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‍☠️ MOONPIRATE ‍☠️ ❗️ FOR REAL INVESTORS ONLY❗️ news keeps coming… Next is the long-awaited MoonPirate AMA with the main member of the Grizzly team Join us in the captains mess (Twitch) on August 12, 2021 at 13:00 UTC or walk the table! Moonpirate information: Navigating the Binance Smart Chain, MoonPirate aims to cement an ecosystem to unite the utility of blockchain with the delivery of community-governed physical consumables. Built on the foundation of a community of visionaries and multi-skilled idea creators, MoonPirate plans an ecosystem at the forefront of the evolution of decentralized finance (DeFi), being one of the first platforms to standardize and deliver blockchain applications in the world. real en masse and across the globe. Some of their physical deliverables so far have included: ☠️ Beer (Tropical IPA) produced and already available on tap ( Catchment Brewing Co., AU) ☠️ Canned Beer (Tropical IPA) on the way ( Catchment Brewing Co., AU) Some of their digital deliverables so far have included: ☠️ PirateSwap V.1 (a tweaked version of PCS to ease the process after your upgrade to V2) ☠️ Wallet tracker ☠️ Governance system Some of the upcoming products: ☠️ Beer ( Red Rye Ale) is being produced and will soon be available on tap ( Catchment Brewing Co., AU) ☠️ Nok is distilling the rum and is on the way (California, USA) ☠️ Pirate Cove online store is coming in the next few days ☠️ Great ecosystem with $ RUM token to benefit MoonPirate holders ☠️ PirateSwap V2 including AMM ☠️ NFT marketplace ☠️ Other product associations MoonPirate already had world star posters and billboards posted cities, including Times Square in New York. MoonPirate is SAFU and sails towards the MOON 100% LP tokens burned. ~ 65% of all supply burned. ♻️ 2% Fee AUTOMATICALLY RETURNS TO LIQUIDITY 1.2% Fee AUTOMATICALLY DISTRIBUTED TO HOLDERS 0.8% BURNED FOREVER Contract address b / Renovadoe477a tx / 0x761054a6b262d484be39099639a9b89465805c18f2a97f4b94a53726c1d7bc6d LP Quemado links * website: * a: *: https: // * Discord: * Facebook: * Instagram: * YouTube: https: // Join the ship now ❗️REAL INVESTORS ONLY❗️

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