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Despite a huge deficit in US nonfarm payrolls, where the nation added 235,000 jobs compared to 733,000 expected in August, most of Wall Street stocks ended the week higher. highly technological Nasdaq 100 outperformed the S&P 500 and the more cyclically sensitive Dow Jones. Expectations that the Fed will not back down this month have driven stocks higher. Meanwhile, in Japan, the Nikkei 225 has soared after Japanese Prime Minister Suga announced his resignation plan, opening the door for new leadership as stimulus demands mount.

With that in mind, it was another terrible week for the US dollar as it underperformed virtually all G10 currencies. Growing market sentiment supported growth-related Australian and New Zealand dollars. euro also received an offer after euro zone inflation data surprised to the upside early last week.

On the commodity side, precious metals like gold and silver also shone against the backdrop of a weaker US dollar. XAU / USD was targeting its highest close since mid-June. XAG / USD spiked towards a high of almost a month. Iron ore prices remain depressed, and lower Chinese demand remains in play. Natural gas prices have risen, approaching all-time highs.

Heading into next week, the Australian dollar, euro and loonie are bracing for central bank rate decisions. Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of Canada (BoC) are available. Divergent economic situations could create some volatility between AUD / USD, EUR / USD and USD / CAD.

Financial markets are offline in the US on Labor Day Monday, which could create illiquid trading conditions early in the week. Taking a look at the key economic data to come, the euro zone and UK GDP are on the agenda. China will publish its latest inflation report, while Canada offers its latest data on the labor market. What else is in store for future markets?


Fundamental forecasts:

US Dollar Outlook Turns Outward After Lack of NFP: RBA, ECB and BoC Decisions on Next Rates

US dollar tumbled after a massive non-farm paycheck shortage turned down the Fed’s phasing-down bets. Going forward, rate decisions by the RBA, ECB and BoC could fuel the volatility of the AUD / USD, EUR / USD and USD / CAD.

Stocks Rock After Extremely Disappointing NFP Stocks – DAX 30 Key Levels, S&P 500 to Watch Out For

Investors are evaluating the timing of the downsizing as the NFP data is disappointing.

Bitcoin (BTC) Approaches $ 51k, Ethereum (ETH) Probes $ 4k As Solana (SOL) Flies Again

rise of the cryptocurrency market continues and prices generally rise with the potential volatility of the coming weekend.

Gold Price Weekly Forecast: XAU / USD Strengthened by Weak NFP and Weaker Dollar

Negative NFP jobs data and a weaker dollar helped boost gold prices on Friday. Let’s take a look at next week to assess whether the move is likely to pick up momentum.

British Pound Forecast: GBP / USD Needs Domestic Momentum to Move Higher

GBP / USD pair has been recently strengthened by the weakness of the US dollar and unless the pound finds its catalyst, the pair may struggle to make more gains.

Euro Forecast: EUR / USD Bearish outlook, pigeons to overtake hawks at ECB meeting

Last week, several hawks at the European Central Bank made it clear that they would like to tighten monetary policy, but this week they will be outnumbered by pigeons and policy will remain exactly where it is now.

Canadian Dollar Forecast: Weakening US Labor Market Will Hit USD / CAD

USD / CAD may lose more ground in the coming week on expectations that the weakening of the US labor market will make the Fed more patient before withdrawing the political deal.

Australian Dollar Outlook: AUD / USD Moves To RBA Decision After US Non-Farm Payroll Data.

Aussie expects the RBA to be clear on when to taper off between divergent commodity prices and after US non-farm payrolls Can the AUD / USD rally last?

Technical forecasts:

US Dollar Technical Forecast: USD Sinks Into Fibonacci Support Zone

It has been another bearish week for the USD, but a large support zone has come to hold the lows of Labor Day weekend.

S&P 500 and FTSE 100 Forecasts for Next Week

Psychological eye resistance FTSE 100, the S&P 500 trend is your friend

Gold Price Prediction: Gold Rises After NFP – XAU / USD Breakout Levels

Gold prices are up more than 9% from their August lows and the rally is now a major obstacle to post-NFP resistance. Levels that feature the weekly XAU / USD chart.

Crude Oil Outlook: Oil Prices Test Great Levels After US Labor Data (NFP) Lost Expectations

Oil prices temporarily stalled after a sad report from the NFP. Can oil prices rise higher or will the bears take over?

Australian Dollar Outlook: AUD / USD, EUR / AUD, GBP / AUD Key Weekly Charts

Australian dollar is facing viable trade levels against the US dollar, the euro and the British pound after a strong week for the Australian dollar.

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