ONG – Ontology’s Dividend =

Everyone who owns Ontology is credited with ONG every now and then. What is this and why are you getting this? What are these ONG coins worth and how do you sell them? We explain it all to you in this article!

Do exchanges support ONG?

Major exchanges such as Binance have already indicated that they support ONG. This means that you can leave your Ontology coins on the exchange and still earn Ontology Gas. Then, if you wish, you can sell your Gas directly on the trading platform. Ontology has only recently started running on its own network and ONG has only just emerged. As a result, your exchange may need some time to make ONG tradable.

What does ONG do?

It is of course nice to earn dividends, but what else can you do with it besides selling it?
The Ontology network has two coins, each with its own function. ONT is a governance coin that gives ONT holders the right to vote on proposals within the network. ONG is a utility coin and will be used for executing transactions, storing data, executing smart contracts and using other network functions. Our received dividend therefore plays a prominent role within the Ontology network!

Would you like to buy Ontology and earn ONG? Then you can follow the instructions below.


Buy Ontology

  1. Create an account on Binance
  2. At the top right, tap Funds → Deposits Withdrawals
  3. Press Deposit with BTC
  4. Generate your own address and copy it
  5. Go to Litebit
  6. Buy the amount of BTC you want and paste the copied address
  7. Wait for the order to arrive
  8. Go to Exchange on Binance and click on ONT/BTC
  9. Purchase the amount of Ontology you want

For more information, check out our guide to Binance


Ong Calculator


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