Poly Math Coin (PMF) Token. What is it and how to buy?

Poly Math Coin (PMF) Token is a new shitcoin, which works by the Matic network, therefore it has very few Fees when buying it, this network is becoming quite well known and more and more tokens are coming out, as is the case with Polydoge , SpaceRat, Gembites.

In this article we are going to explain everything there is to know about Polymath Coin (PMF) Token, what it is, how to buy and much more.

What is Poly Math Coin (PMF) Token?

$ PMF works on a self-contained protocol for generating liquidity and cultivating frictionless returns. Just keep the required amount of $ PMF tokens in your wallet and you will earn hourly rewards in $ MATIC. Building wealth has never been so simple!

PMF is based on autonomous liquidity generation and yield cultivation algorithm. Passively holding PMF tokens allows you to earn more over time. Additionally, holders earn weekly rewards in $ MATIC.

PMF is designed to make passive income easy, scalable, and accessible to everyone, making it a truly decentralized cryptocurrency.

Characteristics of the PMF Token:

Earn $ MATIC by grouping $ PMF: 6% of all transactions are redistributed in $ MATIC to all holders who meet the requirement of holding PMF tokens, this process is done automatically and their mileage can be observed through the Dashboard. Accumulate $ MATIC by pooling the $ PMF token!

Automatic Liquidity Pool: 2% of each transaction contributes to the liquidity pool, automatically generating more liquidity in QuickSwap. Bring sustainability for $ PMF holders in the long term.

Token burning: 2% of each transaction is used to buy back PMF tokens and burn them forever, reducing the total supply and making the token hyper-deflationary.

Built for the community: $ PMF is a community-driven token built on the Polygon Matic network. It will be available for pre-sale for first-time users.

Highly Secured: All initial liquidity provided will be locked in. contract is Trustless for the $ PMF community. We will publish the audit reports shortly as they are in progress.

In this to win it! 2% of all transactions go to the maintenance wallet to keep the team alive and well. This helps keep the project relevant long after its launch.

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PMF distribution:

Total supply: $ 1 million PMF

? 98% liquidity

? 2% marketing

Contract: 0x0aff058e91dc7c74c5e5f8aeb6f209b53e3b4681

How to buy Poly Math Coin (PMF) Token?

1- first step to buy Poly Math Coin (PMF) Token will be to have Matic in our Metamask portfolio and here is a tutorial on how to buy Matic and pass it to metamask with hardly any commissions.

2- Good with our Matics in our Metamask portfolio, what we have to do is go to the following SWAP: https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0aFF058e91DC7c74C5E5f8Aeb6f209b53E3b4681

3- Once inside the Swap , we import the token, as I show you in the following image:

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4- Now we will get the exchange, we put the amount of MATIC that we want to spend and we will get the amount of Polydoge that we are going to buy, we buy and that’s it, we already have our Poly Math Coin (PMF) Token in our Metamask portfolio.

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I hope you liked the tutorial and article on how to buy Poly Math Coin (PMF) Token, if so, I hope you share it with your friends and on social networks, any questions you can leave us a comment.


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