Open Sea: pioneer in the NFT world

Open Sea is one of the most recognized NFT markets in existence. network allows users to buy, sell, and explore collectibles, in-game items, Art NFT, and a variety of other digital goods. In particular, Open Sea was the first NFT market to enter the market. This pioneering spirit has enabled the platform to establish and maintain a dominant position in the market.

Today, Open Sea still operates as the largest NFT market in terms of daily trading volume. network has +4 million assets and +135 collections currently available for collectors. In particular, the market averages around 150,000 ETH in monthly volume. Additionally, Open Sea secured + $ 127.2 million in funding since its launch.

History of the open sea

Open Sea was at the forefront when it debuted in December 2017. company operates as a for-profit business based in New York. Open Sea concept was realized by its co-founders, Alex Atallah and Devin Finzer. goal of Open Sea was to allow NFT collectors and creators to meet securely and transact safely. In particular, the company acquired Atomic Bazaar on December 13, 2018, as part of its expansion strategy.

What advantages does Open Sea offer to the market?

Open Sea offers a number of advantages to the market. On the one hand, it is a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace. platform works using only code without human intervention. re are also no centralized executive groups to censor transactions. As such, the marketplace offers a truly open and global experience for efficient and censorship-resistant users.


Open Sea’s main concern was to ensure the security of all digital assets. In this sense, the developers created the protocol to add security protocols for the user. For example, the network has no custody.

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You don’t have to relinquish control of your NFTs to trade on the Open Sea NFT exchange. designation is an advantage because non-custodial exchanges are less likely to be hacked because they don’t keep large amounts of cryptocurrencies in active wallets, such as centralized exchanges. Plus, you never lose control of your encryption during updates or network outages.

Wide choice

Open Sea has an excellent selection of collectible NFTs and cryptocurrencies. You can find a variety of exclusive digital assets that are not available elsewhere. re is NFT in the game, NFT memorabilia, ARTNFT, and much more.

Users can use the dashboard to organize and explore market options. Open Sea makes it easy for you to view resources filtered by collection, type, or membership of a particular portfolio address. You can too Take advantage of powerful stats to gain insight into collectibles trends and true scarcity by unselecting collectibles. re is access to vital information such as sales, listings, offers, transfers, and more.

Developer friendly

Another cool feature that prepares Open Sea for the future is developer network support. platform works as a first-class development platform consisting of a powerful API, SDK, and developer tutorials. Additionally, the community encourages and invites new projects that take advantage of Open Sea’s powerful smart contracts. Users can create their own. custom marketplaces and host them on your own web pages. Developers can also boost their app economies with OpenSea.js. As part of this strategy, you can set your own commissions on secondary sales of items in the offshore market. This approach helps to ensure that the user experience constantly improves over time. And it also provides a way for developers to earn passive rewards through NFT sales commissions in the future, as furthermore, market positioning improves over time.

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Multi-chain support

NFT world now encompasses a variety of networks. Recognizing the growing value of DeFicomunidad outside of Ethereum, Open Sea has expanded its protocol to include more blockchain ecosystems. team added Polygon and Klaytn as part of this maneuver. This multi-blockchain approach improves liquidity in the market and offers users a greater selection.

Characteristics of the open sea

Open Sea has a host of features designed to take you to the heart of the NFT revolution. interface is designed to allow new users to find all the most important functions in seconds. You can buy, sell and trade NFT directly from your wallet using this panel.

Best of all, the introductory section walks you through the complete account setup. This section also provides information on all the features of the platform. You can see everything from your portfolio link, to creating advanced NFT collections and marketing them.

Create an NFT

Open Sea continues to push NFT adoption to the top thanks to its simplistic design. Anyone can design and create an NFT using simplified network processes. Connect your wallet, upload your NFT data, and set supply amounts. No coding is required to perform this task.


Each user gets a personalized profile. Here you can keep track of all your account details. you can see vital information about his collection. re is a section where you can also add your favorite NFTs. It’s more. This feature is useful because it helps users to organize themselves and get a bigger overview of their investment strategy.

Organize a massive sale

Open Sea offers users a way to make massive sales of their collectibles. Content creators can now use this feature to offer exclusive offers to first-time users. You can also sell your item as a token, and you can sell item packs as NFT resources in the game.

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Wisely, this feature supports advanced community options like Airdrops and loot boxes. Airdrops are a great way to improve your fanbase rewards and loot adds fun to the equation by enhancing community engagement.

Open ocean: a driving force for NFT adoption

Open Sea has played a vital role in the rise of the NFT market. Today, this platform continues to be of extreme value for those seeking a secure, reliable and established NFT market.

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