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When investors want to follow the course of their investment, Tradingview is often used as a tool. Here you can find the charts of, for example, forex, shares and of course cryptocurrencies. However, you cannot track all coins through this platform. One of the solutions for this is PooCoin, a website where the prices of different coins can be followed.

Since memecoins have attracted more and more interest from investors in recent years, PooCoin is a useful platform for many investors. These coins used to be irreverently called shitcoins , but today they are a lot more useful. The name PooCoin is therefore carefully chosen and apt in this case. Do you ever invest in memecoins with a low market cap? Then PooCoin is for you! In this blog I discover everything about the PooCoin app and its token.

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Do you prefer to watch a video? In the video below you can find a PooCoin tutorial!


What is PooCoin?

PooCoin is the most visited DeFi analytics platform, ranking in the top 700 websites worldwide in its heyday. This put PooCoin even ahead of PancakeSwap (CAKE), the most popular DEX on the Binance Smart Chain. A great achievement that clearly shows the popularity of these ‘small coins’.

The PooCoin website has an index for all token contracts on the networks supported by PooCoin. This includes the current buy and sell data, but also data such as the market cap and information about the important wallets for this project.

The platform focuses on the BNB Chain, which you probably know as the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), but also on Polygon (MATIC) and KuCoin’s chain, called KuChain. The tokens on these networks are displayed as a trading pair with, for example, the Binance Coin (BNB) or Ethereum (ETH).

PooCoin for your memecoins!

So you can use PooCoin for a huge variety of memecoins. Not all thousands of memecoins can be tracked through this app, because PooCoin only offers a few networks. Nevertheless, the platform is extremely useful for making price movements clearly visible. Most people use Tradingview for this, but this platform is not a solution for lesser-known coins.

But how do you ensure that there are graphs of your favorite memecoin? When you get to the PooCoin website, you can directly enter a token address or token name. You can often find the correct token address or token name on websites such as Coingecko or Coinmarketcap. By copying the information via these platforms, you can be sure that you do not use the wrong information and end up on the wrong platforms.


What does the PooCoin app have to offer?

The PooCoin app is a very handy website, where you as an investor can benefit from various activities. In order to give you a comprehensive description of all possibilities on PooCoin, we have described the various options in detail below.

PooCoin Charts

This tool is of course the most important for investors. The graphs on PooCoin give a good picture of the buying and selling behavior of different tokens. Therefore, the charts are the most important feature of PooCoin. These current figures are always displayed with BNB or ETH as a trading pair, depending on the blockchain you are looking for. This means that if there was an AOC token, you could track it on Binance’s network via the AOC/BNB trading pair.

Not only can you discover current candles in the charts, but also other interesting information. You can find this information per token. Some examples of the information you can find next to the PooCoin charts are:

  • Liquidity: In addition to the price, PooCoin also tracks the LP tokens and the amount of liquidity. When a token has higher liquidity, it is likely that its price will fluctuate less. Volatility will increase enormously, especially with small coins with low liquidity, because the order books are a lot emptier.
  • Transactions: This leads directly to the last committed transactions on the block scanner. This data will correspond to the transactions listed below the chart.
  • Contracts: It is possible to read the contracts directly on BSCScan, where it is important that the source code is verified. You can of course also copy the contract and enter it in the app. In this way it is also possible to get security assessments for that contract. When there are contracts with a closed liquidity or a token burn mechanism, the ratings in this area will be higher.
  • Token Holders: Lists the largest holders of the token here. PooCoin ensures that dangerous tokens are automatically marked. Dangerous tokens can be tokens that can pose a danger in the field of tokenomics, for example. When certain developers or wallets have a huge share of the supply, they could drop the price of the token considerably in the event of a token sale. PooCoin thus protects the users of the platform.

PeeCoin: a parody of PooCoin designed by thestand.news.
The image shows the intrinsic value of most of the coins on PooCoin.

PooCoin Multi-Chain Support

The PooCoin app originally started for tokens on the BSC network. Later, other blockchains were also supported by the platform. Thanks to this multi-chain support, it is possible to switch to another blockchain via PooCoin with the click of a button. By supporting BSC as well as Polygon and KuChain, you can find a huge amount of coins through PooCoin.


Another feature of PooCoin is the Multi Chart. Here you can keep an eye on several charts at the same time. This feature is not about two or three charts, but you can even study 9 charts at once! Extremely useful for active traders or investors who like to follow the prices closely. If you have several tokens at the same time, this function can be very useful for you. Thanks to Multi Chart you don’t have to open different tabs, but you have a direct overview.

You can implement the graphs of the respective coins by entering the token address and then clicking Go or the icon. In the image below you can discover the white search bar, where you can enter any address. Keep in mind that PooCoin can only display the charts of the BNB Chain, KuChain and Polygon. Do you want to focus on fewer charts and remove a few? With each graph you can see a cross at the top right, which you can press if you want to remove the graph.


Wallet Tracking

Via the PooCoin Wallet Tracking function you can easily keep track of the balance in your wallet via this platform. All tokens in your wallet can be carried through the platform, with the value in US dollars displayed on the right side of the app. This data is shown with the current PooCoin data. To keep an overview in your crypto wallet, it is possible to mark your favorite coins as a favorite by ‘starring’ these tokens. This makes it easier to track your favorite tokens and provides a better overview.

If you want to use the wallet function, it is important that you connect your crypto wallet to the PooCoin platform. You can easily do this on the homepage of the application. At the top right you can find a button with ‘Connect’ on it. By clicking on this and clicking on your type of crypto wallet, you can start connecting your wallet.

PooCoin Widget

The PooCoin widget is a token swapping widget, available under every chart on PooCoin. For investors, it is possible to buy or sell tokens directly, without having to consult decentralized exchanges. These actions can be performed via PooCoin, which can save you a lot of time!

By clicking on ‘Trade’, which you can find above the chart, you open the trade widget. Through this widget you can easily swap tokens on the platform. Every user has the opportunity to start using this feature for free.


Below the charts on PooCoin you can discover detailed analysis. An example of this is the overview of the token buying and selling of the token. PooCoin synchronizes the last 100 transactions of a token. The token buy is shown in green and the token sale in red, just like the candles in the chart.

The “Buyers” and “Sellers” tab keeps track of the largest addresses for that token. This concerns addresses that have traded with this token, so the time frame plays a role here. This feature is also known as the whale tracker. This makes it easy for inexperienced crypto traders to discover what the whales are trading and can respond to this themselves.

PooCoin Telegram Bot

The PooCoin Telegram bot is a free and programmable tracking bot for cryptocurrencies, built on the blockchains that PooCoin focuses on. This involves looking at the price of a token, where the PooCoin Telegram bot immediately makes an analysis of the price based on this price action.

For many investors, Telegram is a widely used tool, which is also very useful for PooCoin charts. Crypto enthusiasts can instantly check the price of a token via Telegram using the PooCoin bot. This is possible by entering code words such as the code word “/price”.

There are also different tiers in this area. These tiers are called the PooCoin Premium tiers and are part of PooCoin Premium . In total there are three different tiers, each of which has its own price and functionalities. The three tiers of Premium are:

  • Tier 1

This tier costs $100. When you have purchased this tier, it is possible to follow someone else’s wallet. PooCoin created this feature to copy a whale’s strategy so that more and more people can start making profitable trades. In short, a win for the investor and for the PooCoin platform!

  • Tier 2

At $300, the second tier is a lot more expensive. In addition to the wallet tracker, the second tier has even more useful functions. For example, the whale’s transactions are listed on the chart, just as your own transactions are displayed. This feature further increases ease of use and contributes to better functionality.

  • Tier 3

The third tier is by far the most expensive at $2,000, so you naturally expect that there are also very interesting benefits attached to it. And that’s right! Someone who bought the third tier can see trending tokens . These tokens have had the most views and thus are being watched by most traders. In addition, you can view these trending tokens at very low time frames, such as the last 30 minutes. This allows you to discover new trending tokens early and take advantage of this info!


PooCoin Token

The PooCoin token (POOCOIN) is a token on the BSC network. The token is characterized by the tax on these tokens. When a transaction is made with this token, a tax of 8% is charged. Of this 8%, 4% is ‘burned’. The other half is distributed among the other token owners. This tax is charged on every transaction, even moving your tokens to other wallets.


They used to be called shitcoins, but the PooCoin team has turned this name into an alternative nickname. Nowadays these coins are often called memecoins, but in my opinion both names do not fully cover the load. The name PooCoin is often seen as a hindrance, because this name does not come across as too serious. However, crypto enthusiasts who like to invest in these types of coins know the culture.

The team behind PooCoin has several plans to develop more features on the platform. In addition, there are also plans to use more blockchains when tracking small cap coins. However, a successful future is not entirely in PooCoin’s control. It would be great for the project that there will be another huge interest in memecoins, so that more and more investors will consult the charts via PooCoin.

Are you looking for more information or do you have any questions about PooCoin? Or would you like to meet other crypto enthusiasts? In the AllesOverCrypto Facebook group you can ask questions and talk to more than 100,000 other crypto enthusiasts.

Do you have other crypto related questions? The easiest way is to look up your question in our FAQ. What you can also do is that you google your question + AllesOverCrypto. Please let us know what you think about PooCoin!


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