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Quant Network (QNT) is blasting through all barriers at the time of writing (September 2021). There are several coins on the rise, of which Bitcoin (BTC) is the best known. The nice thing about Quant is that it has a futuristic objective, which we will tell you all about in this article. Are you reading along?

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  • What is Quant Network (QNT)?
  • Why is interoperability essential?
  • What exactly is Overledger?
  • How does Overledger work?
    • transaction layer
    • Message layer
    • Filtering and Ordering Layer
    • Application layer
  • Who are the competitors?
  • Is Quant Network a good investment?
  • How do I buy Quant?
  • Roadmap Quant Network
  • The team behind Quant
    • Quant Network on social media
  • Conclusion

What is Quant Network (QNT)?

Blockchain is the foundation of our future, but what exactly is it? In short, blockchain is a system for storing a chain of data, where the blocks are not adjustable. A full explanation of this term can be found in this article . However, a major disadvantage of this technology is that it does not yet work (properly) with other blockchains, which means that you as a user come up against limits.

Quant Network (QNT) is determined to remove these limitations. The goal of the organization is therefore very clear, because it reads as follows: “Connecting global networks with blockchains, with just three lines of code.” By this they mean that with the arrival of ‘Overledger’ interoperability is realized, so that different blockchains are connected to each other.

So the Quant Overledger technology is effectively a blockchain operating system. This innovative system sits above the protocols and transaction layers. If you want to know what the Blockchain Layers are, and what they are for, my colleague Matt will inform you about this .


Why is interoperability essential?

I already described above that there is currently no interoperability between different blockchains, which limits the exchange of information. The fact that each blockchain has its own algorithm and structure makes it extremely difficult to create a link. If you want to connect blockchain with a non-blockchain database, then the end is completely lost.

The solution is currently being found in the development of dApps, which allows you to make the link manually. This bypasses the extremely complex technical work and the difference in user rights, until an overarching blockchain operating system has been developed. The arrival of Overledger will solve these challenges with just three lines of code.

What exactly is Overledger?

As can be seen in the image below, Overledger runs above the blockchains and not on them. Overledger itself is not a blockchain; that’s good to realize. It will not surprise you that the initiative has several influential partners. Companies, such as Amazon, Oracle & Sia , cooperate and provide, among other things, the clouds on which Overledger runs.

In addition, there are many, many other parties involved in this project. Think of MOBI, payment giant PayUK, the University of Hamburg, Tech Nation, etc. The ambitions of CEO Gilbert Verdian, about which you will find more information below, are clearly boundless.

Source: Bitcointalk.org

Who are the competitors?

Overledger from Quant is a unique product, so there are few competitors. At the moment, blockchains can work together, provided they are built on the same blocks. This means that, for example, Ethereum (ETH), Polkadot or Solana work fine with each other, but you cannot connect a different type of block.

There are of course ecosystems that are out to improve the blockchain. Scalability and interoperability are not only interesting for Quant, but for many initiators. Because you have to make a choice on which blockchain you are going to build on, you need bridges to other chains at a certain point in the process. With the arrival of Quant’s Overledger you can connect to any blockchain and this problem is solved.

Is Quant Network a good investment?

We are not financial advisors and cannot advise you on whether it is wise to invest in QNT. Always do your own research and be aware of what you are doing, and that you are always taking a risk. At the time of writing (September 2021), Quant is booming. The charts are shooting through the roof, but what about the tokenomics of this token.

Quant (QNT) is an ERC20 token. During the ICO in 2018, after the team received a portion of the tokens and a portion was destroyed, a supply of 14.6 million tokens was made available. There are about 12 million tokens in circulation, with the remainder still owned by Quant himself. The token is expected to become highly sought after in the near future, driving the price up.

QNT is a utility token, which means you use it to access products and/or services. They are therefore less popular to invest in, because `they serve a purpose, have a purpose. The supply is expected to increase in the coming years, so that you can also pay more and more tasks with QNT. At the moment QNT is used to access Overledger, of course to encrypt transactions and to access applications.



How do I buy Quant?

Buying Quant on Hotbit is a piece of cake. With this explanation you will be the proud owner of QNT in just a few steps.

  1. Sign up for free at Hotbit here
  2. Click on ‘Deposits’ at BTC (=Bitcoin). They will ask to better protect your account.
  3. Download Google Authenticator on your phone.
  4. After installation, scan the QR code with the app, re-enter your password and note the code that the Google Authenticator displays. Finally, click on ‘Confirm’.
  5. After activating your 2FA protection, press ‘Deposits’ again at Bitcoin. Then copy the ‘BTC Deposit Address’
  6. Create a free account on Bitvavo via this link
  7. Deposit money into your Bitvavo account via iDEAL
    Click here for more information about Bitvavo if you need it
  8. Buy Bitcoin and then send it to the deposit address you copied.
  9. Wait until the Bitcoins are on Hotbit
  10. Go to Exchange on Hotbit, find QNT and click it
  11. Purchase the desired amount of Quant

Roadmap Quant Network

There is currently no known roadmap for Quant, partly because they have already started the rollout. They have an ambitious goal (Connecting global networks with blockchains, with only three lines of code), but they are not discouraged.

In the summer of 2021, Quant received a donation from an Alpha Sigma Capital, so it is clear that large investors believe in Quant’s future. We have already described global partners above, who do not want to miss the boat and believe in the objective of the initiative. In the video below, the CEO talks about blockchain interoperability and the possibilities of Overledger. He talks about the fact that Overledger is a pioneer in the field of blockchain operating systems and that they manage not only to connect blockchains, but also to connect existing networks to the blockchain. This makes it possible to develop and launch mApps (multi-channel applications).


SIA is the European market leader in the design, creation and management of technological infrastructures for large financial institutions, and collaborates with Quant Network. Together they want to look at the possibilities of developing innovative solutions aimed at blockchain interoperability for more than 570 banks and financial institutions.

The fact that Ripple has been trying to get these deals for years, and Overledger succeeded, says it all. Overledger by Quant Network (QNT) is recognized as a secure, scalable, reliable solution to today’s challenges.

In the first months of 2021, Quant Network has already realized quite a few plans. Thanks to the launched Overledger OS, you can now access Ripple, Ethereum (ETC) and Bitcoin (BTC). It may sound like an essential step in any growth process, but nothing could be further from the truth. The striking thing about Overledger is that you use no fewer than three different blockchains via one dashboard.

As you can see, there may be no official roadmap, but the plans of the CEO and his team are indisputable. This project is going to go far and make the current restrictions on the blockchain disappear like snow in the sun.

The team behind Quant

The founder of this beautiful brand is Gilbert Verdian. Verdian is an expert in business innovation & technology, who has worked for several leading companies worldwide. He mainly works on advanced technology and is fascinated by AI, blockchain and cybersecurity. It is therefore no coincidence that he is at the helm of Quant Network’s innovative technology.

The other team members also have an impressive track record, which you can read more about in this Medium article. Think of Full Stack Developer Rui Wang, who has years of experience in software development, and Full Stack Developer Alexandru Chiriac, who comes directly from University College in London.

It is good to mention that the team takes a careful and structured approach to developing the software. They may have attracted impressive partners, including SIA, but for ages hardly anything new was mentioned. As an entrepreneur, I would name each organization one by one and ensure that that wave is used, because that is where you get your exposure. At Quant Network there is no fleeting media attention, hypes or the look-at-me part of the crypto world.

Quant Network on social media

Want to follow Quant Network CEO Gilbert Verdian online? You can easily do that on Twitter. He’s not very active, which might make Quant’s channel more attractive to watch. Quant Network has over 45,000 followers on Twitter at the time of writing, but they are growing every day by sharing their motto of ‘unleashed the power of networks as connected as the world we live in’ with the world.

For the absolute fans you can follow on Github Quant Network and on LinkedIn, the latter of which is certainly interesting with the expected updates. In addition to the social media channels, you can also download a white paper from the site and join the conversation on Bitcointalk.org.


crypto, blockchain; many of us can now imagine a life without it. But this is definitely going to change. We share online, pay via the internet and really look up everything. With the development of the metaverse, connection to the infinite will only play a greater role in our lives. The interest in cryptocurrencies is growing and more and more people are becoming acquainted with blockchain.

The blockchain also has its limitations, as discussed in this article. Thanks to Quant’s innovative working method, and with the arrival of Overledger, the possibilities are endless. And of course we always encourage that! I suspect that we will only hear more about this horizon-expanding initiative in the coming period, which will continue to expand the possibilities for both consumers and companies.

Are you looking for more information about Quant Network (QNT) or would you like to spar with others? In the Facebook group of AllesOverCrypto you will find all the answers and you can share your passion with more than 88,000 other enthusiasts. Do you have other crypto related questions? The easiest way is to look up your question in our FAQ. What you can also do is that you google your question + AllesOverCrypto. Please let us know what you think about Quant Network (QNT).

Header image: Photo by ThisIsEngineering via Pexels



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