Polker’s Play-to-Earn Game (PKR) Listed on BitMart Exchange – Akon Approved

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Last updated on September 3, 2021 at 5:33 pm

game based on NFT Polker game’s native $ PKR token has been officially listed on the popular centralized exchange BitMart. Polker’s game was recently in the spotlight when Akon, the American R&B superstar and record producer, gave his official endorsement of the polker by stating that the “game is revolutionary” and that Polker is “hands down … the best game to win. , NFT game in space. «.» Watch Akon’s video here «. With the BitMart roster and celebrity endorsements from Akon, Polker is perfectly positioned to become a major player in the Play-to-Earn league.

What is Play to Win?

While not a new concept, gambling for money has become a trending term due to the popularity of the infinite game NFT AXIE. Previous play-to-win games have also been successful in the past, however, thanks to the large amount of development in the blockchain space in recent years, the gaming experience has now vastly improved.

Play-to-Earn games are essentially free and open to anyone. Just by using the platform, players can earn native platform or NFT tokens, which have real value. Allowing players to earn tokens and NFTs that can be sold or traded has created a paradigm shift in online gaming – Polker is leading the way with the Play-to-Earn poker platform.

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Why Polker.Game?

With the Play-to-Earn blockchain game growing at an unprecedented rate, Polker Game is poised to change the world of online poker with its unique approach to gaming. Since the chips used in Polker are worthless, the game removes the gambling aspect of poker and keeps the prizes of real value. Polker’s play-to-ear poker platform is all about competition and skill rather than gambling. Although still in its infancy, Polker’s NFTs have already sold for $ 10,000 (3.8 ETH) on OpenSea.

Polker Growth Potential (PKR)

With Akon supporting Polker’s earliest poker platform and live platform, Polker and $ PKR have tremendous growth potential. fact that $ PKR is now listed on BitMart’s centralized exchange greatly increases this potential.

business caral followed by Polker is similar to that of AXIE INFINITY (AXS), which has a fully diluted market capitalization of $ 19.4 billion at the time of writing. Polker (PKR) currently has a fully diluted market capitalization of $ 40.2 million. If PKR reached the same market capitalization as AXS, the present value would increase more than 482 times. Simply put, a $ 1000 investment in PKR today would be worth more than $ 482,000 if Polker grew to the same market capitalization as AXIE INFINITY.

Even hitting half the market cap of AXS in the short term, which is a much more reasonable expectation, would allow for a 24,000% increase in value – too good an ROI for any investor to lose, especially with Akon backing the platform. .

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Polker’s List on BitMart

Polker (PKR) is a cross-chain token with a functional bridge between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Tron, with a Polygon bridge under development. So far, $ PKR has only traded on decentralized exchanges UniSwap, AND PancakeSwap. Now listed on popular and centralized exchanges BitMart, Polker (PKR) can be traded from a much broader demographic with the newly listed USDT-PKR pair.

With BitMart listed for $ PKR and Akon screaming at the play-to-win poker platform that Polker offers, the potential of this platform is unrivaled.

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