‘Pay me in Bitcoin’ – Why more and more athletes want to get paid in Bitcoin

??????Pay me in Bitcoin???????, NFL player Russell Okung tweeted on May 14, 2019. Eighteen months later, with the help of bitcoin exchange Strike, the American football player succeeded. Converting his salary, which has since doubled in value, started a trend among athletes.

Athletes and bitcoin

Okung does not receive his salary directly from the club’s cash in bitcoin. The athlete has his salary converted into bitcoin via a service from Strike, a payment processor and bitcoin exchange that uses the lightning network for transactions. Strike is also the company that helped develop Chivo, the government of EL Salvador’s bitcoin wallet. Okung is one of the first to use Strike’s new service, but the ‘salary converter’ should soon be available to everyone in the US.

The athlete’s salary has meanwhile doubled in value due to the rising bitcoin price. This makes Okung one of the 25 highest paid American Football players in the US. Meanwhile, there are quite a few athletes who follow him:

  • Aaron Roders, American football player for the Packers club
  • Odell Beckham Jr. American Football player for the LA Rams club
  • Trevor Lawrance, American Football player for Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Saquon Barkleym, American Football player for New York Giants
  • Sean Culin, American Football player for Kansas City Chiefs
  • Cade Cunningham, NBA basketball player
  • Klay Thompson, Basketball player in the NBA
  • Andre Iguoadala, Basketball player in the NBA

Furthermore, former professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, MMA fighters Ben Askren and Jorge Masvidal, Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, football player Ryan Babel and basketball legend Stephen Curry have also spoken positively about the digital coin. The last athlete who has announced that he will receive part of his salary in bitcoin is MMA fighter Francis Ngannou, this payment also goes indirectly through a bitcoin company.

The trend among athletes to get paid in bitcoin seems to go hand in hand with multiple collaborations between bitcoin exchanges and sports clubs. It is also becoming more and more common in Dutch football.



Why bitcoin

The athletes who convert their salary into bitcoin do so because they believe in the digital currency in the long term. It also regularly happens in the sports world that athletes earn a lot of money in their peak years, but have little left over later in life. Due to the unique properties of bitcoin, such as not having high inflation, it is seen by many as a better means of saving than, for example, the euro or gold. Bitcoin is a form of money where no one has power or control over the money supply. The decentralized consensus protocol is completely self-contained, shifting the trust in people, which is necessary for the current system, to mathematics and cryptography.

Money is more than a currency, it is power. The process of creating money out of thin air is part of that power. To get out of this corrupt economy, getting paid in bitcoin is a good first step, says pioneer Russel Okung.

When we all get paid in bitcoin, no one can tell us what to do with our earned money. In a world where government money is a thing of the past, you no longer have to worry about your time and energy being stolen through inflation. NFL player Russell Okung

For many athletes, the high return that Bitcoin has achieved against the dollar over the past ten years is an important factor. However, it is important to realize that this is no guarantee for the future.

The football world also seems to be increasingly embracing bitcoin. Read more about that here.

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