List of Red Eth shitcoins from July 10 to 13, 2021

This time we bring you the complete list of tokens and shitcoins of the Ethereum re from July 10 to 13, 2021, as you know this network has more expensive commissions than the BSC network, the KCC network or the Polygon network, but still here re is also scam, so you always have to invest carefully.

Below is the complete list of Tokens on the Ethereum network today.

JEFF IN SPACE JEFF 0xa10a210c27c86f8c63825096e34f671fd61041b1 3h ago

GODL GODL 0x7f509465c38b66bdecec2cfdc842e11809cc8357 3h ago

Truefeedback Token TFBX 0x4057db5bd9f67a566aa10e5587b1a964affc6a16 3h ago

ENERGY Vault (NFTX) ENERGY 0xfde98a3bf5c7f6336ae4ce1b43148aeab7b7c89a 7h ago

BONSAI Vault (NFTX) BONSAI 0xf0fe1a87abf12099b77352bdcc10f5a87067b290 7h ago

PASTA Vault (NFTX) PASTA 0xea6c27d11ccb9306154f87d47dc1405c37242081 7h ago

BERRY Vault (NFTX) BERRY 0xe944f2b46fcfc9d0e887bbeaad95268d9416d0fd 7h ago

WAIFU Vault (NFTX) WAIFU 0xe7f4c89032a2488d327323548ab0459676269331 7h ago

BAKC Vault (NFTX) BAKC 0xe632e1ea781df32c60ab11052958744cbfbc439a 7h ago

AVASTR Vault (NFTX) AVASTR 0xdcdc1c1cc33aa817cbdbe8f5e2390bf7cc43dc4b 7h ago

GLYPH Vault (NFTX) GLYPH 0xd70240dd62f4ea9a6a2416e0073d72139489d2aa 7h ago

CARD Vault (NFTX) CARD 0xd6f7db7db116170ecb1c3b35f12c1e693ba70586 7h ago

PUPS Vault (NFTX) PUPS 0xd53998c536fc8b59b38aa0b49dbd8170d5ebf4c2 7h ago

BEAM Vault (NFTX) BEAM 0xcd9b72f6e971026ea8609d2918c7bd02e1653945 7h ago

FACE Vault (NFTX) FACE 0xcd46d92c46be1dbbd5ccc497e95611abe9d507bc 7h ago

MORPH Vault (NFTX) MORPH 0xcc3f1441e84f124a65bc9798a69a5c4cebc20dff 7h ago

MASK Vault (NFTX) MASK 0xc7a8b45e184138114e6085c82936a8db93dd156a 7h ago

MANEKI Vault (NFTX) MANEKI 0xc716cf01532999e5df45e1bd09743128c5932821 7h ago

TOPDOG Vault (NFTX) TOPDOG 0xc57baa24f72037c21f9c0d345bb6f19f47407447 7h ago

SODIUM Vault (NFTX) SODIUM 0xc443930ecd59e55e42efe976b8a4ba0658f5c50a 7h ago

BGAN Vault (NFTX) BGAN 0xc3b5284b2c0cfa1871a6ac63b6d6ee43c08bdc79 7h ago

COLLECTIVE Vault (NFTX) COLLECTIVE 0xb3b4431f812a74bdfc148d6bddfadecdc63fc083 7h ago

PHUNK Vault (NFTX) PHUNK 0xb39185e33e8c28e0bb3dbbce24da5dea6379ae91 7h ago

KAMAX Vault (NFTX) KAMAX 0xb2c62e0a1f5837356e399359ecc34fcc49a02093 7h ago

SpaceDawgs DAWGS 0x9f8eef61b1ad834b44c089dbf33eb854746a6bf9 7h ago

KITTY Vault (NFTX) KITTY 0x9b9fb226e98c4e90db2830c9aefa9cfcbe3b000a 7h ago

MOONCAT Vault (NFTX) MOONCAT 0x98968f0747e0a261532cacc0be296375f5c08398 7h ago

SPUNK Vault (NFTX) SPUNK 0x97aa8e14db0bc073cc7e2d42ac715427717d6042 7h ago

SQGL Vault (NFTX) SQGL 0x8d137e3337eb1b58a222fef2b2cc7c423903d9cf 7h ago

SHUFFLE! SHFL 0x8c9d0e9d27fb15a96cd8ad714929502f4f1995bf 7h ago

WIZARD Vault (NFTX) WIZARD 0x87931e7ad81914e7898d07c68f145fc0a553d8fb 7h ago

MEEB Vault (NFTX) MEEB 0x641927e970222b10b2e8cdbc96b1b4f427316f16 7h ago

PATH Vault (NFTX) PATH 0x478e677c0bd24c848bd591cc5273383dd5f30e4a 7h ago

HDPUNK Vault (NFTX) HDPUNK 0x42b4df7e402a71eae743c6c5410ce3bbb63aef22 7h ago

ALPACA Vault (NFTX) ALPACA 0x413f6a89ddb823974f24f2e3cd3b4f467d3bbb38 7h ago

BUNNY Vault (NFTX) BUNNY 0x33e70c9efabdf151f5c674a4addc104874980c3f 7h ago

META Vault (NFTX) META 0x2f5c3dd519e8a502c48c9fc104eee64fdff05f03 7h ago

DFNORM Vault (NFTX) DFNORM 0x1ee01654665303a5dd2744e30b576941880e3a73 7h ago

xSNX XSNXA 0x1cf0f3aabe4d12106b27ab44df5473974279c524 7h ago

RINGER Vault (NFTX) RINGER 0x13edcc775f8895961b81db5c0205889b3afb3a16 7h ago

COOL Vault (NFTX) COOL 0x114f1388fab456c4ba31b1850b244eedcd024136 7h ago

Willy Musk WMUSK 0x57ff6c50cec21fb5910ce07bb09d0dd776709c87 8h ago

Tony Bags TBAG П ‘? 0xc50ec1b221e7e211eb3ff40015d3bc16e74c1f69 9h ago

Collateral Governance COLLG 0xc92276872cd1907d2e00b58a81a9bbd275b0a4ba 11h ago

Zerogoki USD ZUSD 0x76417e660df3e5c90c0361674c192da152a806e4 11h ago

SHIRO INU SHIR 0x802c1dfee0e3b178547f8e7b4edf4e15a4216812 22h ago

FLUX Token FLX 0x54735d716995071585a4f6ba341a6ded79756f09 23h ago

Mob Inu MOB 0x059cb8f67fdad38505e541d93ea79042e24400df 1d ago

BabyElon BABYELON 0xdfb4a81727aa961b6ee830720843104fae0fdff9 1d ago

Oblichain OBC 0x43e577338d6c07bc92a06c8ca4b781470515dfa8 1d ago

AXIA Coin AXC 0x37c430c2b5f9ff85e534873c715871818ab1623e 1d ago

Punk Vault NFTX 0x269616d549d7e8eaa82dfb17028d0b212d11232a 1d ago

Zerogoki Token REI 0x011864d37035439e078d64630777ec518138af05 1d ago

GRAPEFRUIT GRPFT 0x64b986211c0cc675143f895c437b79c3cadf364a 1d ago

Baby Ripple BABYXRP 0x66d32a7acc6515e13b4082e718fd0295c4d9bc61 1d ago

Gray Token GRAY 0x9b2d81a1ae36e8e66a0875053429816f0b6b829e 2d ago

JEFF IN SPACE JEFF 0xa9356faaa6c2339c6b9feb93127ede736053a1b8 2d ago

Paralism-EPARA EPARA 0x7fc2a3a998e8a80da7f2962c5a8803b641711e6c 2d ago

ƶSHIBAINU ƶSHIBAINU? ? ϸ ϸ ϸ 0x9ff64124fadc40ea5b5d3702caf8cef5073454e6 3d ago

Pill Cosby COSBY 0x68f2fd3627c792f9a7014c31d2d3d396fae53fd2 3d ago

Xion Global Token XGT 0xc25af3123d2420054c8fcd144c21113aa2853f39 3d ago

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