Mars4 Leads Blockchain Innovation with NFT and DeFi Powered Metaverse

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July 20, 2021,

Metaverses and NFT games in the crypto space are very successful and there is currently talk of cities with Axie Infinity setting new records in virtual land sales and the likes of Decentraland and Sandbox getting stronger. new Mars4 metaverse is a virtual world on Mars that allows users to create, experience and monetize content (and applications) and earn passive income through a one-time revenue generated by Mars Land NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Users can now explore this exact 3D replica of Mars built from NASA data, just like on our planet with Google Earth. NFTs represent parcels of land on Mars that generate revenue from built-in token redistribution and the integrated DeFi Staking system.

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platform performs deflationary transactions Mars Chips $ (Mars Dollars) and NFTs that generate income.

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This dual tokenomics is an attractive option for investors, as tokens can be consumed to generate NFT-generating returns, as well as token redistribution embedded in transactions, incentives to hold tokens spent on assets and resources around the world.

NFT market was extremely bullish in the second quarter, with Cryptopunk, Hashmasks, and virtual real estate on Decentrald and other platforms showing chain volumes.

Following the bitcoin-powered cryptocurrency craze, blockchain has sparked a new trend in which collectors and investors pay thousands of dollars to own pieces of digital art known as NFTs. Although NFTs have been around since 2014, they have only belatedly attracted a lot of attention, especially with an NFT of works by digital artist Mike Winkelmann sold for $ 69 million at Christie’s. Some NFT Lands cryptocurrency games are already being sold for profit. For example, Illuvium co-founder Kieran Warwick sold a virtual lot to Axie Infinity for $ 28,000 after buying it last year for $ 300, making a nice 9200% profit.

On top of Mars4, there is a limited supply of 99,888 unique land parcels represented with NFT Mars Land, where one NFT unit equals a single land parcel on Mars. Immediately after the pre-sale round, crypto enthusiasts will buy parcels of land with just MARS $. re is an initial supply of $ 29.9 billion from MARS that will be leveraged to mint the limited supply of NFT lands.

Mars Land NFTs also reward investors and NFT holders at an ever-increasing rate just for owning units. This relationship is also directly proportional to the number of transactions that take place on the network. larger the transaction and its occurrence, the more rewards will be distributed. performance calculator appears on your website where you can see your expected income from your Mars Land, and this really captures the imagination of how profitable it will be to be a Mars owner.

Also, an NFT can always be sold in major markets like Rare Offshore as a revenue generating resource or as a work of art from Mars.

re are multiple benefits of investing in NFT.

In addition to the irreplaceable (non-fungible) factor associated with an NFT, there are long-term value growth prospects associated with any investment, and the unique digital signature each NFT has creates transparency in the marketplace. Authenticity and chain of ownership records in the distributed public ledger can protect your artwork or property on Mars.

However, NFT, like any new technology, is fraught with challenges.

Existing NFTs suggest proof of ownership, but they do not generate regular income.

By contrast, Mars Land NFT is the world’s first Defi revenue system of its kind. Not only traders and NFT lovers can own land ownership, they can also earn income in the virtual economy through gamification and terraforming etc.

value of an NFT depends on how much a potential investor is willing to pay, and therefore a rare demand crater on Mars4 can drive the price of your NFT up.

rules of the NFT world are different from traditional financial institutions where conventional economic and technical indicators influence stock prices. From now on, an investment in NFT is subject to other decisive risks.

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However, Mars4 features a different type of income guarantee with its unique income producing NFT. network is a hub for open source like blockchain technology for content creators, businesses, and individuals looking for a new artistic medium, opportunity, or passive source of income.

Mars4 Dex Initial Offering (IDO) is scheduled for September on multiple high-end launch pads, including Sushi Swap’s new MISO platform.

private presale of the MARS $ (Mars Dollars) token is now active with major venture capital funds such as ExNetwork and AngelONE already on board, as well as several well-known angel investors in the industry, including the founders of Illuvium. NFT’s private pre-sale is also live starting today, with a 50% discount on Mars Land NFTs compared to full price. For more information on how to get involved, email the team directly at: [email protected]

So, what are you waiting for? Come be a Martian.

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