Lunacia Newsletter: Week 27: LYNNYL Games

Axie Statistics

Below is a list of statistics that will appear in each weekly analysis. As it is the first week, there are no statistics for “Last Week” yet. next weekly analysis will present the statistics for the “last weeks”. se statistics are taken from:

Statistics This week Last week% Change Price AXS $ 7.91 Next post will be updated. Price SLP $ 0.155 Next post will be updated. AXS $ 437,391,921 Marketcap Next post will be updated. Market capitalization of SLP US $ 84,286,821 Next release will be updated. Market rates 7,233.54 ETH Next post will be updated. Replay fees 6,170.62 ETH Next post will be updated. Total Sales (Last 7 Days) 216,469 next post will be updated. Total Volume (Last 7 Days) 37756.9 ETH / 83,793,125 USD Next post will be updated. Axles sold (last 7 days) 211,097 next publication will be updated. Axies for sale 42,342 (2.79% of total axles) next publication will be updated. Total axias 1,519,221 Next post will be updated. Land for sale 338 Next post will be updated. Total land 15902 (2.12% of total land) Next post will be updated. Land sale 2441 Next post will be updated. Total land 156781 Next post will be updated. Axie floor price (adult) 0.1006 ETH / 233.19 USD Next post will be updated. Land Price 2.49 ETH / $ 5,522 Next post will be updated. Land Lot Price 0.0075 ETH / $ 16.61 Next post will be updated.

Axie News

Game related updates

  • Playback speed changed from 2 AXS to 4 AXS. decision was made to slow down the growth of Axie’s population. It grew by 40,000 a day, which could lead to excessive inflation and damage the economy. Increasing the reproduction rate is a temporary solution until a long-term mechanism can be put in place. Managing Axie’s population in the long term will depend on adding new experiences, which means that the Arena / PvP objective will have less of an impact on its effectiveness. It will also depend on being able to improve both Axies and Land using artisan ingredients. se artisan ingredients are obtained by “releasing” Axies to nature.
  • A decision was made on Axie # 1,000,000. Axie was banned for 365 days. Future violations will result in more severe penalties. TOS was unclear on using scripts to create, which people have been doing for years. teams have stated that the scripts in the “replay events” destroy the fun of many players, so they have released an updated TOS. Automation (scripting) is prohibited when playing and buying / selling on the market. Baggage management and creation of publicly accessible bots / tools related to transparency and data analysis are allowed. Scripts for replay are also allowed EXCEPT when there is a replay event. re will be a one week notice before a replay automation ban window goes into effect. It will create a third-party API that can be hammered without disrupting web applications (such as marketplace).
  • Metamask has separated from the Axie Infinity accounts.
  • market exploded over the past week, prompting Axies to increase in value and inciting a mystical buying frenzy. A new one ‘big spenders’ channel opened on the Axie Infinity Discord, showing all Axie sales above 1 ETH. This channel shows that many pure Aqua and Plant type Axies with zero breed number are currently selling for just over 1 ETH. Here are the top 5 sales displayed within the new Discord channel:
    • Axie # 2655 sold for 369 ETH
    • Axie # 9 sold for 100 ETH
    • Axie # 1457 sold for 39.99 ETH
    • Axie # 1068 sold for 38.25 ETH
    • Axie # 643 sold for 35 ETH

Articles and episodes

  • AxieChat Ep 45 was live with guest host BinaryAssets.
  • Mint Condition Ep 19 talking about Axie Infinity with Zyori (Andrew Campbell), the main creator of eSports and content.
  • Axie Submissions Video Contest Conclusion: first of many creative contests to arrive, with more than 650 AXS in prizes among the top 15 winners. first 250 qualified jobs will receive 5 AXS just for participating.
  • Article without banks « Axie Infinity Boom».
  • GamesbeatSky article Mavis raises $ 75 million for the NFT-based game Axie Infinity with backers like Mark Cuban ‘.
  • Blackpool Finance article, which is a weekly report summarizing data for the week beginning June 21. article includes facts about their so-called scholarship program. Blackpool Academy (300+ scholars).
  • YouTube video of DCL BLogger ‘Breaking down the economy Axie Infinity 100M. Like entire nations they are making money playing a game. ‘
  • YouTube video of ATAXIE Origin of ATAXIA ‘, showing the origin of the ATAXIE Scholarship Program. This video is one of the entries for the Axie video contest.
  • June development update:
    • Battles V2 will include the launch of Axies, a revamped and faster battle system, and other surprises.
    • Ronin is by far the largest NFT scale solution in the world. A white paper is in the works that will describe its technology and Token RON and its function in the ecosystem.
    • Ronin Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is about to become the easiest place to trade all tokens within the Axie Infinity ecosystem.
    • Deadline for internal posting of Bet by AXS Control Panel.
  • Growth stats since June Dev Update:
    • + 2.3 million unique visitors to in the last 30 days.
    • Monthly volume shoots up 334% to over $ 128 million (57,000 ETH), which is three times the second project.
    • 250,000 daily active players and more than 200,000 discordant members.
    • Ramp, the gateway to Fiat, has processed $ 4 million worth of ETH purchases in the last 30 days.
    • It exceeded $ 100 million deposited in Ronin.
    • # 1 NFT AND project number one revenue generating app in the crypto industry!

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