NYANLOTTO Token What is it, how to buy and live price?

In this article we will talk about Nyanlotto token, a new shitcoin from Binance’s BSC network, which comes out on the 21st in pre-sale and then goes on the market. Today at cryptoshitcompra.com we are going to give you the token information in Spanish, explain how to buy this token and also how to see its price live.

Why Nyanlotto Token:

With this token, we seek to revolutionize the way the lottery industry has been run since its inception. We seek to have a first-of-its-kind system on the blockchain. A borderless lottery system that spans the world.

Nyanlotto brings the most revolutionary mechanism to the bsc ecosystem: earn $ bnb just by holding and having the chance to win a big monthly prize determined by our 4% lottery tax on every transaction that enters and exits our token.

Tokenomics and Nyanlotto Token Statistics

  • 1 quadrillion total supply
  • Lottery purse 4%
  • 4% Daily BNB Pool
  • 3% automatic liquidity
  • 3% Promotion Portfolio
  • 3% Network development


With nyanlotto we seek to revolutionize the way the lottery system has been administered. whether at a regional or national level, we want to create a lottery system that is global without borders, we also want to establish a lottery system, the first of its kind, that also replaces as an investment tool with an asset that will grow in value, with a pool bnb that is distributed 24 hours a day and of course the possibility of winning a great monthly prize for one of our lucky holders.

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We are a fully decentralized community driven system with our unique tokenimics. the community is the one that decides how much we can give away on a monthly and daily basis with our bnb pool and our lottery wallet.

Token Presale:

date for the Nyanlotto Token pre-sale is July 21, 2021 and it can be purchased through the following link:

  • Presale

How and where to buy NYANLOTTO Token after the pre-sale?

Next we are going to provide you with a simple tutorial so that you can easily buy NYANLOTTO Token .

  • Well then I leave you a tutorial on how to buy it, you can buy it through Pancakeswap or poocoin.app, we will do it from pancakeswap and in case you don’t know, we need to have a portfolio either from trustwallet or metamask, in this case I I use metamask.
  • Here you have a tutorial on how to create a portfolio in metamask:
  • Once we have our metamask portfolio created, what we have to do is copy our address as indicated with the arrow and put it with the Binance Smart Chain network.
  • To put it with the Binance SmartChain network we have to do the following:
  • Where it says “MAIN ETHERUM NETWORK” you give it and then you add “custom network” and you put the following:

Network name: Smart Chain New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/ ChainID: 56 Symbol: BNB Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com

  • n you have to copy the Metamask address and have it on that network.


  • To buy NYANLOTTO Token we are going to need BNB, which is the currency of binance, since this token works through its network. so the first thing will be to register here to enter binance and be able to buy BNB.

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Next we have to go buy crypto and we have to select BNB to buy it, in this case I do it with Euros and with a debit or credit card.

  • Once the bnb are bought, we go to our Binance wallet and we hit SPOT and we go down until we see BNB and we hit “Withdraw” or “Withdraw”.

  • n on the next page that will come out, we have to paste our metamask address and put the BSC network and we would already have the BNB in ​​our metamask portfolio.


  • first thing will be to go to pancake swap: Pancake
  • When we get to pancake swap we have to connect our metamask portfolio with the binance smart chain network and then put the NYANLOTTO Token token at the bottom, although it should come out automatically, if not, paste the following contract in the part from Token: 0x17D52D5B3bA9e5dc0af2e79EA5fC42f3Cd53ae86

In the following image I show you:

  • Once the token is added, we simply have to put the amount of bnb that we want to exchange for NYANLOTTO Token and voila, it would be bought and in our metamask portfolio.


price of the token can be seen in the following link: Price



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