Onessus NFT stake system is coming

Onessus, the publisher behind a number of releases on WAX, including the action game Battle Royale HodlGod, says in his latest blog post that his NFT betting system is coming out soon. Although a specific release date has not been revealed, they say they are committed to creating an innovative product. y are still developing, testing and auditing smart contracts to make sure everything is working properly.

Once live, users can bet on assets from all Onessus collections. This includes HodlGod, Void Elementals, and Boysterous. ‘NFT-fi’ system (soon to be renamed) has long been part of Onessus’ plans. Although details are still lacking, the VOID whitepaper mentions that users can use the share system to yield, borrow, lend, burn, upgrade, and trade. It seems that there are many options. It is not clear if these different uses of the system will come at the same time or will be added to the application over time. But either way, it seems that Onessus really wants to develop a complete betting system.

betting system will also function as a recording hub, where players with VOID-compatible NFT collectibles can redeem their NFTs and receive their VOID tokens.

DappRadar and HodlGod collaborate

On July 27th the last Nod HodlGod falls, a collaboration with DappRadar consisting of a collection of robot parts. Assemble all five and in the future special NFTs will be introduced to your portfolio.

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complete set of parts won’t be cheap. $ 900 if you can get all five pieces during the initial sale. Buying parts in secondary markets will likely be more expensive. And as is the case with most HodlGod collectibles, they are all backed by the equivalent dollar amount of the VOID token. At any time, players can record their NFT to retrieve the blocked VOID. This is a very interesting way to give guaranteed value to NFTs.

In other words, the items you purchased during this sale will not be the actual NFTs. Instead, they will be non-tradeable tokens, which players will then redeem for actual NFT collectibles. Onessus hopes this will help alleviate some of the immediate reselling of bots.

What is EMPTY?

At the heart of the Onessus ecosystem is the VOID tab. HodlGod players with VOID tokens unlock the potential for further drops in the game, market sellers participate in VOID as credit / collateral and place their items higher in search results, and collectors receive first access to sales when they have a certain amount of VOID.

VOID token will also be critical to any future applications created by Onessus. VOID tokens can be purchased at Bolsa de Alcor, obtained by playing and streaming HodlGod, or found in certain NFT safes. By recording NFT, you can unlock VOID tokens.


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