KuShiba Inu Coin (KUSHIB) Token. What is it and how to buy?

Kushiba inu (KUSHIB) Token, another token of the Kucoin KCC network, which wants to be the Shiba inu of this network, the truth is that we do not know if it will be, the thing is complicated, but hey we will invest something in KUSHIB , since we missed the x3000 of Shiba inu and then let’s see if we are lucky.

As we always say, we do not encourage you to invest in anything, we only give information about the tokens and then if we buy sometimes we say so.

KUSHIB Token Information:

About KuShiba Inu

DeFi Community Token: Although the team is leading development, we act as a decentralized autonomous organization.

Fair launch: team will fund all aspects of the launch from pre, post, liquidity and marketing.

Burned liquidity: We will burn the liquidity that the team will provide to make sure this is not difficult.

Road Map ADDED:

Here is the Road Map of this token:

Phase one

Launch $ KUSHIB

Design and implementation of the initial website

Focus on accelerating community growth

CoinGecko listing

CoinMarketCap listing

Get started with intense marketing campaigns

Phase two

Exponential growth

Continue with intense marketing

2500 members of

5,000 members of

Publish updated roadmap

Phase three

Community approach

Continue with intense marketing

To update …

To update …

To update …

Official Website: https://kushib.finance/

How to buy Kushiba Inu (KUSHIB) Token?

Well, it’s time to buy Kushiba Inu (KUSHIB) Token and for this the first thing is to have KCS in our Metamask Wallet and be connected to the KuCoin (KCC) network so here is this simple tutorial so that you can do it :

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Tutorial to buy through the KuCoin network (KCC) from Metamask.

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Well now with our KCS in metamask we have to go to the following link to buy Kushiba Inu (KUSHIB) Token Token with KCS and for this we have to go to the KUCOIN SWAP: https://koffeeswap.exchange/#/swap?inputCurrency=KCS&outputCurrency = 0x7d6d0aa59fcab13140604dc122bf310bd72c00a1

Contract Address: 0x7d6d0aa59fcab13140604dc122bf310bd72c00a1 (In case you do not get the Token directly.)

safest thing is that the token does not appear directly to them, therefore if it is so, they have to give it to continue, as I show them in the following image:

Well once inside we will get the Kushiba Inu (KUSHIB) Token to exchange it, since that link is direct to this token.

We give you to buy and that’s it, we already have our Kushiba Inu (KUSHIB) Token in our Metamask Wallet

On that same website we can already see the live price of KUSHIB.

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