NBA Top Shot to sell NFT in person at Summer League games


  • exclusive NBA Top Shot moments will be sold during NBA Summer League games in Las Vegas next week.
  • Fans can reserve NFT at a Top Shot kiosk in the arena, then they will be delivered to their respective accounts once created.

It could be the NBA offseason, but Dapper Labs has big plans for its NBA Best Shot collectible cryptocurrency platform for the rest of the summer. Today, Dapper revealed that the service will offer exclusive NFT moments that can only be purchased during NBA Summer League games in Las Vegas.

This is the first time that the service, which sells NBA highlights videos packaged as rare moments similar to digital cards, has created NFT collectibles that can only be purchased from a physical location. It is also the first time that NBA Top Shot Moments will be available for purchase in actual NBA games, although these are off-season games that will primarily feature rookies and minor league players from the G League.

Essentially, fans can pre-purchase a moment that will then be created based on images from one of the games being held each day. One moment each will be created for a game on August 8, 9, and 10 respectively, with specific games to be announced closer to the dates.

Each moment can be purchased for $ 5 from a newsstand at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, and the number of moments minted will be based on total demand, with a minimum issue size of 1,000 for each NFT. NFTs will be delivered to Top Shot fan accounts “as quickly as possible”, for a blog post, possibly as soon as the day after the game. Fans can purchase up to 10 of these moments each day.

Dapper Labs will also bring eight NBA Top Shot users to enter next week’s games through a drawing, with the number of entries in the drawing determined by the NFT Moments they already own and the Collectable Challenges completed. company previously sent eight Top Shot collectors to the NBA Finals in a similar lottery, in addition to the recent NBA Draft.

Top Shot roadmap

NBA Top Shot was probably the biggest winner of this spring’s NFT Market Explosion, helping to introduce crypto collectibles into the mainstream as professional athletes have endorsed the platform and moments sold for thousands of dollars or more on the secondary market. . One LeBron James moment sold for $ 387,600 in April, marking the peak so far for the platform. Top Shot has reportedly generated over $ 700 million in transaction volume to date.

In an interview broadcast today as part of Top Shot’s online “First Mint Fest,” Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou recalled the sudden drop in demand in February and March and how it made Top Shot difficult to use during a time.

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Gharegozlou admitted that Dapper was unprepared for the big wave of users, echoing the comments. by Dapper’s Caty Tedman last spring, but said her company has strengthened its customer service team and is “ready for the next stage of growth.” He said it will include moments from the upcoming NBA season, “legendary players” from the NBA’s past and Dapper partnerships with third parties, including upcoming Genies avatar marketplace.

In addition to Top Shot’s new ensembles and partnerships, Gharegozlou also suggested that Dapper will provide “more communication and more transparency” to NFT collectors and that his team is working on “large-scale” engagement efforts beyond promoting NFT. Summer League arena.

Finally, he talked about NBA Top Shot Hardcourt, a mobile game that was designed to help introduce NFT collectibles to NBA fans, before NFT moments found a huge audience on their own. He said the game is in testing, but admitted that Dapper is “not happy with his place” in the overall Top Shot experience now.

“We are confident that instant ownership can be a mass market business,” said Gharegozlou, adding that Dapper will release the Hardcourt game “when we are ready for the millions of users to come.”

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