New Shitcoins Red ETH from July 6 to 10, 2021

As is customary in Cryptoshitcompra we are going to list the new tokens and shitcoins of the Ethereum re (ETH), in this network we do not do this post as often as in the BSC network because not so many tokens come out, but they come out more than in other networks .

Here are the new tokens of the Ethereum (ETH) network from July 6 to 10, 2021:

ƶSHIBAINU ƶSHIBAINU ? ? ϸ ϸ ϸ 0x9ff64124fadc40ea5b5d3702caf8cef5073454e6 11h ago

Pill Cosby COSBY 0x68f2fd3627c792f9a7014c31d2d3d396fae53fd2 17h ago

Xion Global Token XGT 0xc25af3123d2420054c8fcd144c21113aa2853f39 18h ago

MAATA MAA 0x88891c494ae2d989da8d582fa1ff5767bd956d67 1d ago

Tropic Thunder TROPIC THUNDER 0x1d4ee71f777222ca91ef6eb007b8469b7ba28ce0 1d ago

EthereumPay ETHPAY 0x26721ea18b09c864da573d9b99961fb0b0ee7c35 1d ago

Changer CNG 0x5c1d9aa868a30795f92fae903edc9eff269044bf 1d ago

DfinityPad DPD 0xe98ef5f00cb54ec46d503b6c23abb8dd1d207f70 1d ago

ASTA ASTA 0xf2ddae89449b7d26309a5d54614b1fc99c608af5 2d ago

Flux FLUX 0x720cd16b011b987da3518fbf38c3071d4f0d1495 2d ago

SpiderDoge SPIDERDOGE 0x14bd4aca73632b2d9a3f585ae43dec67d11305e9 2d ago

OPES Finance WPE 0xd075e95423c5c4ba1e122cae0f4cdfa19b82881b 2d ago

Centrifuge CFG 0xc221b7e65ffc80de234bbb6667abdd46593d34f0 2d ago

Harambe HRMB 0xa14a452f26b6878aff69bf1efd3a76a693b8f022 2d ago

CRYPTO PHOENIX CPHX 0x8689d850cdf3b74a1f6a5eb60302c785b71c2fc7 2d ago

Arty ARTY 0xd0549d3c59facbd091e548600c1ec53d762aa66b 2d ago

FLOKI FLOKI 0x2de72ada48bdf7bac276256d3f016fe058490c34 2d ago

Gami GAMI 0x1f76ad0a8f9ed590a8b1957a113968ad29fa7d58 2d ago

Pride LGBTQ 0x7cb97a776a49e272baccad31396405a94f3fb3f8 2d ago

Ponzu Inu | PONZU 0xda4c27a9fbdde1f5f3af0398396be4644dcec715 2d ago

Moma Token MOMAT 0x865bb9a28041259b4badafd37799a288aabbfc8c 3d ago

ElonProfessor EP 0x5ef4c8274095eb2be1bcd6e420037d4be1918cb2 3d ago

tBone Staked Bone ShibaSwap TBONE 0xf7a0383750fef5abace57cc4c9ff98e3790202b3 3d ago

xLeash Staked Leash XLEASH 0xa57d319b3cf3ad0e4d19770f71e63cf847263a0b 3d ago

BONE SHIBASWAP BONE 0x9813037ee2218799597d83d4a5b6f3b6778218d9 3d ago

Ticket2Lambo T2L 0xbe5d345d05dd62828ed61519ef9f7af76f092248 3d ago

Hara Token HART 0x52928c95c4c7e934e0efcfab08853a0e4558861d 3d ago

DoRen DRE 0x1977be49c33dfacf6590c16ca9a9cfa0463f663c 3d ago


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