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Upland Collections

Upland Collections are an integral part of the property trading game, offering players the opportunity to increase their earnings by collecting sifates in the same area or with similar characteristics.

Each Collection requires a fixed number of sifates to complete and receive that significant profit boost from UPX. For example, collects three sifates within the Mission District to complete the collection of the Mission , or collects three museums anywhere in the city to complete the Collection Curator.

Completing a collection will increase the earnings of all the sifates you own within a complete collection. As an added bonus, players will also receive a one-time UPX bonus reward for completing any collection.

Collection levels

Each collection also has a level rating, depending on the difficulty to complete. five levels are:

Standard, Limited, Exclusive, Rare, and Ultra Rare

Collections at higher levels will receive higher UPX earnings than those at lower levels.

Some sifates will be included in more than one Collection category, and players can freely switch sifates between different Collections. A property cannot be used in two different Collections simultaneously and unique completion bonuses can only be claimed once for each Collection.

To see which Collections a property belongs to, select the triangle next to the property’s “BUY” button and click on the “Increased Revenue” section to view the property’s Available Collections.

Submit your explorer role

You don’t like the neighborhood your Explorer has gone to? Are you trying to get to the perfect direction you need for the collection you have been working on? Fear not my friend, there are now two ways to influence your browser’s location:

➼ Send to my property

Submit your Explorer to any of the sifates you own, whenever you want! Sending your Explorer to your own sifates is free and unlimited.

➼ Send to other sifates

You can also send your Explorer to other players’ sifates. Shipping your Explorer to other sifates you own will cost a UPX fee, paid to the property owner, and the feature is limited to three shipments per day.

Collection of traveler fees

If another player sends their Block Explorer to your property, the UPX earnings from the visit will be available to collect the next time they open their UPX Earnings. You can also keep track of who has visited your property from the property details card.

Please note that when a visiting player uses your property, they will only be able to collect their UPX fee once they have graduated to become an Uplander.

se features are just the beginning, and many more additions to the game will be introduced in 2020. We hope you enjoy your trip to Upland and buckle up as there is so much more fun to come. To life, liberty and property! more

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