can log in with your wax account and join these giveaways for free.

To use the R-Planet tools, click here .

R-Planet Calculator

re are different calculators available to use. two most useful in my opinion are rp.naw.io and rcalculator.net. first allows you to see how much Aether can earn with the current participation you have, breaks it down by hour, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This site has a very detailed breakdown and lets you know how many Aethers you can currently claim.

To use rp.naw.io, click here .

rcalculator.net allows you to put in certain numbers and see how much ether it will generate for you. This tool is great when you are trying to invest in an NFT and would like to see when your ROI will hit.

To use rcalculator.net, click here .

Stakeout of values ​​and other utilities

This spreadsheet breaks down all the information you need to bet. List all existing recipes, stake values, and other resources. Personally, I use it to see if an NFT item is worth buying / creating or not as different items have different share values. As for example, common NFT junk only generates 5 ethers per hour, while common NFT money generates 5461 ethers per hour.

To use the spreadsheet, click here .

NFT Fall Schedule

This site is very important if you want to get cheap NFTs. This calendar will list all upcoming NFT project sales that are up for grabs on R-Planet. Buying these NFTs at retail is good for two reasons, if you want to make a quick profit – sell them right away on the second market and also buy high ether NFTs / stake hour for a wax pair.

This Crypto5tache NFT sold for around 30+ WAX ($ 5.00) at retail price, and is now worth 241 WAX ($ 35.55) on Atomic Hub. This NFT can currently be wagered for about 100 ether / hour. Keep in mind that these sales happen very fast and disappear in seconds, be sure to make a reminder not to get lost.

To use this drop-down calendar, click here.

ROADMAP and future plans of R-Planet

R-Planet roadmap is divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Evacuation

  • Ether Mining NFT DEFI
  • New participating projects
  • Launch of the evacuation game
  • Sale of mining tools
  • Top secret
  • FT Swap

We have currently passed Phase 1 and everything mentioned above has been met.

Phase 2: Colonization

  • R-Planet land sale
  • Building Construction
  • Mars Primary Element Mining
  • Colonization game launch

R-Planet land sale has taken place and there will be more sales to come, however nothing more than that has been announced yet.

Phase 3: conquer

  • Sale of characters
  • Robot Creating
  • Conquest game launch

This phase is more than likely to end by the end of the year or by 2022.

roadmap only listed the things that are currently being planned, however, nothing is certain and things can change at any time.

How to earn money R-Planet?

It is a question that you must ask yourself in every project. Like any other project on the WAX ​​blockchain, your main source of income known to the public has to be market fees. When you sell NFT, a percentage of your sales will be reduced to the rates, in the case of R-Planet, the market rate is 8%. Here’s the aftermarket volume for R-Planet on Atomic Hub:

As you can see on May 22, R-Planet’s market volume went up to 12,256,366 WAX, 8% of that would mean 980,509.28 WAX or around $ 151,265 in a single day, and that’s just from Atomic Hub.

I hope you liked the guide, we will publish a more complete one soon.

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