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There are different ways to passively earn money online, just think of different affiliate programs at all kinds of websites. But did you know that you can also passively earn money with your crypto? Passive money is money that you earn without having to do anything for it, sounds very good right? Absolute! Although earning money passively is certainly possible, you should of course know what the possibilities are. In this blog we look at the ways in which you can earn passive money on Binance, and there are a lot of them!

Please note: please note that the following explanation about making passive money on Binance and the explanation thereof should not be taken as advice in any way. The choice for whether and how you want to trade (crypto) and which choices you make in terms of investment lie with you and you alone. We are not financial advisors.

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  • What is Passive Money?
  • Passive money options through Binance
    • Save
      • Fixed saving
      • Flexible savings
    • Strike
      • Fixed strike
      • Flexible strike
    • DeFi Strike (High Risk)
    • Launch pool (flexible terms)
    • Liquid Swap (High Risk)
    • Dual Investment (High Risk)
    • BNB vault
  • Conclusion

What is Passive Money?

When we look at the term ‘passive money’, it is often defined as ‘money that you don’t have to do anything for’. A clear example is of course the “attractive interest” that you receive on your savings account. If this interest were to be 5% annually on an amount of 10,000 euros, you would have earned 500 euros of ‘passive money’, as it were. Hooray, wait 12 months and leave your money in the bank for an extra 500 euros, that’s about 40 euros per month. Do you want to set aside 10,000 euros every year for this that you cannot do anything with?

Earning interest on your savings is of course a way to earn a few extra cents on an annual basis in the long term, but the return on investment could be much better. We all know by now that we have to pay almost negative interest at banks. Pay extra money to place your equity with an external party. Sounds very crooked, doesn’t it? Fortunately, through Binance you can earn money passively in various ways that do give a good return on investment.

With the arrival of cryptocurrencies and various exchange wallets, you can now also earn money passively and get a much better return on investment than with the various banks. So quickly create your account at Binance !

Passive money options through Binance

At Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges, you can earn money with the crypto coins you own in your wallet. Not every way of passively earning money with Binance is completely risk-free, so read carefully what the options are. And again: we are not financial advisors, this blog is purely informative.

To get started, go to your personal dashboard in Binance. At the top under the ‘Finance’ tab, go to Binance Earn. This is the home screen where you see all the options on how you can earn extra with your own crypto.


We see no less than ten ways to boost your own portfolio. Below we discuss the main ones:


Fixed saving

We know the concept of saving from the fiat world. This is nothing more than locking up your crypto for a certain amount of time to earn interest on it. How much interest you receive depends on which currency you are going to save and how long you want to save it. Each crypto has a separate interest and this is also constantly changing.

With each coin you will receive an overview of the interest rate and also the duration for which you want to temporarily block your coins. Note that locking in your currency is part of fixed savings. Here you can choose between 7 – 14 – 30 – 90 days. The longer you lock up your tokens, the higher the interest you will receive. Fortunately, you will receive an indication of the interest rate that you will receive in advance.

With transfer you will see an overview of the crypto coins that you are going to secure and at what interest rate. With every statement you get a lot size, this is the minimum amount you have to commit to earn interest on this coin. Please note: when approving the transaction you must pass on the number of lots, this is not equal to the number of coins.

Flexible savings

The principle is the same as with fixed savings, but here you have the flexibility over the length of time you make your tokens available. So you can choose at any time to trade your tokens for another currency and thus no longer save your tokens. The interest rates here also differ per currency, but this also differs between fixed savings or flexible savings. No specific minimum amount is required here, you can choose how much crypto you use for these flexible savings.

Another useful tool here is the automatic transfer. This means that every coin you have in your wallet will automatically be added to your savings. For example, do you buy extra USDT? Then you automatically earn interest on this if you have this application active. Because these are set to flexible, you should not take this into account when you start trading. You can therefore always trade with the entire value of your full portfolio.



Striking is perhaps the most well-known form of passive income. Several exchanges offer the possibility to stake coins. Staking is nothing more than putting your coins at the disposal of the liquidity of the market.

You have strikes on different wallets depending on the coins available. Both flexible and fixed strikes are possible. The most popular way to stake on Binance is through fixed staking.

Fixed strike

Staking is the process of making your coins available as collateral to participate in a proof-of-stake blockchain. You can also choose between a fixed duration depending on the blockchain and the coin you want to stake. This means that you will not have access to your coins for the chosen time, you will not be able to trade or sell them. After that, your tokens including your interest are available again to continue trading or to strike again.

Flexible strike

The principle of flexible strike is the same as fixed strike. The only difference is that you decide when you want to stop staking your coin. So you can choose at any time to start trading the coins you stake with. Then the strike will stop automatically.


DeFi Strike (High Risk)

A DeFi staking is typically done on the Ethereum blockchain and is offered by Binance itself. Binance invests these coins in other DeFi projects on the blockchain. When a new promising project develops, Binance can start sponsoring it, so to speak, to ensure that they can achieve their goals. This form of strike entails the necessary risks and Binance itself also warns against this. ‘ Binance does not assume liability for any losses incurred due to project on-chain contract security issues’

Possible risks are that the owners of the project decide not to proceed with the developments or commit fraud. Or that the project is hacked and all invested coins obtained by Binance are stolen. Anyone who has then invested on the basis of this DeFi strike will then lose their share.

Flexible DeFi Staking : Low interest rate but less risk

Fixed DeFi strike: higher interest rates but also higher risk

Launch pool (flexible terms)

A launch pool is everything the word says. With this investment you put a certain part of your crypto coins in the pool, so that you automatically participate in the development of new coins. For the period that you have your crypto active in the pool, you not only receive interest (APY), but you also receive brand new coins. Interesting!

Investing in launch pool is not possible with all crypto coins. Via Binance this is only possible with three different tokens, namely:


  • BNB Pool: This is Binance’s own crypto and is used as a means of payment for transactions on the platform. This gives you an extra discount on top of the sharp transaction costs.
  • BUSD Pool: A stablecoin from Binance with the US dollar as its benchmark
  • BTC Pool: Invest by depositing part of your Bitcoins in the launch pool.

Here it is important to check whether it is interesting for you to passively earn money on the basis of a launch pool. Why? The interest rates are lower than with other forms, because you get extra new coins instead. You cannot choose these coins yourself, which is why it is always important to do your own research. Do you believe in these new coins, is this an added value? It may just be that you get a coin that flips a few times in no time. But are you not confident in the coin? Then there are better ways to make passive money with Binance.

The advantage is that it is flexible in nature, so you decide for yourself how long you want to make your crypto available to the launch pool. Below is an example of a launch pool. In this example you get Litentry (LIT) , a token that has already doubled in one month.


Liquid Swap (High Risk)

This way is a form of passively earning money by transferring your coins to Binance to increase liquidity on the platform. High liquidity ensures better stability and fewer fluctuations in the market as a result of more transactions. For example, the large ‘whales’ can influence prices, but the greater the liquidity, the smaller the effect on this.

To maximize liquidity, you need to stake at least 2 crypto coins to invest with no transaction fees. The interest rate for this investment is variable, but with each trade an estimate is made of your return on investment.

Dual Investment (High Risk)

What immediately stands out with Dual Investment are the sky-high interest rates that you can earn. This is accompanied by the necessary risks. This form of passive money making is only for the experienced traders because it comes with complex rules about how you invest.

Example: You want to invest bitcoin. Immediately you see different contracts with different prices. This means that you, as it were, are going to gamble how high Bitcoin is on a certain day. If the contract expires and the value of the coin is effectively equal to or higher than the predetermined value, you earn a nice interest! Is the price lower? Then you lose the crypto value and it is automatically converted into BUSD, which is Binance’s stablecoin.

BNB vault

BNB vault is a combination of different options that Binance has put together. It is a combination of, among other things, flexible savings and a launch pool. The goal is to spread your crypto across different projects that each have a different risk factor. Of course they want to keep your income as high as possible and maximize your return on investment.

This can only be used with Binance coins (BNB). It is important to research the coins you receive as a reward. If these cryptos are not of interest to you or you do not believe in their future, BNB vault is not the best way to passively earn money.

Start your passive income at Binance


Where many exchanges offer you the option to stake your coins, you can go to Binance for a whole range to passively earn money with the exchange. We are still on the verge of a financial revolution and new coins and new projects are emerging every day. Some of them are promising that each of us can also benefit from.

Are you rather new to the world of crypto? Then you can also start earning money passively! The options mentioned above all have a separate risk factor. Are you experienced and do you know how the crypto market works? Then you can generate a nice passive income by using your crypto coins in a sensible way. Money in the bank doesn’t yield anything, and the value in your crytowallet should increase, but why wouldn’t you want to make even more profit?

Are you curious about how you can maximize your knowledge and opportunities in the crypto world? In our Masterclass we cover all topics that make you a real expert so that you too can discover the crypto pearls and enjoy the great success. Many members in our Facebook group have already discovered the success of passive income. Do you have questions? Put your mind at ease in our group and earn your first passive money on Binance!

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