New Shitcoins Red BSC July 4, 2021

As is customary on this website, today we bring you the list of new tokens of the BSC network, as you already know, many Fake tokens come out, it is the case that a token today called Pi Network has come out, when Pi Network is not yet in the market, then imitations come out and you have to be careful not to be deceived.

Here the list of tokens of the BSC network of July 4, 2021:

DogeBeforeHoes DBH 0x9a5a3a5c6ca0a4f860dc79a45a1f60cb6102cd7b 31m ago

Emmc EMMC 0x2b9316e08e59e1ff8cb2118bda641d593eec5dad 31m ago

Moonbase File System MFS 0xdf4110b7e785c52bd2ff5696e73b1a9c1a5125cf 1h ago

TopBullish TBH 0xb6a20f9645640a435db504db46a87922dce508f6 1h ago

Boss Baby BOBA 0xb47d2d33ae84952b2047e9ce8b23d82192a76953 1h ago

PI NETWORK PI NETWORK 0x47d26f39113ecd6d01e722743a7532aa694be7e5 1h ago

ScanFinance SCN 0xa336efd3c5fd45485ce164484d5a603f483bded0 1h ago

Valkyrie Network VAL 0x8e56f77fbd2f58256f8ab81c6bb7eed0959ace04 1h ago

AVENGERS AVG 0x198bbfb79ed1a4a1906cb32131f0c1447282ab98 1h ago

CowJump CJP 0xceca152f23f30310ed8e114fec27c546f9af1044 2h ago

Baby Captain Doge BCD 0x8202df6933e2681fbd1dc22c3d41586044b8bf55 2h ago

Ghost Classic GHOSTC 0x7c6d552e9b230f47685cb24f131a63b62720974d 2h ago

MinishibaInu MSHIB 0xfdbb1f7592e35e63f52b6ef7af103f4912f89c80 2h ago

BabyRisu BRU 0x9e7d9b563fde0e03687def38bb5f79ff69dd2b5c 2h ago

POLYCOIN PYC 0x7fa68c5f4000ecbc4e4c67de8d4388fa44f9bb10 2h ago

Ocean Keeper $ OCK 0x5ef8050019e49e298a2421fbbf45a43812afba81 2h ago

Tornado TORNADO 0x208bef8694fd3f64b2caeaf633b5e2d4def2c9fe 2h ago

DogeMafia THEDOGEMAFIA 0x0b78b7dd218f688e477d16ee0b3a4a95482e5a05 2h ago

CateCoin CATE 0xc933e30a4bfc1aaa01eb55598249b4de3ca35835 3h ago

PirateShiba PIRATESHIB 0x57d1f039f9bf4ed37ed014328b482e61392160e9 3h ago

BUSDealer BUSDEALER 0x172e1cd4cb34a244e0c518e06da7c912e6cf9b77 3h ago

BabyMicroDoge BABYMICRODOGE 0xf5c122599a02ed8d3074a99845a82869e1414f0a 3h ago

BabyDogeMoon BABYDMOON 0xa7455fe310e605b2dfcff6a70eaf28b1dc2cd5b4 3h ago

Tesla Vision TESLAV 0x897c839658322987cb2eb656ce1b4cafb31e4b23 3h ago

Stargazer Protocol STARDUST 0xf647d6b49ea7bb880ecbcff9913df0d634875d33 3h ago

Shield SHIELD 0x9cb7324fc8a2419a3f5f920b4af8fbb4bda6927f 3h ago

Dollarfuture DLF 0x942ed7dfa2a564984747420d47c4f49c2b3140f9 3h ago

Tether USDT 0x63b7e5ae00cc6053358fb9b97b361372fba10a5e 3h ago

Grandpa Doge GRANDPADOGE 0x326e1d2d9e7f8f3a4df13766aa3b3aef33546546 3h ago

Donkey Lite DONLITE 0x9a6489f13d79dd4814e549790903993c7ad2c5a2 4h ago

Cyber ​​Inu CYBERINU 0x554d58501753727ffb93e99c3e62d97a01590fc4 4h ago

YieldMoon YMN 0xec01d63de59d1dc3cd6f769ecfc0c8fe4da4ae84 4h ago

BabyDogeInu BDI 0xe096ba706dbc9beb20b4c20aff02a2bedb49f17f 5h ago

MoonStar Shiba MOSI 0x06f4dda77a71b8f6cc24c3e965ec9290e555b0a7 5h ago

CHOCOPAO CHOCO 0x9fa292713ae5b4a32d8ba34ed4775093ca761398 5h ago

BlackWidow BWIDOW 0xdf7d940b6a7cbe8bdba474aa083fdf591dd3ed6d 6h ago

Baby Ultra Inu BUIN 0xd0ae9a155781c745efa984e92db03b85790973f8 6h ago

Musubi MUSUBI 0xc2c99a511918c5db3e83505c27842df56e521d25 6h ago

MiniBTC MINIBTC 0x508b8c8940d559962d0f4b12322e1fdd9737deff 6h ago

Sky Petit SKYPETIT 0x8da67f975777a2b23ff0b4bdf8607b17002fe93a 6h ago

Flying Inu FLIN 0xd4e4f04a6a0c3685246d9d923e78a7aab7f6fa90 7h ago

Blazerfi BLZR 0x3353807ceb216e0a1604fb70786604d2c182cd05 8h ago

Vortex VRX 0xb0623c541c7ef33c141ebc8f6b77e09760c96b5e 8h ago

SpaceGuardians SGS 0x06455ac18520b7ec25ec06349332d24e95c71c4f 8h ago

Dirty Inu SOAP 0xbea4c7ac592bcbadd6253ad6e5ee8dba2b8203c4 8h ago

Captain Doge CDOG 0x87c3729ec366605fe788de6fe8bcf3c051169389 8h ago

BabyDogeMoon BABYDOGEMOON 0x7f43c46b76ce643e9b6f0ea351dd2da9ed42e118 8h ago

Tiny Doge TINYDOGE 0xe3d71ea7bae7d59e8bbe92ea5ea7dbb7bfa23feb 9h ago

Lambo NOW LAMBONOW 0xce89b306200c1d002def334ea209b01549bb1321 9h ago

DogeRise DRISE 0xe6a3a39d0c9ef95ca6f9a310179d1f6953908529 9h ago

AstroBanana ASTROB 0xa1e8e1dc2712c04f70ec01db18596f2bd9166380 9h ago

FairyMoon FAIRY 0xfa54087c133d1427ec8989b52ee2f48ff147eaf6 10h ago

RoboDoge RD 0xd24c2dfcd465b3b43252f761f650f82394119161 10h ago

Bazinga BAZINGA 0x1dd1c5db3f4851c7f68bfc2d0d804216eeb19e5f 10h ago

rivalToken RIVAL 0xdb4e40e5b82532984abce50066d4c3afcdab8f17 10h ago

CASHINU CASHINU 0xe57a356df6bfee65de0848f25b6123a9996df2c3 10h ago

HOLDBIT-COIN HBC 0x8394fcaaf65f50bccfa3ef1b9bbcb8ab6a7118dc 11h ago

Tutankhamoon TTM 0xf8cc7e067d431f115caf267077c4313710fa43b2 12h ago

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