Lightning in the wild!

At the Swiss caf?? energyKitchen in Bern, it is now possible to place an order via a lightning payment and then collect it at the counter. One of the first real-world implementations of the lightning network.

Simple and fast

The process is simple: you decide which drink or snack you want to order, scan the corresponding QR code and make a lightning payment. You will be assigned a random name, for example “Pink Sofa” or “Blue Door” by which you can identify your order. The order then arrives at the counter and is prepared for you. As soon as the order is ready, the name will be announced and within a few minutes you will be outside with your cup of coffee or breakfast, without having to queue to place your order.

The experiment was announced on Twitter by Oliver Gugger and uses Lightning Labs’ LND client. The project was realized in collaboration with Puzzle ITC. It is also possible to place an order online in advance via that you will pick up immediately or later. A video demonstration of the entire process can also be seen on twitter.

This is where the application of the lightning network in the real world begins; a payment directly from customer to company, instant, and entirely via bitcoin. Contactless payments are nothing. The application shows the power of programmable money: innovative companies can get started themselves with implementing a fun, convenient and efficient sales solution, without being dependent on ATMs or banking standards.

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