Polychain Monsters Announces New Polychain Islands Game

Polychain Monsters, an NFT-based game focused on collecting digital monsters, has just announced its new game Polychain Islands. This new game will allow players to use their monsters to collect even more monsters, collect resources, and develop lands.

Polychain Islands is currently in early development, but it is a notable milestone on the roadmap. goal of the new game is to provide additional utility to the NFTs that players collect in the main game.

developers want to create a place where the community can play, work, socialize and start meaningful projects together. This new game uses the business caral to win, as they believe it will help players to invest emotionally and financially in the game.

Polychain Islands asks players to band together and protect the islands from an invading threat. Players must collect new monsters, train them, and avoid the nameless threat. In addition to fighting Polymon, players will be able to farm resources, create businesses, and construct buildings.

How will the economy work?

developers said that participating in the economy of the islands is essential to create stronger Polymon for future battles. Buying land will allow players to produce goods and resources. y can use them to augment Polymon with items and potions.

Owners will be able to build factories that produce reductions. However, those who do not own land can still build factories on the land of other players. This will give the owner a share of the profits.

re will be an upcoming land sale that will allow the first owners to emerge. However, they will organize monthly sales so that subsequent players can also buy a house.

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Players can use resources to level up Polymon, construct new buildings, and combine them into new assets. y can earn resources by choosing and betting. All Polychain Island resources will be backed by an EIP-20 token, which will allow them to integrate into the DeFi ecosystem.

Players can fight each other in addition to competing in tournaments. As players fight, they will earn an in-game feature called Essence. Developers view “Essence” as the most sought after product on the islands. You will need the asset to access Polymon Park, where players can find new Polymons. Additionally, players need Essence to create very rare valuables.

You can read more about this next game in Average Developer Post.

What is Polychain Monsters?

Polychain Monsters is an NFT-based game based on cross-chain compatibility. Each NFT represents a Polymon or other item with different levels of scarcity. NFTs are very detailed and many of them are animated. Each Polymon also has ultra rare variants. Polymon is the core of the upcoming Polychain Islands game, which will give players terrain to develop, a field for battles, and a new area to capture exclusive Polymon.


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