KuSwap Coin ($ KUS) Token. What is it and how to buy?

KuSwap Coin ($ KUS) Token, is another new shitcoin from the KuCoin network or KCC Network, a network that seems to be successful and that new tokens are going to come out every day, just as they have already come out and as we have talked about. here, for example from KuDoge (KUDO) Token, from Koffeeswap Token and from KuRise Token.

se tokens seem to be interesting and KuSwap really can go a long way, since it wants to be the swap of the KuCoin network (KCC) just like Uniswap of Ethereum and PancakeSwap of Binance. So this token can be a very good investment and you have to think that if we buy it now, we will be among the first.

$ KUS Token distribution:

As our community grows and we approach the launch date, it is understandable that many of you are very curious to know the distribution of the project. We think sharing this article would be a great and timely way to tackle this, so that everyone can get some clarity on the KUS token and its long-term potential.


KUS is the token that powers and flows through the KuSwap ecosystem. It allows holders to farm, join groups, and trade on the exchange, among many other things, all at virtually free cost.

KUS use cases will evolve alongside the project with some things already in development. At launch, you will be able to:

Exchange KUS in the exchange for other tokens and vice versa.

Create a KUS / KCS liquidity fund and earn LP tokens.

Grow KUS / KCS to earn more KUS.

Bet KUS to win more KUS.

Currently under development: -A launch pad where KUS holders will be able to participate in upcoming IDOs -An NFT market where minting and trading will take place using KUS -A prediction game where users can bet KUS to win more Tokens according to their odds.-A lottery game in which users can enter a draw and win a KUS token jackpot.-A lending platform.


We take one of our favorite coins, Sushiswap, and use it as the basis for our tokenomics. We made some modifications along the way to better fit our vision, keep things fresh and original, and improve the economics around the token.

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KUS Distribution can be broken down as follows:

At launch, 30 KUS tokens will be minted per block.

Every 2 months after that amount of tokens minted per block is reduced by 2 tokens.

Up to 100% of the exchange fees are awarded to holders in the form of KUS tokens.

50% of the exchange fees are set aside for a scheduled buyback of the KUS token for burning, with the remaining 50% going to development.

WHERE supply

Our goal is to achieve the fairest and most equitable distribution of token supply so that early holders are largely rewarded, while at the same time creating strong incentives for long-term growth, encouraging new investors to join. our ecosystem.

This is the breakdown of the KUS offering:

350,000,000 → Total supply / hard cover

345,000,000 → Emissions

→ ️ Farms / Launchpools: 85.7% per block

→ ️ KuDrops: 4.3% per block

→ ️ Headline insurance: 1% per block

→ ️ Team: 9% per block

2,100,000 → team tokens, locked and acquired for 12 months

2,000,000 → Unlocked for Marketing and Partnerships

400,000 → Presale including references

400,000 → Initial liquidity

100,000 → Draws / Prizes

Final thoughts

When creating the distribution for KUS, we took inspiration from other successful MMAs that we admire like Pancakeswap and Uniswap and combined the best aspects of each to create a highly optimized token that users will appreciate having and using.

KuSwap (KUS) Token Information:

KuSwap had an extremely hectic month in June, here is a quick recap of what has been going on:

Successful Presale (SOLD OUT)

KuSwap held a KUSPad pre-sale on June 25.

It sold out in just over an hour and began trading shortly thereafter. https://kuswap.finance/#/swap.

Agricultural launch

During the start of agriculture, there were some technical problems, but the team managed to get ahead. We were impressed and overwhelmed by the support of the community despite the problems encountered. You can now farm KUS tokens at https://kuswapfinance.netlify.app/ (temporary link) Fixed UI issues and outstanding issues

So what has the team been up to since then?

Launchpad Partnerships

During the pre-sale, participants were able to experience the efficiency of the KUSPad and the integrated reference system it has. This caused several entities to contact us, interested in making their Presale in the KUSPad. Currently, negotiations with these entities are ongoing.

Our Non-theGraph solution

KuSwap developers wanted to show better graphics and analysis than currently available. This requires an infrastructure like theGraph. However, theGraph currently does not support the KuCoin Community Chain, so the KuSwap team had to create their own version.

Community construction

We have opened three sets of telegrams for our fans in three countries. y will open more as the need arises.

Increase in liquidity provider

Currently, the development fees are set to 0, this implies that 100% of the fees and incentives go to the KuSwap liquidity providers, in addition, a very good APY to cultivate KUS in the KUS-KCS Liquidity Pool.

Suggestion box

We are taking suggestions from the community. If you have an idea that you think will benefit our community and project, please send it to:


Short-term roadmap

This July, we are looking to implement several great additions and innovations.

KUSbridge: KUSbridge is currently being developed to transfer assets between Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and KuCoin Community Chain (KCC). team seeks to expand the bridge to other networks. Fees charged at the KUSbridge will increase liquidity in KuSwap KUS groups and AirDrop LP providers who own at least 100 LP tokens.

KuDrops: While this feature is currently operational, the first rewards for giveaways that were announced last June can be claimed starting July 6, 2021 through the KuDrops area of ​​the website, starting with the winners of the bright giveaway and the winners of the $ PLAY minter the following week. .

As part of our community building efforts, more competitions will be held. https://kuswap.finance/#/kudrop

Charts and analysis Charts and analysis will be added to KuSwap in July.

Participation of a single asset and other farms

Soon, it will also be possible to bet KUS to cultivate KUS. re will also be agricultural references for those who want to contribute to the project by informing others about KuSwap through references.


Much has been accomplished and much more awaits KuSwap.

Beyond this plan, there would be trading competitions, lottery and prediction games, and the NFT Marketplace.

Join us today and help us develop this community of KuSwappers.

How to buy ($ KUS) Token?

Well, the time has come to buy $ KUS and for this the first thing is to have KCS in our Metamask Wallet and be connected to the KuCoin network (KCC) so here is this simple tutorial so that you can do it: Tutorial buy by the KuCoin (KCC) network from Metamask.

Well now with our KCS in metamask we have to go to the following link to buy KUS Token: https://kuswap.finance/#/swap

Once inside we have to connect our Wallet (with the KCC network) with KuSwap as shown in the following image:

Once the Wallet is connected we have to choose the tokens that we want to exchange, by default in KuSwap we already get KCS Token which is the Kucoin Token and we will exchange it for (KUS) Token, so in the token below we give it and look for $ KUS, as I show you in the image below:

We add the amount of KCS and we get the amount of KUS Token that we are going to buy and we buy them.

And voila, we have already bought KUS Token, the Kuswap token in Kswap.

Official Token and Swap Links:

https://kuswap.finance/#/swaphttps://twitter.com/kuswapfinancehttps://www.facebook.com/kuswaphttps://t.me/kuswapfinancehttps://t.me/kuswapannouncementshttps://www. reddit.com/r/KuSwapFinance/https://kuswap.medium.com/


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