Lightning torch flashes around the world

Started as a small experiment, the torch of the Lightning Network Trust Chain has now flashed across much of the world. From Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to bitcoin guru Andreas Antonopoulos, everyone seems to want to get involved.

The idea of the Lightning Network Trust Chain is the following: a Lightning payment request is shared with the holder of the torch. The torch consists of satoshis, a unit of Bitcoin. After receiving the torch, a new payment request must be sent to the current holder. The request must have the current value of the torch plus 10,000 satoshis, about 30 cents. The person with the torch then decides to whom he or she wants to forward the torch.

A Twitterer by the name of hodlonaut was the first to light the torch. He wanted to test how long the torch could be passed on.

The torch has already been sent to 216 participants in 48 countries, sent high in the air and sent via satellites.

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