Lunacia Newsletter: Week 29: LYNNYL Games

Axie Statistics

Below is a list of statistics that will appear in each weekly analysis. se statistics are taken from:

Statistics This week Last week% Change AXS Price $ 16.21 $ 17.96 -9.74% SLP Price $ 0.242 $ 0.289 -16.26% Marketcap of AXS $ 894,540,770 $ 996,290,065 -10.21% Market Cap of SLP $ 131,089,079 $ 156,378,737 -16.17% Market rates 35,401.08 ETH 9,076.35 ETH + 290.04% Reproduction rates 12,564.97 17,852.11 ETH -29.62% Total sales (last 7 days) 317,622 320.546 -0.91% Total volume ( last 7 days) 92,008.4 ETH / 167,547,371.48 USD 72,648.8 ETH / 156,385,162.21 USD + 26.65% Axles sold (last 7 days) 315.176 317.375 -0.69% Axies for sale 101,555 (4.17% of total axles) 57,840 ( 2.95% of total axles) + 75.58% Total axias 2,429,719 1,969,304 + 23.38% Land for sale 528 (3.17% of total land) 516 (3.24% of total land) + 2 .33% Total land 16,647 15,913 + 4.61% Land sales 3,267 3,250 + 0.52% Total land 164,948 157.310 + 4.86% Axie floor price (adult) 0.1 ETH / 182.35 USD 0.1648 ETH / USD 355.09 -39.32% Land Price $ 3.88 ETH / $ 7,075 2.63 ETH / $ 5,672 + 47.53% Land price of the land 0.005 ETH / $ 9.10 0.0199 ETH / $ 42.79 -74.87%

Axie News

Game related updates

  • game server is lagging behind and many people are having a hard time fighting. team is working on a major server update. Unfortunately, they still can’t promise anything. It may take a few days or a few weeks. To reduce server voltage, the API to return SLP after each battle is disabled. reward will continue to be reflected in your inventory. (and still earn EXP, even if it is not shown on the “victory screen”).
  • re were DDOS attacks on the website and issues with Cloudflare, causing downtime and making it unstable (stuck axles that cannot be purchased, problems transforming and uploading).
  • re is one Twitch Channel that scams viewers by requesting their private keys. Axie Infinity team has released a statement that they will never ask for your private key. Not only are scammers active on Twitch, but also on Discord. se scammers will lure you in and claim to be official members of the Axie team. Always check this before sending information to them. re is also a lot of fake news spreading in the community. Make sure you get your news from verified sources.
  • SLP has been featured on FTX and

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Articles and episodes

  • Bankless Podcast ” Rise of Axie Infinity” With Special Guest Jiho!
  • AxieChat Episode 47 with Special Guest ‘LadyRanvore | CTG ‘.
  • Event proposals for Axie Sports 2021 can be submitted from July 15 to 19. Axie Infinity has an AXS 5000 prize for the community tournaments taking place this year. Sky Mavis is implementing a dedicated Axie Esports server, while the team works at the primary game server scale. server is expected to be up by the end of the month. After reviewing the event proposals (before August 6), the goal is to draw up a master calendar for the next 4 months.
  • Article Rent by Infinity, Possibilities of Infinity by Packy McCormick of Not Boring. This is a very large and extensive post that really does provide a detailed look at the history and current state of Axie Infinity. Some quotes:
    • “Axie is poised to bring in over $ 150 million from its 4.25% cut alone. It only made $ 32 million in total transaction volume on Tuesday, which is a game closer to revenue from free online games. What’s even wilder is that Axie has generated more protocol revenue in the last 30 days ($ 81.5 million) than any of the other dApps or blockchains in the set made in the last year.
    • Axie surveyed his players on their main motivation for playing Axie Infinity. 48% said they play for the economy, forming a solid base of people who build homes on the platform, but 37% said their main motivation is the community. That community lives primarily on Axie’s 549,000-member Discord server. It is one of the few Discord servers with more than half a million people in the world. Until very recently, Discord didn’t even support communities of more than 500,000 people. Fortnite, by comparison, is around 800k.
    • … It seems that something special is happening here. Play-to-Earn can onboard new users looking to make a living and keep them engaged so that they look more like long-term jobs than the latest gaming craze. Turning Axie Infinity into a platform and owned and managed by users can create attractive effects across the network and high switching costs, unlike platforms. Metaverse will need more than entertainment; you will have to blur the lines between entertainment and employment. Axie is already proving that it is possible.
  • Jiho updated the Axie Infinity White Paper with a section on the long-term economics. This describes that long-term population management depends on adding additional utility to the axes (land, minigames, etc.), vertical progression (improvement of the axes and lands, the resources are obtained by releasing the axes to nature, creating a culvert) and the linked shafts. to the soul. Soulbound Axies are the first teams to have (almost) zero profit potential.
  • DappRadar Article “7 Ways to Win in Axie’s Infinite Economy”: A dedicated gamer can earn up to 200 SLP per day, but let’s say 100 SLP is more reasonable. That’s $ 39 at current rates, which means a monthly income of $ 1,170 based on 30 business days. It’s no wonder that Axie Infinity has already become very popular in developing countries like the Philippines, India, Venezuela, Brazil, and Indonesia. Axie Infinity economy can provide significant income for people in developing countries.

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. @ AxieInfinito moved to Ronin but still the second largest gas consumer on Ethereum L1 since @Uniswap

– Alex Svanevik @ (@ASvanevik) July 13, 2021

It’s been a busy week for the Axie Nation and we want to provide some clarity and transparency on the server issues and how we are dealing with them.

Thank you for the patience that we have gone through in this historic moment.

Full announcement

– Axie Infinity (@AxieInfinity) July 17, 2021

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