Night Life Crypto: AAA DeFi game built for sustainability

Night Life Crypto

Night Life Crypto is a next-gen ecosystem DeFi game. platform combines the best aspects of DeFi and NFT games to create a unique user experience in the market. goal of the project is to provide a reliable platform that supports the most advanced AAA level games.

What problems is Night Life Crypto trying to solve?

re are many problems Cryptocurrencies Night Life try to prevent or eliminate. First, the platform wants to break the monotony of the market. Currently, the NFT gaming industry has stalled on integration. You have tons of NFT trading card trading games, but few in the vein of top-tier titles. Crypto Night Life tries to raise the bar in terms of graphics and gameplay.

In today’s market, the user has little or no way of verifying the value of assets. Since all assets are virtual, game developers can produce an unlimited quantity and claim whatever shortage they want. Blockchain technology provides a form of demonstrable fairness for the gaming industry. In addition, the entire network can see the results and if they have changed. This increased transparency allows you to control the shortage of items.

Crypto Night Life was built from the ground up with sustainability in mind. platform leverages unique tokenomics to provide a natural growth curve to your assets – the platform distributes the rewards for those interested in liquidity from transaction fees.

One of the coolest features of Night Life Crypto is the fact that there are no transaction fees during game action. only fee paid is a 2.5% tax on BSC / ETH token transfers. This commission is then divided with the 1.5% that goes to Liquidity Stakers and the remaining 1.0% goes to the future development project.

developers of the Night Life Crypto platform wanted to make sure that they could provide a smooth and responsive gaming experience comparable to other AAA titles. As a result, the network supports almost instantaneous confirmation times for bets and results.

Cryptographic characteristics of nightlife

Night Life Crypto offers many benefits and features to users. First, the platform is a lot of fun. games are attractive and the prizes are real cryptocurrencies. Anyone can earn rewards for participating in the network. You can earn money by playing, betting, or even providing cash.

Security was one of the main concerns of the network. In particular, decentralized gaming networks are more secure against hackers than centralized networks because they eliminate the central point of failure. Also, in terms of user protection, Night Life Crypto integrates enterprise-grade security like 2FA embedded in the chain.

Another great advantage of Night Life Crypto is its privacy policies. Users can provide any information they want to use the system. platform also supports completely anonymous accounts. Best of all, the network does not collect user information about players.

game market is international. Blockchain gaming networks like Night Life Crypto promote global interactions. Anyone can instantly transfer resources around the world in seconds using this network. whole process is streamlined and open.

Cryptocurrency mechanics of nightlife

Cryptocurrencies Night Life uses a double blockchain strategy. Use Binance Smart Chain / Ethereum to buy and sell the NLIFE and Turtle Network token for the gaming platform. This approach allowed developers to take advantage of the unique sifates of the Turtle Network and the liquidity options of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Turtle Network is a second-tier solution that supports scalability. network was built with ultra-fast block times. In addition, the network simplifies the sponsorship of activities and the issuance of NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a form of cryptocurrency that represents a single asset. refore, its value is determined by its scarcity, usability, and personal connection rather than its market capitalization. se tokens are verifiable through the blockchain, which makes them ideal to use as gaming assets. Night Life Crypto NFTs are easy to store in a wallet, less expensive to sell, and can be traded on an open market.

Night Life Crypto wallet has no custody. This designation means that only the user has access to their cryptocurrency at the same time. Non-custodial wallets are the safest type of wallet. In this way, Night Life Crypto users remain in full control of their valuable digital assets.


It’s all about the quality of the game in the Night Life Crypto ecosystem. network tries to deliver AAA level arcade games. AAA games are the highest quality games in the world. However, it can cost millions to develop and can take years to complete. Other AAA game studios include EAports and Ubisoft. Along with the games produced, Night Life Crypto aims to produce a Steam and Origin-like game launcher, an application that users can view their game library, buy games and DLC, buy / sell NFT, and more.


Every game in the Night Life Crypto library will integrate valuable NFTs. re will be five goals per game that users can achieve. re are also different NFT cards per game depending on the time spent in the game. se cards can be collected, combined into sheets, used for rewards, or bought and sold at the next market.


Night Life Crypto users can also secure passive rewards by providing liquidity to the NLIFE / BNB pair on PancakeSwap or the NLIFE / ETH pair on Uniswap. Liquidity providers receive a portion of the token transfer fees. This feature allows anyone to win regardless of their gaming skills.


NLIFE acts as the primary utility token of the network. Users must have NLIFe to interact with features and games. Specifically, there are 3,425,000 NLIFE planned to be issued during the life of the project. NLIFE is a BEP-20 token that lives in the BSC as well as an ERC-20 token that lives in ETH, which users can use the NLIFE bridge to convert to and from both networks. As such, it can be traded or stored in any BSC / ETH compliant DEX.

Night Life Crypto: Time for AAA Blockchain Arcade Games

Night Life Crypto developers have managed to address some of the major issues affecting blockchain integration in crypto. network offers players various ways to earn ROI, and attention to top-tier games is sure to pique the interest of users. You can find more information about this project here.

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