Lunacia Newsletter: Week 28: LYNNYL Games

Axie Statistics

Below is a list of statistics that will appear in each weekly analysis. se statistics are taken from:

Statistics This week Last week% Change AXS Price $ 17.96 $ 7.91 + 127% SLP Price $ 0.289 $ 0.155 + 86% Marketcap of AXS $ 996,290,065 $ 437,391,921 + 127% Market Cap of SLP $ 156,378,737 84,286,821 dollars of the US + 85% Market rates 9,076.35 ETH 7,233.54 ETH + 25% Reproduction rates 17,852.11 ETH 6,170.62 ETH + 189% Total sales (last 7 days) 320,546 216,469 + 48% Total volume (last 7 days) 72,648.8 ETH / 156,385,162.21 USD 37,756.9 ETH / 873,793,125 USD + 92% (ETH) Axles sold (last 7 days) 317,375 211,097 + 50% Axies for sale 57,840 (2.95% of total axles) 42,342 (2, 79% of total axles) + 37% Total axias 1,969,304 1,519,221 + 29% Land for sale 516 (3.24% of total land) 338 (2.12% of total land) + 52% Total land 15,913 15,902 + 0.06% Land sale 3,250 2,441 + 33% Total land 157,310 156,781 + 0.3% Axie floor price (adult) 0.1648 ETH / 355.09 USD 0.1006 ETH / 233.19 USD + 64% Price of earth 2.6 3 ETH / $ 5,672 2.49 ETH / $ 5,522 + 5% Land price of the land 0.0199 ETH / $ 42.79 0.0075 ETH / $ 16.61 + 165%

Axie News

Game related updates

  • winners of the Axie Video Contest have been announced. Zyori and Jihoz reviewed the top 15 video submissions in a twitch stream, where they also announced the contest winners.
  • AXS was listed on Kraken, trading as of July 13 (15:30 UTC). This is useful because Binance disables fiat deposits in some countries.
  • Peak levels of activity both on and off the chain causing issues such as Axies stuck in the market and images not appearing on newly created Axies. WETH purchase experienced some issues after Binance deactivated the fiat rails.
  • team is hard at work fighting robot farms for Axie Infinity. automation of the game goes against the fundamental principles of the game and threatens its economy.

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Articles and episodes

  • AxieChat Episode 46 with Special Guest Zyori.
  • Axie Video Contest: reviewing the 15 best submissions and announcing the winner. Watch it Twitch or YouTube. winner was @ElijahCTG with his crew @ DylanMayoralNFT @brycent_ @ ro11ingboy) with a music video called BEST IN THE WORLD.
  • Coindesk Article “Axie Profits From Booming NFT Economy As Bitcoin Struggles”: “With 30-Day Trading Volume of $ 185 Million, Axie Infinity Has Outperformed NFT Heavyweights Including Best Shots In NBA , Open sea my CryptoPunks to become the largest digital market in the world, according to its average daily volume in the last seven days, according to DappRadar. «
  • News Article “Axie Infinity Economy Grows As NFT Sales Increase”. According to DappRadar, Axie Infinity is now the largest NFT market in crypto. With 50 billion merchants involved in moving more than $ 80 million over the past week, it surpassed OpenSea and CryptoPunks. Last week it was a mystical Triple Axie sold for 369 ETH, just over $ 820,000 at the time of writing. Other less rare characters (mystical double) can be bought for 75 ETH.
  • ClutchPoints article “What is Axie Infinity?” One of the main reasons Axie Infinity was, well, Infinity is due to its successful Scholarship Program, which was launched and run by the community in January 2021. Simply put, axie holders can grow their pets. to academics. through different profit sharing methods.
  • Cordless podcast with special guest Aleksander Larsen, co-founder and COO of Axie Infinity, looks at the recent growth of Axie Infinity, which has seen the platform grow 20X the volume of NBA Top Shot in recent days.
  • Cryptoday post covering many statistics about Axie Infinity in the Philippines: “Average daily number of active Axie Infinity users is 300,000, about 50% of which are Pinoy. average gamer can earn 4,500 SLP a month, so if we assume that around a third of those Pinoy players play at the optimal level, they will collectively make $ 222,750,000 SLP this month. How much does $ SLP weigh? Well, as of this week it exceeds 9 pesos each, which means that these children are going to accumulate around 2 billion pesos this month.
  • Dappradar article “Mystic Axie floor price is now higher than CryptoPunks”: Mystic Axie NFT floor price has now exceeded the CryptoPunks floor price, often considered the gold standard for NFT. cheapest Mystic Axie on the Axie market now costs $ 20.98 ETH or $ 47,575, while sellers listed the cheapest CryptoPunk for 17.9 ETH or $ 40,520.

Congratulations to @ElijahCTG and his team for taking home the 100 AXS Grand Prix in the Axie Video Contest.


with: @DylanMayoralNFT @brycent_ @ ro11ingboyhttps: //

– Axie Infinity (@AxieInfinity) July 9, 2021

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