PONYO-INU (PONYO) Token What is it, how to buy and price?

In this article we will talk about Ponyo Inu (PONYO) Token, a new project of the ETH network and that today on this website we are going to explain, we will also explain how to buy PONYO Token in a simple way.

She is the incredibly powerful daughter of a controlling wizard father and primordial spirit mother, playfully exploring the depths of the ocean until she falls in love with a human child. She follows her heart and leaves the ocean to start a new life, with her fingers and toes in human form. She sacrifices her powers in the name of love, prompting her to follow in the footsteps of the great Princess Mononoke on the Ethereum network!


Ponyo-Inu! first anime-inspired self-hitting investment token. Ponyo wants to help protect all the fish in the sea! Every transaction sends donations directly to the Coral Restoration Foundations crypto wallet !


3% to the Coral Restoration Foundation

Ponyo-Inu wants to make a difference, so 3% of every transaction is immediately donated to this wonderful cause!

5% to marketing

This will be used to spread the word Ponyo-Inu and further protect our seas!

2% to liquidity

This drives the floor price up and attracts deep sea whales!

1% to reflections

This means that investors earn more tokens and passive income!

SUPPLY 1,000,000,000 tokens

Much to share!


Ponyo (崖 の 上 の ポ ニ ョ) is a 2008 feature film animation produced by the prolific and imaginative Studio Ghibli in Japan. Written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and treasured by children and adults alike, Ponyo chronicles the journey of a fearless goldfish destined for transformation after drinking the blood of a human child while attempting to heal it. She falls so deeply in love with the boy, Sōsuke, that she is willing to part ways with her family, her magic, and her enchanted life in the ocean. Sōsuke proves to be a loving and kind companion, and together the two face the dangers of a momentarily unbalanced planet. Aided by Ponyo’s magic and affection for each other and for nature, they restore balance to Earth systems. story resembles a mix of ancient mythologies and is animated with a beautiful attention to detail that shows a reverent respect for the aquatic world. Ponyo Inu Token shares this love for the sea and is giving 3% of all sales to the Coral Restoration Foundation , to ensure that the ocean remains magical and inspiring for everyone.


1 Phase One: Phase One will focus on laying a solid foundation which will then act as the necessary launching pad for Ponyo-Inu’s sustained success. This stage will see the initial steps of the contract and the development of the site, along with the growth of visibility and recognition of the project that is being established. Following the successful launch of the project, previews and progress reports of the game that will be put into development will be displayed. Last but not least, it will focus on the essential building of a strong community of holders to provide Ponyo-Inu with the backbone that all successful projects require.

2 Phase Two: Phase Two will build on pre-existing marketing and community training campaigns that will have been put in place, accompanied by a website review, long-term headline reward incentives, partnership announcements and more development focused on bringing the project’s intended use case. to reality. In this Phase, active Ponyo-Inu owners may have the opportunity to test the game during its development period. More details on this topic will be published in due course.

3 launch of phase three: of the described game use case will coincide with intense revamped marketing campaigns, more community rewards programs, possible CEX listings, and further project progression. team wants to avoid revealing all future details to prevent other projects from having prominent ideas and, as a result, having their cards close to their chests.

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Coming soon

How to buy PONYO-INU (PONYO) Token?


To buy PONYO-INU (PONYO) Token you have to buy it through the ETH network and then go to uniswap and buy it. To buy ETH we have to buy it through BINANCE, the best exchange in the world, once registered and verified, we will go to buy crypto, we put the currency that we are going to use to buy the ETH and the amount and we give it to buy, as and as you will see in the following image.



Once the eth is purchased, we have to transfer the etherum to our wallet, it can be trustwallet or metamask, which we use.

You can see a tutorial on how to pass eth from Binance to metamask through the ETH network to do it.

And a tutorial on how to create a metamask portfolio and add it to the browser.


First we go to our metamask portfolio and below the amount of ETH we have is the option to buy, we give it and we will jump to the following:

We give Wyre and once inside, we select our currency and the amount, we can also pay with Apple or with a debit or credit card.

and voila, we have our eth in our metamask portfolio.


Once with our ETH we enter uniswap through the following url; Uniswap and we have to import the token, in order to operate, as we see in the following image.

Next we have to connect our wallet and select the amount of ETH that we want to exchange for PONYO-INU (PONYO) Token and give it to exchange.

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And voila, you already have it purchased.

I hope you liked the article and that it is helpful, any questions can leave a comment and it will be answered on the same day.

PONYO-INU (PONYO) Live Token Price:

In the following link they have the price in direct: Price in direct



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