New Shitcoin from the BSC network on July 13, 2021

You already know that every day hundreds of Shitcoins come out on the BSC network and we at always list them, so that you can find your contracts.

As you know, when leaving hundreds of Shitcoins a day, there is a large percentage of shitocoins that are scam and you always have to be careful when investing and always do it with money that you do not need.

Whiskey Moonshot WMS 0x42faa565d7fd6f0eb8a1f4eaea364f85afb35890 11m ago

MiniShiba MINISHIBA 0x3f8e5f9fe0c9e412c61c472cc296e4254eed83d9 11m ago

CryptoDogeCat CRYPTOCAT 0x25db5b1df9e4d2bd81b387e3aabd04578b98affc 11m ago

Pit Ape Mars PAM 0x1bc13cab2a165b67efff938f9cdaa0fdec85040c 11m ago

MoonDoge MOONDOGE 0x02e2897b4fbb725c32a88f140ceb474190520f96 11m ago

LavaBoy LAVABOY 0xbc508fcb63efd6df46702bdbb556b5341db9d88f 27m ago

AstroWorld ASTROWORLD 0x36a00958bfae0eed9958f9c475f858490c0b95f4 44m ago

RedGuardian REDGUARDIAN 0x140de7635d3316f996e5d794eb441fd13ff38539 44m ago

PIECE PIECE 0x953586380ca3da5cbd6c180e65a0d0a7f78a7419 1h ago

Dunkin Doge DONUT 0xf5c8d40e8d19750ac59cfc38e5d61e341fb7dcf6 1h ago

MOON CLUB MOON CLUB 0xaa9cdab62a5cb9bc85b3c7d1b348f3591e168f7b 1h ago

Hifi Network HINET 0x708eca81bc39a4f82cbcb9ac9f2116b981d5fcc2 1h ago

APEWRATH AW 0xdd722dcd4ca74e9e2743466327aaa3b995a5b00f 1h ago

GRUMMY SHIBA GS 0xca2de4e92d30aa4a6ceb4d519e03ca65578545b7 2h ago

FEG Token FEGTOKEN 0x5003ef9b8d23fef7876a1a551481a29783846633 2h ago

MiniDogeMoon MDOGE 0xc7d74b8bf63bf41ca611e07c1bbb171a84891cfe 2h ago

HomeBrew HMBRW 0xc322c08ca4c4b062719d5a34a2f6e4e31c5ef1b4 2h ago

Cat Inu CATINU 0x660ff477de1693d6e80c0cfff3409d8799776444 2h ago

Baby Rise Doge BRISE 0xef7bb263c89018c04a75482dcd35c68a36e562ec 2h ago

FatDogeBSC FATDOGE 0xda25dc1f112d18578a7cd39a3573f1f103166c77 3h ago

CxCoin CX 0xd09092b1c9c495eb7e0a043927492cf2dee68a86 3h ago

ROBBIN HOOD ROBBIN 0x3532ed5ab6a2c1e31fbd376ee58c99cd440422e8 3h ago

TinyAkita TINYAKITA 0x133f977d77a1597b749916120b2f89281d766d98 3h ago

Tax Token TAX 0x8821f9254e89b6f9bb8a4d102af3ee76c41a0fc8 3h ago

REPSOL REPSOL 0x9b3c254f5dd4bf0b5e9f943af23fb627ad3ccc71 4h ago

Wolf Inu WOLFINU 0x4fb8c445f7c2bafc7a1d2f1e984a1e53caf95609 4h ago

Fixate FIXATE 0x9d5f89db076f51fb0b1a94416ca352fa9ea8bf30 5h ago

CuteShiba CUTESHIB 0x739f01d02a6122238503533d0a71783e99935d0d 5h ago

ShiDoge SDOGE 0x56fa52ce3fc6a74013bd4d8936a4d4ca9016280a 5h ago

MafiaCHAIN ​​CHAIN ​​0xda3f99a8caa6614536645b4b5f1de207c2cc2622 5h ago

Daddy Doge DADDYDOGE 0x7cce94c0b2c8ae7661f02544e62178377fe8cf92 5h ago

DaddyLOKI DLOKI 0xb925014242cac7e45d74fafd29721c2ef187d51d 5h ago

NAFTY NAFTY 0x18c5fac26c5d8b859b3a83f0f167d8924098d28a 5h ago

Sky Shiba SS 0x1fcc993623623aa03687a7edeca957fbc362f4b0 6h ago

CuteDog CDG 0x27214e7c611768479a2fcf5b95ddff993b6d5714 6h ago

Baby Golden BGOLDEN 0xf081d96ba74c9fe4d4021981f9c47e122c7bdfc5 6h ago

Worker Finance WORKER 0xdf115ba0aea8a3ac5c6e42c285e2c78581e340ef 6h ago

Belifex BEFX 0xfcab93b4b98ac0f9c65a724b10cd5ed1892bb9d7 6h ago

RRR MARS RRR-MARS 0x42857bea823b162fd2fb7ae690eb7f72737e071a 7h ago

CoolTip CCT 0xc364dc46392949c6d9af688dca0c73179756c02c 7h ago

SAFARICOIN SCOIN 0x14e4ad2644d327037a80389da0e4b7e1b18214ae 7h ago

GreenCat GRC 0x2b30c4e214994a2ad343542784d26373807e3541 8h ago

Anubis ANUBIS 0xecd5aefdb3af34da05d1078e789c7b049b059e8a 8h ago

Baby Wolf BABYWOLF 0xa07df734d084423b0684d15e0e8bd38ca8856b94 8h ago

ROCKETLEAGUESV2 ROCKETV2 0x8814582eb77589c9bc53ede8554a1586652767c4 8h ago

AstroPup ASTROPUP 0xb36de270ffb565e392a3637388f490b737cd5906 9h ago

LurkyDoge LURKYDOGE 0x883714cfc5227d7d91be35f4eff302c641d2e889 9h ago

Power Swap POWER 0x8f2b1644f2c6adb681ef9dd7fd6f6e2d19fd858b 9h ago

Uplith Token UT 0xbdb029e21d3661096a2514ce302079ccc8e6050b 9h ago

RocketShark SHARKER 0x615dccb5c7a9c1d1f293d9bbde8ae495b2e7606b 9h ago

Baby ShibaSaur BABYSHIBASAUR 0x5884321aa5ba69ed9e796d7784d3fdc0dacba6ae 10h ago

Hodl Polytopia HODLPOLY 0x6c92c9e993552d867017b5ed451803d735d693cf 10h ago

Kurohige KHIGE 0x6736e675137d28ef3300deb34fd30037a5dc5448 10h ago

Loki Token LOKI 0x112bcd25c1d5bbe7b83097d7a95680532de07873 10h ago

UltraPocket UP 0xa6869898cb6b7ccee467d167d59efbd0c7bb5fc0 11h ago

ViCoin VICOIN 0x5629f23e3a679812d873c2a06e07256a9a9a4cfc 11h ago

Baby Loki BABYLOKI 0xc70800daf0bb64ce8227b15baf515f1ad0ad68b6 12h ago

GorillaGlass GLASS 0xa298cf3733d37f435dd21217d9891de3a6dd1cb1 12h ago

Baby Doge BABYDOGE 0xcd05aca9f266120d41ed20959d70ebf3eb335c82 12h ago

BinGold BGOLD 0xb67822bd5525881c4b5466c07e115017d84ef2cb 12h ago

LokiMoon LOKI 0xf456971a10a9f278ba22bcbd19f40b5e1791de71 12h ago

Doctor Inu DINU 0xb760534ca94cfc136586a7829f6d4ffe2d0e3641 12h ago

Hachi Doge HACHIDOGE 0x5ec2a83674a0649876b64b3f11c66d155e6a7627 12h ago

Shireo Token SHIREO 0x74c3ae00ad1dbc3ca4a9ccccb73de85279c99d78 13h ago

DiamondTron DIAT 0x53d1a4b83a8fbcbd370c3b670fe9db6df6f8f108 13h ago

HolyDoge HD 0x55cb3cca413d584bda9a8362acccd4e78eae6ca3 14h ago

PuppySwap Token PUPPY 0xf7f00edb13e056df908c03ab8282071c1879d235 15h ago

Rock N Doge RND 0xac93d9fe57481ced09dc3c3638b34a9ccf895eab 15h ago

Red Bull Coin RBC 0x869efc5c3fc75c480bad709c0147945c568be5cf 15h ago

Newinu NEWINU 0x405f86744bdcf272d31e1cf49dc49d3d48c5deea 15h ago

Beagle Puppy BEAGLE 0xf212c44452568cb930cf114b5ceed05bbf53a3ef 16h ago

KINGZ KINGZ 0x47eee1c141deb237460ba32d8a242082af49407a 16h ago

Crypto Village Accelerator CVA 0x387c868b2e5350a5c10d63f5b53970a8e7f7bc0f 16h ago

ShibaSwap SHIBA 0x2b32873de0c1a7d65495800f4a9b167d35851ecd 16h ago

99XDOGE 99XDOGE 0xcbdf2e37a4cf1248b1ad09f5dd2afb450376b981 16h ago

Wen BUSD WENBUSD 0xf56693252b98a6b269c3deca7ab02aca2b62112b 16h ago

Dab Inu DAB 0x73cbf8f361964d50389d7404414cd9c4942b4333 16h ago

Sewg Bomb SWB 0x489d11a2b21ad028c200120c8f0a0650d1e6acf3 16h ago

StarRise SR 0xaf80b540902503045c3f4a3cd7aa11eaaf9f88ed 17h ago

BW BW 0x69a8fc3ad4e22f07d012c3e5f660d9272ff5d393 17h ago

BabyWolverine BW 0x11c6fe776658a41df8b11a9e4c5883789d6318d1 17h ago

DeluxeRise DELUXERISE 0x858e4fd9146c54b70adfa4eed826f6b32f10d2c8 18h ago

LOCKLET LKT 0xf27485001e975847b5801af6be1593a32feb2736 18h ago

BNBMax BNBMAX 0xbd2b05226eefad90d76baf7479140d58ddf01316 18h ago

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I hope you liked today’s BSC network shitcoin listing.


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